Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An attempt at potty training.

After reading a friends blog on how she trained her little girl, I thought I would give it a shot. Her little girl will be two in October and is completely potty trained. I really like the method she used. So I went shopping for everything I would need to start his training: potty, seat to sit on the big potty (which channer hates), supplies to make a potty chart, lots of sticker, underwear, timer, and some potty books.

When Channer woke up yesterday morning I got him out of bed and put on his new big boy underwear. He was so excited to wear them. We went in and tried to go potty, but after 10 minutes he decided he did not need to go.

So we set the timer for 20 minutes and every 20 minutes we would sit on the potty. Needless to say, I think I spent most of my day with him in the bathroom with him reading books.
All morning long Channer had no accidents in his underwear, but then it was naptime, so I put on a pull up and when he woke up it was soaking wet. We started again with the timer and spent lots of time on the toilet. After his nap he did not use the toilet at all, despite sitting on the toilet for 45 minutes straight, and he had 1 accident. We had to go to Parkway and work for a little while, so I had to put him back in a diaper. So our first attempt at potty training kind of went to a waste, but I figured I would let him try the underwear a little more each day and see how it works. My friend said the best way to do it, is compeltely get rid of diapers, even if you clean up lots of accidents when you go out in public, but that did not work for me.

So this morning, I though I would try the same thing as yesterday, but when Channer woke up he did not want underwear on....he cried and cried for a diaper. It was because he had to poop and he knew it. I put a diaper on him and he pooped, so then I thought he would want underwear, but nope. He wants nothing to do with underwear today. I am not pushing the issue, so I figure I will wait awhile and try this method again. Overall, I think it will work for him, but I need to wait for him to be ready, so he feels like he is in control.

Here is a picture of Channer with his big boy boxers on...he wanted to be just like his daddy and I personally think these are the cutest ever.

Here are his big boy underwear. He loves them cause they are blue.
I made this potty chart for Channer....he was excited!! He loves stickers, but now we are going to have to use it for another time.
I am not looking forward to potty training, but I really, really, really want him to be trained before the new baby, but I guess we will see what happens.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blade's Baptism

We went to Las Vegas this weekend to go to Blade's baptism. Chantry took the day off work Friday and went hunting in the morning for a little while. Then we took off. We followed his dad and grandma. Friday we just checked in to our motel and relaxed. Saturday we got up and went to Blade's roller hockey practice. Then we went to his baseball game. It was extremely hot!!! Then we went to his baptism. It was so funny cause Blade is soooo scared of water that he was terrified to get baptized. He had to be dunked twice and he was screaming the whole time. After the baptism we had a bbq at Charla's house. Saturday night we just hung out as a family at Charla's and then went back to the hotel to sleep. Sunday morning we got up and went to breakfast with Chan and then went to the church to watch Beau get ordained to a Deacon. That is about all we had time for all weekend. It was fun, but the time went by too fast.
Here are some pictures that Charla sent me....I forgot my camera AGAIN!!

Also I have been working at Parkway again the last week. They needed somebody to come in and train a new Title Clerk. I have only been going in about two hours a day and it is completely wearing me out. I am extremely busy with my transcription work, so it is a little stressful. I have really LOVED seeing all my friends at Parkway though and Channer has really loved going to play with Tawnya again. Thanks Tawnya for helping me out. Anyway that is about all that has been going on at our house.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A fill in on the week.

This is going to be a long, boring catch up post, so feel free to skip if need be! :)

This past week has been full of a lot. Last Wednesday my sister and and brother in law had their baby. Her name is Charlee Ray. She is adorable. When she was born she had a growth on her lip and so she was life flighted to Primary Children's on Thursday. She had it removed and her surgery went well. She got to come home Saturday, but I did not see her till yesterday. She is so beautiful. They sent her growth in for biopsy and test results will be back today. I hope all is well.

Also last Wednesday I started bleeding a little, so I freaked out and called the doctor. They had me come in. I guess since I have negative blood and Chantry has positive that my blood was trying to fight off the babies. They gave me a RhoGAM shot and so I should be okay. I had some blood work done and an ultrasound, so I saw the baby's heartbeat for the first time. I got some pics too, but I havent scanned them in yet, maybe next post. I have to go back tomorrow for another ultrasound, but they think everything is okay. I will be 10 weeks tomorrow. That is already a 4th of the way through. YEAH!

Labor day weekend was a lot of fun. Friday night Chantry did not get off work until almost 10:00. It has been a long time since he has had a late night. So Friday I went to the Canyon View football game with my sister-in-law Chantell. She watched Chace and Stachia's kids while they were up north with the new baby, so Channer got to play with Canyon. They have become way good friends. I love it.

Saturday morning Chantry got up and went hunting. When he got home, we went to Pine Lake and met our friends Marcus and Keshia and Ashlee and Jared. We went for a four-wheeler ride and had dinner. Marcus and Chantry went hunting for a little while and I just hung out at camp and visited with Keshia and Ashlee. We did not get to spend much time there, but it was a fun little visit.

On Sunday morning Chantry went hunting again, so I just stayed home and scrapped for a while. It was nice and relaxing. Chantry got home at about 1:00. We went up to Mitchell's Sawmill and met our friends Michele and Jason. We went for another four-wheeler ride. The guys went hunting, while I just stayed and visited with Michele. Jason's mom and dad made us a yummy dinner. Another short visit, but it was fun. Chantry saw a really big buck he wanted to kill, but couldn't get a good shot at it. Hopefully he can find it again. We did not get to camp this weekend cause Chantry sold our trailer. We wont be getting another one until next summer, so any more camping we do will have to be tent camping.

Yesterday, (Labor day) was kind of a fun day. Chantry got up and went hunting again. Channer and I just stayed home and relaxed. I did not labor all weekend, even though it was labor day. I did not have to work at all and I let the house become a disaster. I figured I would relax and worry about it today. Chantry got home at about 11:00 so we drove to St. George. We just ate at Chuck-A-Rama and went shopping at a few places. It was nice to get away for a few hours. Last night we went to a BBQ at our friends Tawnya and Sandy's house. It was a lot of fun. They had a few other families over, so Channer had a blast playin with the other kids and it was nice to visit with everyone.

I do not know where my camera was all weekend, I guess I slacked on that one. I know this is kind of a boring post, but needed to fill in. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I am looking forward to this week, cause I love holiday weeks, cause now Chantry only has to work 4 days and he is home with me again. Now if he could just find that deer, then he could REALLY be home with me. :)