Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Not many people make it to 95 and I am so happy to say that my grandma turned 95 on March 21st. They celebrated her birthday by having an open house. We made a quick trip down there to see her. She looked great (especially for being 95). We got to go to lunch with the family and visit for a few minutes. We did not stay too long though because we wanted to make it back to our nephew Braxton's birthday party at Del Taco. My Uncle David talked a little bit about my grandma growing up and it was interesting to find out that she was in her 40s before she left Utah and before she ever got her license. My dad actually was the one who taught her how to drive the year my grandpa died. I hope we get the chance to celebrate her 100th birthday too!

Saturday night we were lucky enough to go play cards at our friends Tawnya and Sandy's house. We always have such a good time hanging out with them and we met a few new friends too!! Thanks guys for having us over!

On Sunday we "washed our carpet's hair" haha that is what Channer said when we told him we were shampooing the carpet. It was nice to get one more thing before this baby comes, I guess that is why he keeps waiting, we keep finding more that needs to be done. I still have a few weeks until my due date, but at my last doctor's visit I was dialated to a 2 and "quite" thinned out (he did not give a %), so that was just enough to give me hope that I was going to be early! I am sure the cute little guy is going to wait til Easter weekend...just cause Chantry soooo loves Easter weekend and the first camp of the year (so do I).

Monday I had the stomach flu (or something) and it was NOOOO fun. Channer was such a good kid all day. He kept asking me if I was okay and it made me sad that he wanted to kiss me better and I would not let him.

I have had a lot of people ask me about being a medical transcriptionist and so I decided to start a seperate blog on how I became a transcriptionist and to answer a lot of the questions I am asked a lot. Hope it helps somebody and feel free to post You might want to start from the bottom of the blogs, because I have posted about different subjects seperately :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Annie's Hott!

Last weekend was a lot of fun. My sisters-in-law threw me a baby shower on Saturday. I got a lot of diapers, some cute outfits, and a lot of other fun stuff. I feel completely spoiled to have two showers with my second baby, and another boy at that. I do appreciate it though and you can really never have too many diapers right?

On Sunday we had a fun day. It was nice enough weather to take Channer to the park, but by the time we went it was windy, but we still had fun. We went for a Sunday drive out to Parowan and took a few back roads to look at deer on the way. We moved Channer into a booster seat this weekend and he loves it. He feels so cool to be able to wear a seatbelt like mom and dad. I wanted to move him to that seat so that when baby brother comes he can sit in the middle. With Channer's other seat it was like a recliner and took up the whole back seat.

The reason for the title of this blog is because Channer has learned (from his dad) that Annie on Little Einsteins is "hot". Not only does he say she is hot, but he says "Annie is really hott!" So yesterday after he learned this I was texting my friend Karli and he asked me who I was talking to and I said Karli and he said..."Karli's really hot." LOL. I must tell Channer he has a cute bum too often because just today I think Channer has told me 20 times "Cute bum, mom".

Everyday I let Channer decide what he wants to wear and a lot of the time he picks his green John Deere clothes...well today I told him it was St. Patricks day and he needed to wear something green or he will get pinched and he told me he wanted to wear red and no I could not change his mind. I have been pinching him all day and he just thinks its funny.

Only a few more weeks til this baby comes and when we went to Taco Time the other day the lady asked if we were having a baby and he told the lady "my baby brother is going to come out soon". Hope he is right. I keep trying to prepare Channer for this baby. I think he thinks that he is going to come out as big as he is because he will always tell me he is going to teach his brother how to play with trucks, ride his bull, color, etc. So I was explaining to him the that brother will be really little for a while and all we get to do is hug and kiss him and feed him. Channer acted all grown up and said "okay mom, we will change his diaper." I know it is going to be a big shocker to him to have a baby at home, but hopefully I have at least prepared him a little. I go to the doctor on Thursday and so hopefully I will be sharing good news then. :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fun Girls Weekend

