Monday, June 29, 2009

Reason for lack of blogging...

Yes, there is a reason for lack of blogging. I have been consumed by my two new and P90X. Yes, I am still here though. My friend Hayley got me into coupons and I LOVE it. Really, I always would get coupons and just keep them forever and finally throw them away when they expired. Always thought saving 25 to 50 cents was just a HUGE waste of time. Well now that I know how to use the coupons I am LOVING it. In just the past week I have saved over $80 at Albertson's and spent less than that. Who knew? I am getting things for free and things for 10 or 15 cents. Stuff that I use daily and just never knew it was thanks Hayley. My other new hobby is P90X. Chantry and I are doing it together and I call it a hobby because I really do love to work out. I can get a little addicted to working out even, yet since we have been married I have slacked in this department really really bad. When Chantry first met me, I went to the gym twice a day and had a rockin' body...and now, well lets just say I dont anymore. Now hopefully I can get back into working out and loving it. I will probably never have that rockin' body again though cause I LOVE to eat and hate dieting (although I am doing Weight Watchers, so we will see). Also, kids ruin ya!

Anway...what have we been up to? Last weekend we had a family reunion at Fishlake. It was a lot of fun. It was my grandma's brothers and sisters, so there were quite a few people there. The only one besides us that came from my siblings was my sister Sarah. It was the first time we had camped with them for a long time and it was nice to visit with them. The weather was not so good, windy and rainy, so we were in the trailers most of the weekend, but still fun. Sorry no pics. However, my sister gave Channer this cute cute shirt that says "Two's aren't terrible, I'm having a blast". I tried to get a good picture of him in it, but he would not look at me or put down his book.

This weekend we just stayed in town, but still were not home much. Friday night we had a fun BBQ at our friend Tawnya's house...always fun. Saturday we all went over to Chantry's dad's house and cleaned up his yard. I did not help too much though cause I was in the house with kids most of the time. After all of our (I mean there) hard work, we went over to Chantell's and went swimming in her pool, then we all went to the music festival. Channer had a great time on the inflatable bounce house things. Chantry's dad took us all to dinner at Mi Peublo afterwards. Sunday I stayed home to catch up on cleaning. It took me ALL day to just get our kitchen cleaned...thats what we get when we are home one weekend in every six.

We finally got out Channer's little pool and he loves it. It took him a little while to warm up to the slide and getting all the way in, but after a while, he was going on his belly and trying all kinds of stuff. Love this little guy!!

Yes, I do have another little boy, but unfortunately we do all of these fun things while he is sleeping in the cool house....more pictures of him to come next time.

Funny things Channer has said and done lately:

**"Row row row your boat genlty down the stream, Laramy Laramy Laramy life is but a dream". (For those who dont know Channer has a cousin named Laramy) HA

**We went camping with our friends a while ago and we had a prayer on the meal. Channer is really into saying prayers right now and he was SOOOOO upset that he was not asked to say the prayer. He would not stop whining until I took him over in the corner and said a prayer with him. I was totally annoyed that he was whining, but after we got in the corner and said our little prayer, I thought to myself..."can life get any better". Channer brings me to lots of these moments.

**I was quizzing Channer and asking him who is a boy or girl. So I went through all of his uncles, aunts, and cousins. He would just answer boy and girl for all of them, but when I got to his cousin Chy he said "She's a lady".

**Went walking with my friend Kim the other day and Channer was talking her head off and after everything he would say she would say holy smokes...he replied "mom, where's the fire".

**A conversation between Channer and I:

Channer: I have another mom, I have two moms.

Me: Really? What does she look like.

Channer: She has black hair, blue eyes, and white skin.

Me: What color shirt was she wearing?

Channer: Blue

Me: What is her name?

Channer: Mommy.

Me: Who is your favorite mommy?

Channer: You of course.

I asked Chantry about the black-haired, blue-eyed, white-skinned lady wearing a blue shirt and he denies everything LOL.

Those are just a few I can think of right now...enjoy!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2 Months Old

Yes, it is baby is already two months old. He is getting to be a lot of fun. I love the newborn stage when they just lay in your arms and look cute, but I REALLY love the stage when they start staying awake a little more and smiling, cooing, and giggling. He laughed for the first time yesterday and it was just a small giggle, but it was adorable!! He is such a happy baby. He just loves to eat!! If he is not sucking on a bottle or a binky, he is sucking on his hand. You would think he was starved to death.

