Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma Irva

Saturday was Grandma Irva's 90th birthday. Irva is Chantry's dad's mom. This woman is absolutely amazing!! She is 90, but sharper than I will ever be. She has such a good memory, not only does she remember all of her grandkids, great grandkids, and great greats, but she can resite poems. I am not just talking about a short poem, but often when we go camping she will sit by the fire and resite poems for us that are a 30 minutes long or more. Seriously, how does she do it? She has the funnest personality and I just hope that I can age as well as her. I look forward to when we get to celebrate her 95th and 100th birthday.

Grandma Irva on her 90th birthday.

Brecklyn and Brinley showing off their talent.

Charla (Chantry's sister) and Grandma Irva.

Chantry and Charlee.

Tulsa and Charlee.

Chantry probably telling Chan some BS.

Channer had so much fun playing with all of his cousins that he just fell asleep on the floor.

The next three pictures are kind of funny. They are of Christian, Tyrell, and Blade in time out. They called 911 on the church phone and then had to sit in time out. I actually found it to be quite funny, there mothers, however, not so much.

Channer and Canyon...Channer always has two toys in his hands.

Some funny things Channer said this week:

He has a cold and I said "poor boy, you keep coughing" and he said "I have coffee like daddy".

His nose would not stop running and he said "mom, my nose is peeing...change its bum".

Monday, January 19, 2009


Since our weekend was extremely uneventful, I decided to write about Channer. He is saying and doing so many things right now, but when I blog I can never rember them, so maybe if I am doing a blog just on him, I might remember a few. I know that time and time again I underestimate Channer. Channer is so independent and wants to do everthing. As he is saying "Channer do it" I think, he cant do that, and then next thing I turn around he does it. I guess I will always know that Channer is smarter than me!! It also just amazes me that they learn up and down, in and out, above and below, on and off, etc. so quick. Chantry and I always say if Channer acted the way he does at home around other people, they would be laughing all the time. Chantry and I dont stop lauging at him.

So against Chantry's wishes I went and bought Channer a doll. It is a boy doll. I bought it for two reasons 1. I want him to get used to the idea of a baby around and 2. He was wrapping up random items with a blanky and calling them baby brother. He named the baby Santa Clause. He put a diaper on the baby and wraps him up, rocks him, and sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to him. I just love how he talks to the baby and I think he is getting some good practice in for his brother.

So Channer hates getting his diaper changed and I swear he will never be potty trained cause he could keep the pee or poop on his butt and not care. Well he thinks that if he tells me "I just farted" that I wont change his butt. So when I tell him that he stinks or that he needs his butt changed, he always replies with "No mom, I just farted". I cant help but laugh everytime he says it.

When you ask Channer a question these days you will probably get the response of "Let me think" and he puts his finger up to his mouth and thinks. You might also get the reponse of "Uhmmm" or "Hmmm" then he will answer your question. I just love it.

This is a story that Channer will love me telling when he is older. He has started this new thing called the weiner monster. Yes...the weiner monster!! When I change his diaper or he gets out of the bath and he is naked (or when he is naked like he is most of the time), he will try to scare you with his weiner monster. He will run up to you and spread his legs open and say boo until you scream that you are scared of his weiney. HAHA. I thought it was even funnier last night when he asked his dad to scare him with his weiner monster LOL!!

He has recently made a new name for his Uncle Fred. His name is Giant!! Channer was watching Jack and the Beanstock on Super Why and there was a Giant. So one day we were at Chantell and Fred's house and he just started calling Fred a Giant, which to Channer I am sure he is. He kept saying "Fred the Giant and he says ROARRR". So when we were leaving that night he said bye to everybody and said "Goodbye Giant" to Fred. Now everytime we talk about anything being giant, he says "Just like Fred".

My sister-in-law was so nice to borrow me a TON of clothes for Channer. Her little boy is a couple of years older than him and he has a ton of cute clothes. Chantry will ask me quite often if somehting Channer is wearing is Garrett's (her little boy) or Channer's. So now every day when I get Channer dressed he will ask me "Channer's or Garrett's" and then all day long he will tell people we run into that his pants are Garrett's.

