Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had such a fun weekend. Chantry had five days off work!! I am so sad that he has to go back tomorrow, but I guess it is back to the grind for me too and I have a lot of catchin up to do! Plus, Chantry gets New Years off too, so that will be nice!!

First I had to put this picture on here. These are my two father like son. Channer tries to be just like his dad. I even found a pocket knife in his pocket and I could not get mad, I know he is just tryin to be like his daddy!

We always have a fun Christmas party at Chantry's dad's house on Christmas Eve every year and this year was no exception. There is always plenty of food and lots of fun. I kept forgetting to take pictures that day for some reason, but I did get a few pictures. Channer has so much fun with his cousins and of course he gets a ton of attention! This is Channer and his cousin Jessi fighting. Looks like Channer might have been winning ;)

Channer was havin fun playin basketball on this little hoop, but not as much fun as his dad and cousin Wyatt were having. They played a couple games of horse.

Like I said, I did not take a lot of pictures on Christmas Eve for some reason, but we had a GREAT time and lots of fun gifts. Chantry's mom and dad always spoil us! We stayed over at his dad's until Channer got really cranky and wanted to come home. So we came home and opened up our new jammies and read a Christmas story and headed off to bed. I think I was more excited than anyone. I kept waking up and looking at the clock, wondering when my little boy was going to wake up. He actually slept til 7:30, which has not happened in a long time. He walked out and saw that Santa really did come!! When I got him out of his crib I told him Santa had come and he said "Santa?? stocking??? candy??? prizes??" He was more excited about his stocking than anything else.

This is Channer's excited face when he saw all the suckers in his stocking and of course he had to eat one right away!

It was a long process opening all the presents because Channer had to do it one-handed with his sucker in the other.

This is the present Santa brought that Channer called "huge". He was so excited to open his "huge present".

It was this fun playhut and Channer LOVED it!! Although I would have to say his favorite thing he got for Christmas was his little motorcycle that his daddy gave to him. Should have just bought him 10 of those.

We set up his playhut and Channer just loved it!

We went over to Chantry's dad's house for Christmas breakfast, so Channer did not get to play with his toys for too long, but he was okay going to Grandpa's. We had a lot of fun visiting with the family. We sang some karaoke and Channer was so tired he fell asleep on the floor even through our fantastic singing.

Grandpa and McKayla were singing together most of the time and it was sooo cute. McKayla is such a cute little singer.

We were all just the background singers and Chantry was making his own words to most of the songs and had us laughing.
Isn't McKayla cute?!!??

Channer and his daddy watched the fights together while I put together a puzzle with Chy.

We stayed at his dad's until late that night. We were not home all day and so Friday morning Channer was so excited to play with all of his toys again.

and we had fun watching our movies on Friday that we got from Santa.

Saturday we headed for Richfield for my family party. We went Saturday and had dinner at my mom's and visited with everyone and then we went to our motel. We usually never get a motel when we go to Richfield, but thought we would make it kind of a vacation and it was fun.

Sunday was our family party and it was so much fun. We had it at the Quality Center. I got some cute pictures with Channer and his cousins. We had yummy soups, salads, and desserts. We opened presents and played a fun game of sharades!

Channer with his shades on..He did not want to take them off for a while, cause he thinks he is the coolest (and he is).

Kenzie was lovin all over Channer and Channer was not quite sure about it. They are only 2 days a part and have so much fun together.

Channer seriously never goes anywhere without a car in both hands.

Channer and mommy!

Channer and daddy!

Playin some music with Kenzie and Bryson.

Me and my nephew Kevin who is 15 and way taller than me!! What??? When did that happen?

This picture was funny cause Garrett was trying to be a monster and Brathan kept coming up behind him and scaring him and Garrett would say "no Brathan, dont you get it? I am the monster"

Channer and Kenzie playin the piano..well fighting over it!

Kaje and Alan deep in conversation!

My two oldest brother Bawb and Hartly.

Me and My Grandma. She will be 95 in March and she is still going strong.

There is probably a lot of BS going on here!!

Marie, Dylon, and Kevi n.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Channer is too funny. He has been talking to his baby brother eveyday. He tells him to come out and play and he wants me to open my belly. I think he finally realizes there is somebody in there. I might be because just recently my belly started showing A LOT!! His most recent thing that he says though is that he wants to eat it (the baby) and he will walk up to my belly and pretend he is eating my belly.

Chantry was able to feel the baby move last night for the first time and he was so excited. Everytime I would let him try before, that cute little boy would stop kicking. I hope this means that I am going to have a buddy to help me pick on daddy...since Channer and daddy gang up on me right now.
Everyday when Chantry gets home from work now Channer will run and hide. He hides in the same place every day and he is really quiet until dad walks in the door and then he just starts laughing or says "dad, I am hiding". Not so good at that game yet, but it sure is cute.

