Monday, August 8, 2016

July 2016

We spent the 4th of July in Antimony again this year.  It was lot of fun.  We met up for breakfast in Kingston and watched the parade.  Then, we went back to Antimony and the kids were all in the parade.  I love Antimony and the small town celebration.  We went to the park and did the fun races, egg toss, etc.  Since it was on a Monday we headed home for fireworks, but Chestyn got sick, so we skipped those.  

Tawnya had a fun weeknight BBQ.  The kids had blast on the waterslide (including Chantry).  Love summertime!!  

Gleave reunion was once again a success.  They had fun photobooth this year and really awesome family bingo game.  It was the first year we did not camp.  It was good and bad- a lot less stressful but missed being there the whole weekend.

The weekend of the 15th, 16th and 17th, we went camping for Jason's birthday at Big Lake.  Since it was quite far and we didn’t have any time off work, we decided to tent camp.  It was actually a lot of fun.  The kids loved doing something a little different.  The weather was perfect for it too- nobody froze.  We went for some fun rides, ate yummy food and had a great time with friends.

The weekend of the 24th, we camped by mammoth so we could go to Duck Creek days.  It was one of my favorite trips this year.  It was just the Orton's and us- The Jensen's and Candice and her kids rode up for the evening one night.  On Saturday we rode with the Orton's over to Yankee and back and I always LOVE that ride.  I took one picture is all- must have been having too much fun.

I love mildly Wednesday afternoons with the kids.  I work from 7-11 and have the rest of the day to have fun with them.  We do fun things like movies, aquatic center, skating at the college, park, get snow cones or whatever we can come up with.  It is also our appointment day so we have to cram those in between too.
Our first weekend home since the beginning of April and I just happened to get my wisdom teeth out.  Chantry took work off to go with me and my mom watched the boys- Randilyn went to Antimony with the girl cousins.  She had so much fun over there with all the fair stuff and grandma taking her shopping and to the lake.  I missed her little butt like crazy, but it was a good time to have her go.  Of course we couldn’t just sit home, so we went on rides while my chipmunk cheeks and bruised up face went away. 

Another busy month come and gone- Onto August.  School starts August 16th and we are not even close to wanting our summer to be over. 

Friday, July 1, 2016

June 2016

Busy busy busy month!!  I literally didn’t have one day all month without something on my calendar.

The first weekend in June was my mom's retirement party at the store.  It is bittersweet to see my mom retire.  That store is all I have known.  She started it when I was about 4 and I grew up there.  I would walk there every day after school in elementary.  I was taught at a very young age to work in customer service, cut fabric, sew, tie quilts, clean and do whatever else was needed.  It is good for my mom though.  I cannot wait to see what her next chapters hold.  I hope a lot of time with friends and family.

The second weekend we went to Coral Pink with the Waters family.  It was so much fun! We went riding, ate yummy food, got stuck in an awesome rainstorm that soaked us.  Great weekend!

The kids are just like their father- washing their toys :)
The weekend of the 17th through the 19th was super busy but super fun.  We rented the old courthouse in Junction for my mom's 70th birthday and retirement party.  It was so much fun!!!  The cousins had so much fun together.  We played racquetball, played cards, visited by the fire, ate tons of yummy food, we had a talent show, my mother shared her amazing talent of quilting and gave us all a quilt, the kids loved doing I spy throughout the house, water fight (which we missed cause we ran back to Wyatt's wedding).  The boy cousins slept in tents and the girl cousins shared the bunk room that was in a vault.  The place was borderline creepy and awesome at the same time.  Memories we will never forget and I could tell it meant the world to my mom.  We had asked  her months prior what she wanted for her birthday and she said just to have all of the kids together- and we all were- except for Alan and his family.


We did leave Saturday for Wyatt and Kylee's wedding.  It was beautiful and amazing and they are such a cute couple.  Sure do love them.  Randilyn was lucky enough to be the flower girl, however, she got to the crowd of people and freaked out.  She started crying and I had to walk her the rest of the way.  She looked darling though, so that is all that matters right ;)

In April, I mentioned the unfortunate news of Aunt Sally being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  The cancer took her so quickly.  During our weekend in Junction, we got the bad news.  Marcia stopped to see the old courthouse and headed to Mt. Pleasant to see her, she made it just in time to see her.  Breaks my heart.  She will be missed so much.
The following weekend, they had her funeral in Antimony.  It was short and sweet, just as she would have wanted.

The kids had dentist appointments and we lucked out this time- cavity free.  Channer does have to go back and get a filling fixed though.

The boys went to grandmas for the week.  Missing them like crazy :( :(  I had an appointment in St George and since I didn’t have the boys, I decided to grab Charlee and Canyon and we went to the Children's museum while we were in St George.  Randi LOVED it.  We also picked up Chy and it was so fun catching up with her.  Such a cute little place- we will be back- with the boys- soon.

Busy June- ready for July- but that means summer is going way too fast!