It is crazy how fast kids catch on to things and unbelievable how much of an influence we have on them. Chantry is Channer's idol right now and I mentioned to Chantry the other day that he better be a good influence because Channer is watching him all of the time. Just to tell you how much Channer tries to be like his dad...the other day Chantry put on a brown shirt, and Channer wanted one too. I did not have one clean so then Channer wanted one with sleeves under it, like dad. He then had me spike his hair, like dad. Later that day Aunt Chan bought him a cute hat and I wanted to put it on. He would not let me because we would mess his hair up and it was just like dads. He kept saying "no hat, I have spike hair, just like dad".

Well there are few stories of Channer in a nutshell. I could probably write for hours and hours. He seriously keeps us cracking up all the time. I hope the new baby has a personality like Channer's cause he is one FUNNY boy!!

I could not post of course without putting a few random pictures of Channer.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2,000 Flushes and Looking for Deer

Well we had a great weekend. It was a long one for Chantry, as he was forced to have Thursday and Friday off again this week. I am hoping that changes soon. Good thing it is the beginning of the year and sick days, vacation, and personal holidays started over again. I love having Chantry for the extra time, but he goes crazy, and we need the money.

We just stayed in Cedar for the weekend and it was kind of nice.

Friday we went out to the shooting range so that Chantry could shoot his new gun that he got for his birthday. It was freezing cold, so Chnaner and I just stayed in the truck. Friday night we went to dinner at our friend's Tawnya and Sandy's. Thanks guys. Channer loves going over there to play with the girls and we adults always have way too much fun talking.

Saturday we just kind of hung out at home. We went to lunch with Chantry's dad and drove up Cedar Mountain to see where the avalanche was. Later that evening we went out and looked at deer with Chantry's dad. Forgot my camera that day, but we saw tons!!

I got some cute pictures of Chantry and Channer playing...daddy can sure make Channer laugh. and of course Channer is naked SURPRISE!!

Sunday we took a drive out to 2,000 Flushes. It is just a big huge whole in the ground with water, but it was really cool. These pictures do not make it look near as big as it is. I guess it is where they were mining for iron and could not keep up with the water, so they just moved locations. I guess people go swimming in it in the summer.

Chantry shooting at the ice.

Dont mind the random pictures of Channer in between. He kept asking me to take pictures of him.

After we went to 2,000 Flushes we drove around looking for deer. This time I brought my camera. We saw tons of deer. I got a few good pictures.

Another random picture of Channer.

So as we were heading home we saw 8 really nice bucks. I was so mad because I was not sure how to work my night mode on my camera yet and was unable to get a good picture, but here are their eyes. Haha.

That night we went out with Sandy and Tawnya spotlighting. I figured out how to work my camera and was hoping we would see something, but only saw a few deer.
It was a great weekend. One of my favorite things to do is ride around with the family. Channer loves it too! He likes when we get out on the mountain and he can get out of his seat and drive. He likes it when grandpa goes with us too!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I got to watch my two cute nieces Canyon and Charlee today. Channer loves Canyon. She is 4 and I think Channer likes having a boss....and I KNOW Canyon likes bossing him around. I could not help but take some cute pictures of Charlee. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Channer LOVED Charlee. He kept saying "I want it". He kept wanting to hold her. He kept bringing me his diapers, which were way too big, and asking me to change her bum. So hopefully that will be a sign that he is going to be a good big brother. I told my sister-in-law, Stachia, that she needed to let me have them more often, so Channer can get used to the idea. Here are a few fun pictures I took of Channer and his cousins today.
Cute baby Charlee.
She is so cute. Not used to having a girl around, so it was fun.

Channer and Canyon destroying his room. It does not take long.

I cannot believe she can roll over and do all that stuff already. Time goes too fast.

