Thursday, May 28, 2009

Don't want to speak to soon....

So everybody has told me that with a boy, you just have to wait for them to be ready. Well I dont want to speak to soon, but I think this is it. Tuesday morning Channer woke up and wanted to go potty in the toilet, which by the way, he has NEVER done. He went and of course Chantry and I did the happy dance and were so excited. Channer was so excited and proud of himself. I knew that if he would just do it ONCE he would get it. Well I told him we were throwing all of his diapers away and put on some underwear and he has peed in the potty ever since. Yesterday, he had one poop accident (because he had not pooped in the toilet yet) and I just told him that poop goes in the toilet too and he got that down too. I really hate to speak to soon and know we have a long ways to go, but he has had NO accidents since. Not even at nap or bedtime. When he woke up this morning he about overflowed the toilet LOL. I know we have a long ways to go because he still loves to use his little potty, which I hate cleaning out and so I need to work on getting him to use the big one and at stores. We did go out yesterday and he held his pee the whole time cause he refuses to go in a big potty, but hey, there is hope. I was starting to wonder. His chart is much fuller than this now...I think he went like 20 times yesterday LOL. I think one of the biggest keys was just waiting for him and also to flat out do NO MORE DIAPERS!! Anybody need some size 5 diapers??? I have a package and a half :)

Look at that proud boy...I think I am even prouder though!
P.S. I am glad Chantry was home to see his boy learn to potty in the toilet. It is going to be hard having him go back to work and miss these little things in our boys' life.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We had such a fun Memorial weekend as usual. Since we dont have any graves to really visit (thankfully), we just use Memorial weekend to create some good memories. We went over to Otter Creek and camped for 5 days!! I guess that is another advantage of hubby being jobless and me having an extremely flexible job. We headed over Thursday right after I finished up work. When we got over there we set up camp and then went for a ride in Grandma Marcia's new Ranger. Channer just loves Chy Chy.

Marcia bought these cute sun hats and glasses for all the grandkids. Channer loved them.
Thursday night nobody else came and camped so we went and ate some dinner at Marcia's house and went back to camp. It was our anniversary and I was thinking back to our last anniversary and we were doing the EXACT same thing...camping at Otter Creek...but it was snowing all weekend LOL.
We went down to Grandma and Granpa Wiley's house to visit for a little bit. Chestyn loved Chantry's cousin Wade. He just kept smiling at him.
Friday morning Chantry's dad and Grandma Irva came up to camp. It started raining, so we went in our trailer and just played some cards and hung out for a while. I love playing cards with Grandma. She kind of makes up her own rules as she goes, but it is always so fun!Grandma Marcia had fun holding Chestyn while we played and Channer just played in whatever cupboard he could find in the trailer.The rain didnt last too long and we went back out riding again. Channer LOVES his Grandpa. He loves to ride on his lap in the Teryx.
Friday night and Saturday morning the rest of the family came to camp. We had such a great weekend. Saturday was not the best of weather, but the rest of the weekend was GREAT!! We had a great time visiting, riding, fishing, and of course eating!! Chantry and I are on a diet, but we took a break this weekend and boy was all that yummy food good. Of course, Chantry's mom went overboard with food as usual. This was Chestyn's first camping trip and he did so well. When he would sleep, I would go out and visit, but for the most part we stayed in the trailer. When the wind was not blowing and it was not raining at all, Chestyn got to come outside a little too. He LOVES being outside. He loved riding in the Ranger and Tracker too. He would just fall asleep...some of the time I was wishing I was him all curled up and sleeping.
Channer had his first fishing trip. I would have to say he was a little bored, but they were not catching anything. We had such a good time at the lake and even some of Chantry's nieces and nephews went swimming ( was freezing). They had a great time though. Channer looks so stinkin cute fishing with his dad. My camera broke and most of the pictures I took this weekend you could not see the screen, so a lot of my pics are not centered and a little off, but hey it still took pics.

We had so much fun camping and I was SOOOO sad when we had to pack up Monday. You would think five days would be enough, but I was wanting to stay a couple more....good thing we are going again this weekend. :) Channer had so much fun too. I was kind of sad to see how independent he is now. He would just go off and play with his cousins and the paranoid me would freak out a bit...but I am getting used to it.


Last week we went to Three Peaks with the family, Chantry's dad and brothers. We did not stay for too long, but we had fun. Chestyn and I mostly just sat in the Explorer, but Channer loved riding in the jeep and Teryx with Grandpa and Dad!! I even got a couple little rides in too.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Today is our 5th anniversary and I just wanted to tell my husband Happy Anniversary!! I cannot believe it has been five years. There are times that I think it has been longer because I cannot imagine myself without him and then there are times when I just cannot believe five years has already gone by. Makes me feel old! Since it is five years I just want to say five things that I LOVE about my is really hard to pick just five!!

1. I love that he is such a hard worker. He will do whatever he can to provide for our family. He is definitely not lazy!! Even with being laid off, he finds stuff to do around the house or help others out.
2. I love that he will show interest in my interests! He acts excited over my scrapbooking or blogging and makes me feel like what I do is worth while.
3. I love that he can lie to me. LOL. Even when my hair is pulled back in to a ponytail and I am lounging in my pjs he will still tell me I look "hot". I know he is lying about it, but hey, it makes me feel good. (maybe he is not lying cause I think he looks hot even when he just woke up and has morning breath!).
4. This one is silly but for some reason I love that we have little things that only we would get such as "Whats the matter, you got cookie crumbs on your face?" or "That's enough problems or questions". Nobody else would get that and I love that we have things that just belong to us, even if it is small.
5. Last but not least...He is the best daddy EVER!! There is nothing better than looking at your husband look at his babies and see in his eyes how much he loves them. I love that he looks at the future with his kids too and thinks about the things they are going to do together. Channer has become a daddy's boy and although it makes me so sad that he is not much of a momma's boy anymore, there is nothing that makes me happier than to see them two together and the bond they are creating. (PS...I am still the one Channer comes to when he is hurt or needs loves).

