Friday, February 27, 2009

Letting the cravings get to me!

So this week has been a "cravings" week. I am pretty sure I have gained 10 pounds this week. Everything I crave this week will not go away until I eat it. On Tues. I was craving the Better Batter Cake from Maggie Moo's (I dont even like icecream). We went by there at about 9:00 that night and there was sooo many people there that I we did not stop. That night I laid in bed and thought about icecream. Finally got my icecream on Wed. and now it is totally off of my mind. Then yesterday it was one craving right after the other. I ate ALL day yesterday I think. I would crave something salty, then sweet, then sour...then salty again. Last night I laid in bed and thought about pickles (I dont even like pickles). Thank goodness we had some tiny dills in the fridge cause I got up at 1:00 a.m. just to eat a pickle!!! If we didnt have them in the fridge, I probably would have gone to the store because the craving was that bad. With Channer I never craved the typical icecream and pickles, it was more like specific things like KFC Mac and Cheese or McDonald's chicken nuggets.

I was reading in a magazine that the reason woman crave during pregnancy is because they have extra hormones that help you smell and taste and so it makes you think of food more, you also have less of the hormone that makes your mind move on and that makes you not stop thinking about what you are craving. That is the truth for me the last few days. Lets hope for craving of fruits and veggies today.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Busy Busy!!

This week so far has been busy busy as far as work goes. I am not complaining though, I love to be busy. This last weekend Channer and I went to Bryce Canyon to go to a quilt retreat. We have gone every year for a while and I just love it. My mom goes as a vender every year for a week. I should have taken some pictures of some of the amazing quilts there, but only got pictures of the kids playing. In the past years, me and my sister usually meet up with my mom and stay Friday night because the retreat ends Saturday afternoon, but this year my mom reserved the room an extra night and we just were able to spend time together. My sister and I scrapbooked and my mom watched the Jazz game and played with kids on Saturday night. We had so much fun and it was so nice to for Channer to get time with his cousins.

I have been wanting to get Channer a little table and chairs for a while, but never saw any that I loved. I wanted to start doing a lot of little projects with Channer. Ever since I can remember the thing I thought about most when becoming a parent was sitting down and doing fun crafts and projects together and I am so happy that Channer is the age we can now. We found this table on Sunday and he sat at it almost all day yesterday. We are going to try and do some fun crafts a couple times a week, so if any of you have ideas let me know.

On another note, last Thursday I had a doctor's appointment. I did get an ultrasound because I have been leaking amniotic fluid and so the doctor is going to monitor it. As of now, I have plenty of fluid and he is not worried. I was excited to get another ultrasound though and I cannot believe how big he is getting. His heart rate was 158 and everything looked good. Just this last week or two I have started to get uncomfortable, but still nothing to complain about, just cannot sleep so much, which is just preparing me for the sleepless nights I am going to have after the baby gets here. It makes it kind of hard though when I have to get up and work in the morning.

Chantry's Grandpa came back over yesterday for surgery. He did really well and I am so happy to say that he looked great when we went and seen him last night. He should only be in the hospital for a couple of days. Chantry's mom stayed at our house last night and Channer just LOVES her to pieces.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekends go by way too fast!!!

We had a fantastic weekend. We did not do much for Valentine's and we did not do anything really for each other, but we spent the whole day together as a family, which was the best gift anyway. Saturday morning we got up and went bowling. It was Channer's first time and he had a blast!! Sad to say, I think he beat my score HA!

After bowling we went to the movie with Aunt Chan and Uncle Fred and their boys. We saw the movie Paul Blardt Mall Cop. I though it was pretty funny and Channer actually enjoyed it too. I wish I could have taken pictures during the movie cause Channer had the GIANT popcorn and GIANT drink on his lap and he looked sooo cute. It feels good to be able to go do a few things like bowling and movies now that Channer is getting bigger, but we will just be starting over soon :) We had an amazing Valentine dinner on Saturday night from Carl's Jr. HAHA. We just did not want to fight the crowd and I did not want to cook, so my poor husband had to settle for Carl's.
Sunday was just a be lazy relax day. Chantry went shooting guns with his friend Jaden and I stayed home and scrapbooked. I dont know what to do with myself being able to get all this scrapbooking done. I get to scrap again in a couple of weeks with my sisters and I cant wait!!
Here are random pictures I took of Channer over the weekend.

Sunday night I decided I was really craving Valentine sugar cookies and I had intended on making them for Valentine's but never did, so we made some Sunday. Channer thought it was fun making a mess with the frosting and sprinkles. He does not like anything on his cookies (he hates dips, frosting, or anything like that). So he decorated a couple and ate the others that weren't decorated.
One of Channer's favorite things to do is have daddy and mommy put our "arms in" like they do on Super Why and say "to the rescue". I think I actually do this 10 to 20 times a day, so I had to take a picture of us putting our arms in LOL.
I had to include this picture too. Channer loves to follow his daddy around when we go to the store and he walks however Chantry is walking and stops to look at whatever he is looking at. Pretty cute.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentiens Day

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day!! I just wanted to put this picture of Chantry and I when we were engaged. At this time in my life I thought I loved Chantry more than anything, but I love him more today than I even did then, and I love him more everyday. Love you babe!!