This last weekend we had our sisters weekend in Tooele. We were going to try to always do it at Fish Lake, but with me and two of my other sister in laws being prego, we could not figure out a good time, so my nice sister Pateresa offered to have it at her house. We had sooooo much fun and it was so nice to relax and get away. I left Friday morning and met up with my mom in Scipio and she rode with me to Spanish Fork where we picked up Heidi. By then, we were all starving and so we went and ate lunch at Mimi's with Sarah and Yumei. It was my first time eating there and I loved it. After lunch we made a pit stop at Old Navy and decided to buy us all jammy pants. We wanted to find cheap shirts to go with them and so we ended up getting Christmas shirts LOL. We headed on over to Tooele. It was so fun to be with all my sisters (and I have the best ones ever). So my sister in law Malia had planned a baby shower for Heidi (so I thought). It was supposed to be a surprise shower for her and I never thought twice about it cause Heidi got rid of all of her stuff, so I just figured she needed new. Well Heidi thought the whole time that the shower was for me. When we got there SURPISE it was for both of us. Thanks Malia. It was so fun to get some NEW stuff for the baby. My mom gave me the quilt with minky on the back just like I wanted. Good job at keeping a secret guys!

We had so much fun Friday night just talking. We watched Mama Mia and scrapbooked for a little while. We mostly just talked though clear til 4 a.m. WOW...that is usually my get up time ha. Saturday was a lot of fun and totally a lazy day. We (well most of us) stayed in our jammies all day and just enjoyed being lazy. We went and got pedicures, which I was soooo excited for because I really wanted one before the baby was born and my legs are starting to swell, so that massage was great.

This is me and my two sisters in law that are pregnant too. I am due in April, Heidi in June, and Malia in August, so it will be fun to have those cousins close in age. As you can see I am HUGE. They laughed at me the whole time because my belly looks fake because it is so big. HA. Dont ya love our Christmas shirts?
This is me and all my AWESOME sisters and mom. I am so glad we get together like this cause they are the best and I love them so much.

Saturday night we played some games and I even won some money :) We did not stay up quite as late because everyone was so tired from the night before, so we were all asleep by about midnight. Had a great breakfast in the morning and then it was time to go home. It was a long drive, but soooo worth it to see my family. Chantry was so good to stay home with Channer for the weekend. I was glad I left because Channer realized that dad can do the same stuff I do. He was on this big kick of never letting his dad do anything for him, I always had to. This will not work so well when trying to take care of a newborn, so I am glad he had his dad for the weekend. Thanks hun for the break too. I missed you guys lots.
On another note, Aunt Chantell gave Channer this "tractorline" and Channer just loves it. Too bad it keeps snowing and he cant jump on it as much as he wants.

Channer said the funniest thing the other day. We were looking through a magazine and Channer litteraly thinks anyone over 16 is a mom or a dad and anyone over 40 is a grandma or grandpa, so he kept pointing to pictures in t magazine and he would say "its a mom" or "its a dad". There was a picture of a black guy and Channer says "Its a muddy dad". LOL ...the innocence of a child. I just love it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Really? Who Knew?

So over the weekend we got the crib all put together and Channer's room converted to the boys' room and all the toys put in my office. It feels good to be a little closer to being ready. Since we put the cribs in the picture on the box showed a picture of the crib converted to a toddler bed and Channer said he wanted his bed like that. Well the only problem with that is that I still put him to bed out on the couch every day, cuddling, and tickling his back, so we decided that there was no way he would sleep in a big boy bed until he can go to bed on his own. So Sunday night we started. I got him all ready for bed and put him in his crib. He cried for about 10 minutes and was done!! Last night we did our bedtime routine and I went and tucked him and NO cry. What??? Who knew that I was the one that had an attachment to putting him to sleep? I knew I needed to do this sometime cause there is no way I want to be trying to put two kids to bed by tickling their backs and cuddling them, I just was scared to do it. When Channer went to bed on his own it kind of made me sad. I missed cuddling him, but wow did it feel good to have that time to be with Chantry and not spending an hour trying to get him to sleep. If the rest of the week goes good, we are going to make his crib into a toddler bed. Why am I having such a hard time with this? Channer has actually been in a better mood when he wakes up and I he told me "I like my dumb crib" haha, dont know where he got that, but glad he likes it.