Channer kissing Charlee...too bad she does not like it as much as he does.

I love these pictures of Channer holding Charlee.

Poor Charlee is getting attacked.

Channer and Canyon bowling.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dr. Appointment Update

I went to the doctor yesterday to check on baby brother (still no name haha). I did not get an ultrasound this time, but I got to hear the heartbeat and I love that! There is something about hearing the baby that just makes me feel good, even though I can feel him kickin all the time. I am already 26 weeks (only 14 to go). I gained 6 pounds since the last time I was there, so that makes a total of 19 pounds gained. Not too bad considering at this point with Channer I had gained like 45. I am sure it helps to chase a two year old around all day though. I have been getting nosebleeds everyday and really bad charlie horses so the doctor had be get some blood work done. He is worried about blood clots. He is supposed to call me today and let me know, so hopefully all is good. It also already that time to get my glucose test and another RhoGAM shot. I go in two weeks for that. I cannot believe after that my appointments are already set to every two weeks. It really is going fast and it might be because I feel so unprepared. By this time with Channer I already had his nursery done, name picked, and everything ready for a newborn to come home, but this time I have no name, no place for my baby to sleep, and nothing ready. Chantry keeps saying we have a while, but maybe it is my pregnancy hormones on overdrive, but I have so much anxiety not having anything ready!

Just wanted to add that my two sisters-in-law are prego too. I am so excited that my little one will have cousins close in age. Heidi is due in June and Malia September, so that will be fun. When I was pregnant with Channer my sister, Sarah, had a baby a month before, and Malia had one two days before and it is sooo fun having them so close in age.

Also, my camera broke over Christmas, so I have no pictures over the last week, but I did get a new camera on Sunday so I am going to play around with it and take some cute pictures. This weekend was a lot of fun. Chantry's mom came over on Friday and so we went to dinner Friday and night and she stayed at our house. Saturday Channer and I went to the movie with Grandma, Aunt Chan, Aunt Ginger, and cousins Chy and Tyrell. We went to Marlee and Me and it was sooo cute! Chantry went rabbit hunting with the guys. On Sunday we went to St. George and had dinner and went visit Chantell and Fred who were fishing there. It was a pretty uneventful weekend, but fun.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

I have decided that Channer is WAAAYY too spoiled by his grandparents...and yes, there is a such thing as too spoiled. I told Channer today that his Grandma was coming over to see him today and he said "Grandma come? to bring me candy? and money". Haha!! I hope that he knows that is not all his grandparents are for.

Since it is the new year, I again made my list of resolutions, but this year I did not make a ton, cause I always do and then feel like a failure when I dont complete them. This will be the first year in a long time that Chantry and I have not started a diet at the beginning of the year, which is good cause I have a pantry full of yummy Christmas goodies we still need to eat haha. We will however be starting that diet in April after I have this baby!! So here is my few resolutions that I would like to make...

1. Read the Book of Mormon. I will at some point this year read the Book of Mormon. It has been 5 years since I have read more than just a scripture here and there and I know I need that in my life.

2. Don't be ashamed of who I am. I find myself trying to please others too much and worried about what they think of me...well it is about time I stop worrying. Chantry always tells me that I am too much like my mom in that way. My mom has so many good traits, why did have to get that one from her!

3. Call my family and friends more often, just for fun. I usually find myself calling my friends and family only when I have a question or need something and I would like to get back in touch with some old friends and stay close. It is hard when we have not talked forever, cause then our conversation has to be a few hours long to catch up on everything. If I talked to them more often then our conversations could be quick. This definitly includes my dad, whom I rarely ever talk to.

4. Make some new friends....it is always nice to have new friends!

4. My last resoluation is something I have already gotten better at, but would like to continue to improve and that is patients. I am going to need a lot more with a new kid coming in. I am very patient with Channer most of the time, but would like to be way more!

So I love the New Year, cause it only brings a chance for a new beginning and we all can use that from time to time. I want to wish everyone a Happy 2009 with lots of blessings!!