I posted a few pics, but they are not the best, cause they are from my phone. My camera is out of batteries, so my phone has to work for now. I promise I will get new batteries before Christmas.

This is Channer jumping on the bed. He makes it really hard for me to make the bed. Everytime I go to make it he jumps up there. I make it around him anyway, but there are always wrinkles everywhere. Gotta love it!

This is my naked boy playing his guitar. He loves it!! If you ever come over, just expect he is naked. I swear I get him dressed everyday (dont know why), but the second we come home the clothes come off!!

This is Channer's new cheese smile. Everytime I try to take a picture now he says cheese and pulls this face.

Is this a John Deere boy or what?!!? I guess this is what I get for decorating his room in John Deere. He was bound to like it I guess. He LOVES anything John Deere. He loves to wear his tractor clothes, his tractor hat, and he loves reading his tractor books more than anything else. Good thing he can pull off green! :)

I cannot believe I am even posting this picture. It was supposed to be a picture for daddy only, but people keep begging me for belly pics. Channer is seriously obsessed with my belly!!

And this is my belly at 5 months. This picture does not even begin to show how big my belly is already, that is the reason for the above picture. I am HUGE!!

This is my new best friend!! The BELLY BAND!! I bought three different colors and hope to get more. You can get them with lace or designs too!! They are regularlly $26 each or $16.99 at Motherhood, but I found a lady who makes them in a little boutique for $6 each!! LOVE IT!! I can still wear most of my prepregnancy pants, you can just leave the button undone and nobody every knows. I have even been wearing some pants that I never got back into after having Channer, so for $18 I have about 10 new pairs of panst whahooo!! It also goes way up over the belly, so it feels like a little support and not just my big fat belly hangin out. It just looks like a layered shirt at the bottom.
For those that may want to print their blogs, I found this awesome website. I am going to print my blog at the end of the year (after I go back through and take all my dumb blogs off). It is really reasonable and I would like to do it every year. I will let you know what kind of quality it is after I order.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Michele tagged me, so here it goes...

1) Where did you meet?
At Premium gas station in Richfield...romantic huh!

2) How long till you got married?

We dated for a about a year and a half before we got engaged...we got engaged in January 2004 and married May 2004.

3) How long have you been married?
Almost 5 years.

4) Your favorite feature of his?

His eyes. They are seriously the prettiest blue color ever. He has smaller eyes so a lot of people do not notice them, but they really are the prettiest color ever!!

5) Your favorite quality of his?
That he is very family oriented. I love that he loves to spend time with our families and he is a hard worker. He would do whatever it took to help provide for our family.

6) Does he have a nickname for you?

7) His favorite food?
Hamburgers or Shepherd's Pie.

8) What is his favorite sport to watch?
He does not really watch sports, but sometimes he will watch rodeo or NASCAR, but not too often (thank goodness).

9) When was your first kiss?
He took me to a Don Williams concert in Salt Lake and when we got home he walked me to my door and I had to ask him if he was ever going to kiss me haha...we had been dating for a few months.

10) Whats your favorite thing to do as a couple?
We love to just go for rides together, whether it be on the mountain or just around town. It gives us time to talk without TV and Channer loves the car, so he is really good.

11) Do you have kids?
We have one cute little boy and one on the way :)

12) Does he have a hidden talent?
He can sing. He will deny it to anybody, but I have heard him. He laughs cause I would compare him to Keith Whitley, but seriously you have to hear never will though, he is too shy.

13) How old is he?
He will be 28 in January...old fart!

14) Who said I love you first?
I just remember having a conversation about our future and I asked him if he loved me and he said yes...and then I said I loved him not sure.

15) What do you admire most about him?
His hardworking ways as I mentioned above and I love that he can still act like a kid...we will never grow up.

16) What is his favorite type of music?
Country, but not the new stuff...has to be the good old country

17) Do you think he will read this?
Eventually...he usually checks the blog now and then. So if you do, Love you lots Chantry!!

18) I tag:
Whoever wants to do this fun survey!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


We had a fun birthday party for Channer yesterday and it was soo much fun for him. It was a lot funner than his 1st birthday party where he held on to me the whole time and screamed when we were opening presents or trying to eat cake. This time he loved all the presents and wanted us to sing to him again when we were done. I think he wishes his birthday was every day!! Here are a few pictures of Channer's birthday party.

Channer and his hard hat out of his tool set that he got from his friends Ryann and Brodi.

He loved opening all of his presents this year and he had a lot of help from the other kids.

He wanted all of his toys out of the boxes after we opened each present, so the gift opening was kind of hectic.

Thanks to all the friends and family who came to celebrate Channer's special day with him

This was the cake I made for Channer to blow out the candles, but I forgot to take a picture of it. He had a lot more than 2 candles to blow out, but he loved it.

Here are the ice cream cupcakes I made. The kids thought they were fun.

Canyon playing the monkey bean bag toss.
We had a great day and thanks to everybody who came.