Friday, August 22, 2008

Some cute pics of Channer!

On Tuesday we went up to Three Peaks with Sandy, Tawnya, and the girls. My niece Chy came too. The boys just played in the jeeps and us girls and the kids just played on the rocks. We had a lot of fun, and thanks Tawyna for the great pics.
I am going to have to lock this boy away. He is already getting kisses from girls, older girls even!!
He thought he was so cool cause he could climb all the rocks just like the older girls.
Dont mind the dirt mustache. He kept playin in the dirt. He was dirty within 2 minutes of getting there.

Monday, August 18, 2008

More Lagoon Pics

My sister inlaw, Yumei, just sent me these great pics from Lagoon, so I thought I would post a few more.

Channer eating cotton candy.

Channer and mommy at Jason's Deli. Channer is wearing his "Gonna be a Big Brother" shirt.
You can see my two sisters and my two nieces in this picture is hilarious.

Some Big News

Well now that I have told my whole family, I decided I could officially post. Channer is going to be a big brother. I found out I was pregant a couple weeks ago, but wanted to wait til the reunion to tell everyone. I am only eight weeks along right now, so I am due on April 1st. So I will tell you the story about "baby planning".

I went and got my IUD out in June. I had decided I wanted to get pregnant in about August or September, so I thought that would be good. Well about two weeks after I got the IUD out I told Chantry that I was pregnant. He said no way, but I could just feel it., but a couple weeks later, I took some tests and they said negative. I was so dissapointed because ALL of the signs were there. I was extremely emotional, my boobs hurt, and I was nauseated every morning. Since the tests said negative I just assumed it must have been because I got the IUD out it was messing with my hormones. Well a couple weeks later I woke up at 4:00 a.m. to work and I just felt sick. I thought to myself "How could I not be pregnant??" So I took some more tests and they said positive. WHAHOOO. I was so excited. I did not tell Chantry clear til that night when he came home from work. I made Channer a little shirt that said "I am gonna be a Big Brother". When Chantry got home he read the shirt and was just as excited as I was.

Well I went to the doctor that following Monday and he told me that my conception date was 6 days after I got my IUD out. Crazy. That did not take long at all. Also, it was crazy that I could "feel" that I was pregnant that early. Well so now you will be getting updates about doctor's appointment and stuff.

Nielsen Reunion at Lagoon

This weekend we had our Nielsen family reunion at Lagoon. It was a lot of fun. On Friday I got done working around 10:00 and went to Richfield to pick up my mom. She rode with me thank goodness. Couldn't have done it without her. We went and stayed at Alan and Malia's house on Friday. They took us to eat at Red Robin and then we went shopping at the mall and Target.

Saturday morning we woke up and Malia made us some yummy breakfast and we got ready for the day. We met most of the family at Jason's Deli. It was delicious. Then we went on over to Lagoon. When we first got there I tried to put Channer on the Whale ride and he freaked out on me, so basically I thought I had wasted my money, cause I did not think he would go on anything, but he warmed up after awhile.

This is Garrett. He looked so cute all day. He had to wear his glasses and Dodger's hat so he could be like his dad. He had to wear the same color shirt and shorts too, it made me laugh. When Kenzie first got on the whale ride she looked a little scared too, but by the end I think she was enjoying it.

This is Channer on the hehes as he called them. He loved the Merry-Go-Round. We rode it twice. I thought he would be terrified, but.....Kenzie was the one who was terrified. She screamed until her mom say down on one of the benches with her.
Channer made good friend's with his cousin Brylee. After that, he was not scared of any of the rides. He loved the planes.
This is Jordyn and Kenzie. They are only a month apart, but Kenzie is still so tiny. Jordyn and Channer are about the same size. Jordyn is a month older than Channer and Kenzie is 2 days older, and I think Channer is the biggest, even though he is the youngest.
When all the kids rode the boat ride they took up almost every boat. I tried to put Channer in with Brylee, but he did not want to go for some reason. So here is some cute pics of Brylee, Rylee, and Kenzie.
We had such a great time at Lagoon. It was so good to see everybody. I did not get to visit or see anyone as much as I wanted, but it was still a good day. The day went by way too fast.

Saturday night my mom, Channer, and I went over to Tooele and stayed at my sister's house. She spoke in church Sunday morning, so we went to church. After church, we went to lunch and then my mom and I headed home. It was nice that we got to spend that extra time with Pateresa's family.

It was good to see everyone and we love you lots.

P.S. Chantry did not come because he was busy lookin for the big buck on opening day of the bow hunt.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Washin the 4-wheeler

Channer watched his dad wash the four-wheeler and so he had to try it out himself. He also saw his daddy drinking from the hose, so he had to try that out as well. We really have to watch what we do around him noancer, 'cause he copies everything.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Grandma Irva Reunion

We had a great time this weekend at the Grandma Irva reunion. It was at Red Desert. We went up Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday. That made for four weeks in a row of camping, but it sure was fun. We went on a four wheeler ride from Red Desert to Duck Creek. Here is a slide of some of the pics I got at camp this weekend.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some fun pics and videos!!




Below you will find several pictures of Channer at the park. I got some cute pictures and a couple funny videos. In the one of him going down the slide, if you listen closely, you can hear him count to five, which is his new thing he does. He counts all day long. Sorry I have been posting so much, but lets just say I like to brag about this boy, and you can probably see why. :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another fun weekend of we ever stop?

This weekend was yet another weekend of fun-filled camping. We went to Mitchell's Saw Mill, just up Cedar Mountain. It was a great camping spot, close to home, and we were in good company. We went with our friends Michele, Jason, and their kids, Britney, Taylor, Nathan, Austin, and Kambree. Channer loved being with the boys. Taylor just became his little buddy. Britney also played with Channer a few times so I could relax and enjoy myself for two minutes. Jason's mom and dad, Klea and Rod were up there too.
We had a great time 4-wheelin and just hangin out around the fire. The weather on Saturday was perfect. It was cloudy all day, but never rained. It was nice because it kept down the heat. On Sunday Jason and Michele had Klea watch all the kids except Kambree and we rode over to Duck Creek Village and Mammoth Creek and went to a restaurant at Mammoth. I thought it was cool, cause I had never been in that area before. We have so much beautiful area right close to home. It makes me really thankful for where we live and that we are this close to the mountains.
Here are some great pics that I stole off of Michele's will notice that Chantry is really getting practiced up for the Bow Hunt that starts this month.