Anyway, like I said, it was hard to pick five cause I could go on forever. Thanks for the best five years of my life Chantry and I look forward to many more together!! Love you!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Happy Birthday Baby Brother"

This morning when I woke up I told Channer that today was Chestyn's one-month birthday and Channer said "Happy Birthday Baby Brother". I cannot believe it has already been a month. It has gone so fast and been a fun month. It has been so nice having Chantry home to help me with everything and he has enjoyed spending the extra time with his boys. I guess you have to look at the postive right??

Channer absolutely LOVES his brother. He has been so good with him. I am surprised at how good the transition with two has been. I guess I was just expecting the worst, but I should have known that I have the best 2-year-old alive and should have known he would be a good boy. My favorite thing is when Channer goes to bed at night and he gives Chestyn a kiss and a hug and says "I love you baby brother, Goodnight Chestyn". Melts me everytime.

Another nice thing about Chantry being home is that we are starting to fix things up at home. He poored cement in our front yard for a sidewalk to replace our ugly stone walkway and he poored cement in our backyard to finally make a patio. Channer has loved being outside and helping him. He tries to do everything like his dad. He likes to put his cell phone and pen in his pocket and follow him around. The other morning Chantry was having a conversation with somebody about work and Channer was in the background copying everything he had to say on his own cell phone.

Chestyn has changed quite a bit in just one month. He is holding toys and EXTREMELY active. He loves to bounce in his bouncer and he loves his swing. It has taken me a while to adjust to him because I was so used to Channer always wanting to be a cuddle bug that I thought that is what Chestyn wanted. Well I have decided Chestyn is a very GOOD baby...he just likes to be left alone. He likes to lay in the middle of the floor and not be bothered. Channer loved to be held and always needed attention. If he was on the floor, I had to be right there with him. I guess I am already seeing what different personalities two kids can have. I have already found that I cannot wear necklaces or earings...Chestyn rips them off. He loves to pull hair.

Last Sunday we went to Antimony for Mother's Day. We went to introduce Chestyn to his great grandma and grandpa...I am so mad though cause I did not take pictures of him when we went to their house. I did get some pictures with Grandma Marcia though. We had a great time in Antimony and Chestyn did really well on his first road trip.

Chestyn also has started to smile and they are the cutest. I kept trying to get some of his big smiles on camera, but he was not having it, so I got some little ones.

I am so happy to have these two great boys!! I love that I am working from home and can spend so much time with them too. I have been working a lot lately, yet I still feel like I have all the time I want with my boys. I really have a lot of respect for the mom who has to work outside the home because I have been on both sides and being home is just sooooo much easier and as fast as that month went I know that we only have so much time with them being little ones and need to not take it for granted.

I am the luckiest mom and wife in the whole world!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Time is Flying

I cannot believe how fast the time is already going. I went on Thursday for Chestyn's two week checkup and he was back to his birth weight. The doctor was aboslutely shocked at how strong and active he was for two weeks old. I cannot believe it either. He is already rolling over from his belly to back and almost there from his back to belly too. Nothing makes a mom more proud than when the doctor is amazed at your baby :)
Channer is still doing so well with his brother. He is more help to me than anything. When I need a binky, burp cloth, or blanky he is right on it. I really have not seen much change in him. He has become more of a daddy's boy, but he was starting to that before the baby came anyway. He will ask to hold him now and again, but for the most part, he would rather play with his toys.

I have alwayhs loved baby feet and so I could not help but take a picture of my boys' feet, to show what a difference they are (dont mind Channer's bruised-up legs).

I love cry faces too, so I had to take a picture. Sadley, we see this face a lot. Chestyn is quite a grumpy baby, but he has had gas really bad and we are working on figuring that out. He is still a pretty good baby for the most part though.
I cannot believe how blue Chestyn's eyes are getting. They get brighter everyday. I am so glad to have my little blue eyed boys.
I totally think Chestyn looks like an old man in this shirt, but so cute.

Last weekend my sister and two brothers and their families came to visit and it was so much fun. I did not take a ton of pictures dangit, but I did get some cute ones. Thanks guys for coming to visit...wait, you should be thanking me for letting you see the cutest boys ever LOL. My sister Pateresa brought Channer this cute fishing set and he LOVES it.

My brother Alan holding Chestyn.
My cute little niece Kenzie holding her cousin. She loved him. She is going to be a big sister in a few months, so it was fun to see her with Chestyn to see how she might react.

This is the cutest picture of my niece Brylee and my nephew Garrett. They are the best of friends and so cute together.

On another note: Chantry got laid off from his job last week. While we were expecting it a few months ago, we were in hopes that it was picking up enough to keep him on, but not the case. I am just looking at the bright side of least we had our baby and were able to keep our insurance that long. Hopefully Chantry can find something else soon. If any of you hear of anything available let me know. He is willing to try anything. I am just thankful for everything we do have and know that things happen for a reason and what reason I have no idea, but will know someday.