I usually try to update every Monday, but have found myself only updating on events that have happened over the weekend. Since Channer has just recently decided to change his naptime to later in the afternoon, I already have all of my work done and can write a blog. Channer has gotten to the point that he self-entertains a lot, so I am pretty much able to get my work done whenever I need to. I still get up and work from 4-8 every morning just to have those hours with no interuption, but I really can get so much done now that Channer will play with his cars for hours. I do not want to get too used to it though, cause throwing another baby in the mix will put me starting all over again. I am so thankful I am able to work from home and be with my baby.
Chantry worked five days this week. This is the first week since before Christmas that he has worked a full week. I do not want to get my hopes up, but maybe things are starting to change around....lets hope.

I am not sure when or why this picture was taken, but Chantry's sister sent it to us, and since we rarely have any pictures of our family together, I just thought I would post it.

My brother did up our taxes this year and I am so thankful that I have a brother for an accountant, because this was my first year being self-employed and I was a little nervous about how it would turn out. Turns out, we got more back this year than we ever have. We put most of it toward our trailer we just bought and then I bought a new crib, stroller, and some other baby stuff with some of it. It is crazy how things all come together and I knew they would, but a couple weeks ago I was freaking out about having a baby and now I am soooo ready for him to be here, despite the fact that I still need to set up his crib and clean his toys, etc, but pretty much ready.

I went to lunch on Monday with my friend Kim that I used to work with at Parkway. It was so nice to visit with her. We went from being in the same room together 40 hours a week to hardly ever seeing each other.

Wednesday I had a scrapbook night with some friends. We did not get a lot done, but it was sooo fun to visit. Next time we do it, we need to take out a whole afternoon to get something done. I have been doing a lot of things with my sister-in-law Chantell lately and I am so thankful for her. She is such a good friend to me and I rely on her way too much for things, but I just hope she knows I appreciate it. I wish I would have taken some pictures at scrap night so I could show how GREAT Chantell looks. She has lost a total of 110 pounds aleady and she is looking great!!!! When she gets down to her goal weight, we are seriously having a huge party!

Happy Valentines from Channer too!! This is him on his first Valentines. I cannot believe how bald he was HA!
I asked Channer today "Who taught you how to talk so much?" and he said "Grandpa" and I said "Grandpa, really?" and he said "yeah, when we drive and look at deer". I do not know where he came up with that, but I dont doubt that is where he learned it from, cause Grandpa is always full of stories when we go for a drive.

Every morning Channer tells me "I slept in my crib, I am good". I of course give him praises and tell him how good he is and he says "but I wanted daddy, cause mom was workin". He has said this exact same thing every morning for the last week or so...he must think I work all night HA. Funny kid.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Because this was a pretty uneventful weekend, I am going to post some random things (what we did for the last few days, cute pics of Channer, and updated pictures of my belly etc.)

So Chantry unfortunately had to take Thursday and Friday off again this week. Thursday I had a doctor's appointment. It was just a quick appointment to check the heartbeat and progress, which was excellent by the way. I only have 9 weeks left and cannot believe how fast the time is going this time. I finally took the opportunity this weekend to get Channer's old clothes out and washed a few loads and that made me feel a little better. This week I am planning to clean out my computer/scapbook/exercise room and make it into our computer/scrapbook/exercise/toy room and make room for another crib. We have decided to buy another crib like Channer's to put in his room. Channer still sleeps SOOOO well in his crib that I am not ready to move him to a bed and his bed goes all the way up to a full-size bed, so when he is ready we can just convert it without taking away "his" crib. Besides that it is not much more money for another crib than it is to get a toddler bed. I feel like I am at least getting somewhere in preperation for this baby. So here are some pics of my belly at 31 weeks (dont mind the Sunday lounge pants).

Friday our friends Marcus and Keshia came over and we went to lunch and spent the rest of the day with them. It was so nice to spend some time with them and by the time they went home Channer had totally taken to Marcus. Marcus bought Channer some M&Ms and today when Channer ran out of them and I told him they were gone, he said "well where is Marcus" hahaha.

We enjoyed a weekend at home and Saturday morning Chantry went rabbit/coyote hunting with Ladd and I stayed home and made some crafts. It was nice to just relax for a while. That afternoon our friends Ashlee and Jared came and we went to lunch with them and Chace and Stachia. I miss getting together with that group of friends and hopefully we can start getting together more often.

Today has been a lazy day. We went for a ride in the jeep this the snow...again!! I am so sick of snow!! I really enjoy our family rides together. We usually go when Channer is about to take a nap and then it just gives Chantry and I time to visit with no TV (I think I have mentioned that before). I do not know if everyone else's house seems to revolve around the TV, but as much as I like my addiction shows, there are times I wish we did not have a TV at all. We did spend most of today doing things that did not involve TV though, so that was nice.

Here are some cute pictures I took over the weekend.

Those last three pictures are of Channer trying to make me jelous. Little does he know, it was making me VERY happy to see him and his dad together. Channer loves to come kiss me or Chantry and then ask the other one "are you jelous". I have decided that my little baby is really growing up. Today he sang Twinkle Little Star from beginning to end without missing a word and most of I Am a Child of God. He is putting full LONG sentences together. I didn't even realize it til we were sitting in his playhut reading books and he said as clear as day "Mom can you read this book again to Channer?" WHAT??? when did he learn how to say long sentences?

As bad as the economy has been and as stressful as it is to think about the future, I have not seemed to let it get me down too much because all I have to do to be thankful is look at that little boy. I have been following this blog (dont read unless you want to cry), but it has really made me find a new gratitude for things. One thing that really annoys Chantry and I is when Channer wakes up in the middle of the night and wants in our bed. It brought me to tears the other day when this lady wrote "Nights are the hardest, I just keep wishing I could hear my baby cry, go get him, and bring him in our bed". I gaurantee I wont be complaining anymore when Channer wants in our bed. I am so thankful for what I have and I really dont want to take it for granite EVER.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Chantry's birthday get-a-way!

Chantry and I celebrated his birthday by going to Zion's and staying the night. It was the first time that both of us left Channer overnight. My mom was nice enough to come and stay with Channer for the night. We had a really good time. We got a really nice motel room at Flanigan Inn. I would have taken pictures, but I got my camera all ready to go and forgot it!! DANGIT!! Right after we got there we went hiking up a trail behind our motel that had a great view. It was just a short hike, which was good cause I am definitly fat, pregnant, and out of shape!! We went and walked through all of the shops that were open (a lot of places are not open until after Presidant's Day). That night we went and ate dinner at the Wildcat Willey restaurant. We will just say that McDonald's 99 cent hamburgers would have been better and cheaper ;). We enjoyed visiting through a dinner though. After dinner, we just went back to our motel and spent the rest of the night. The next morning we just got up and got ready and went to St. George to get a few things at Ross for Channer and the baby. We grabbed some lunch at a Mexican restaurant and headed home, so we really werent even gone for 24 hours.

So we found it was quite convenient to go in and out of places without having to get Channer out and we found it convenient to be able to just go to sleep without having to get Channer all ready for bed before we hopped into bed ourselves, it was quite convenient to have a dinner without trying to get Channer to eat just one thing (he never eats), and it was really convenient to get up and get ready without having to get Channer ready....but despite all of these conveniences I would not trade having Channer with us for anything. So we decided a HUGE thing this weekend...the world does not revolve around Channer, but he IS in fact our world!! We probably spent 99% of the time talking about Channer and the funny things he does and the funny things he says. We missed him like crazy and found ourselves saying more than once, "Channer would love this". So needless to say, as much as we enjoyed our small get-a-way from Channer, it probably wont be happening for a while. Chantry and I both agreed that it is different when I go somewhere and leave him with Chantry and he goes somewhere and leaves him with me. I am sure with two kids we will be jumping up and down to have a get-a-way, but with Channer he is so easy to take a long and SOOOOO fun, that it is okay that we dont get a away too often. We love you little Chan Man!!

So Saturday we went to Tyrell's baptism and dinner at Sizzler afterward with the family. Tyrell looked so cute on his baptism day and I wish I would have taken some pictures. What is wrong with me?

My mom stayed Saturday night too, so it was nice to visit with her and catch up on a things. I am not sure if Channer was sick Saturday night or just afraid that if he went to sleep we would leave again, but he did not sleep at all Saturday night. He would sleep for about 10 minutes and wake up to see if I was there. He seemed to do a little better last night, so hopefully it was nothing. My mom took us to lunch at Applebee's yesterday before leaving town. I always get so sad to see her go.

After my mom left, we drove to St. George to buy a trailer. I am so excited beacuse we sold our trailer a few months ago (which I really liked) and was worried about camping this summer with a newborn and a 2 year old. Well, I LOVE this trailer, it is way nicer than our last one and I cannot wait to go camping. Seriously, I dont know where my camera was all weekend, but no pictures again! Chantry's dad rode with us to St. George and it was nice to have a visit with him too. '

I just wanted to add Happy 28th Birthday old fart. You will alway be older than me haha. I love you babe and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you. I tried by giving you two guns, an MP3 player, a trip to Zion, a movie, and a playstation game, but really I hope you know I love and appreciate you even if you dont have all that crap. You are the best husband I could ask for. Thanks for all you do.