Anyway, I took the boys to the doctor last Thursday and forgot to post about it. The doctor's visit went really well. Channer did not have to have shots, so he was excited to see the doctor and get a prize. Chestyn had to have three shots and an oral vaccine. He did pretty well. He was a little grumpy that afternoon, but for the most part, he did well. I love taking the boys to the doctor when it is just for a well-check. To me, it is just time to brag about how cute my boys are and talk about the fun stuff they know how to do. ;) The doctor always seems so amazed when I tell him my 2-1/2 year old knows all of his ABC's by recognition and all of his colors. It still amazes me everyday. Anway, here are their stats:

11 pounds 7 ounces (45%)
23 inches (50%)
HC 39.5 (50%)
The doctor said he is tall and skinny, just like his brother was....except I looked up Channer's two months and he was 13 pounds 8 ouncs, so a good 2 pounds bigger.
29 pounds 6 ounces (45%)
38 inches (75%)
I remember Channer was in the 90-100% range clear til he was 18 months old and then he started to be more average. He looks so skinny to me, but I guess when I see him next to other kids his age, he does look big.
I also have not done this lately, but here are a few funny things Channer has said lately.
~Chestyn pooped in his diaper and Channer said "Chestyn, you need to poop in the potty".
~The tattling has already begun....Channer was down getting in Chestyn's face as usual and Chestyn hit him in the face and Channer said "Mom, Chestyn hit me in the face. Tell him to be nice". ...and he really would not give up until I told Chestyn to be nice.
~When we went for a ride on the Ranger a while ago, we ran into a tree and sticks from the tree went down my he has told about 20 people "Mom has sticks in her butt".
I need to make note of the funny things he says, because seriously I could write a book. Those are just a few I could think of right of hand.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Could it get any prettier than this????
We had such a fun camping trip at Yankee. So it is not even July yet and so far this camping season we have camped at Sand Hallow, Otter Creek, Panguitch Lake, and Yankee Meadow. Not only that we are going to Fishlake this next weekend and I know of at least one Pine Lake trip this summer and one Red Desert trip still to come. ~ WE LOVE CAMPING~

So this weekend we went with our friends the Knight's and the Hahn's. We went up on Friday afternoon around 1:00 and had some hotdogs. Chantry, Jason, and the boys all went fishin and Michele and I and the babies went for a nice walk.
Friday night my friend Hayley, her husband Adam, and their three adorable girls, Bella, Sophie, and Lili came up. They are awesome and tent-camped. Good thing the weather turned out be okay. We stayed up late talking around the campfire and enjoying the evening. Both of my boys went to bed early and slept fairly good, so it made for a fun night. Hayley and her family had to go back home Saturday, so they did not get to stay long, but it was still fun.

Adam and his girls enjoying the fire.Bella and Nathan.

Saturday afternoon it rained quite a bit, but the boys still got in a couple more fishin trips and I enjoyed quiet time in the trailer with my boys. I should have brought some scarpbook stuff though. Saturday night, Michele and Jason had some friends join us. It was a lot of fun and Michele and Jason made some YUMMY dutch oven.

Of course this is where Chestyn stayed most of the time. I cannot wait til mountain camping gets a little warmer and he can come outside a little more, but really he loves to just hang out in the trailer. He is such a happy baby. If he is awake, most of the time he has a smile on my face. He is starting to make little noises all the time.

Channer loves being outside. Most of our family and friends that we hang out with all have girls and so when we hang out with the Knight's, Channer love it. They have three boys and Channer loves to be with them.

Cannot wait for yet another fun trip next weekend!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Things are going great at our house. Chantry is working back at Yellow and we can only hope it is permanent. I am loving my job as usual. Of course it helps that I get to look at these two cute adorable boys all day!! I got Chestyn a Bumbo seat and it is his favorite. He is still a little wobbly in it, but I think he does fantastic holding his head up for not even being two months old. You will see by the smile on his face that he just loves being able to sit and see things. Channer loves it too!! He has been really into using all of Chestyn's things lately. He will sit in his swing and bouncer all the time too. I just let him so that he does not get too jelous of Chestyn and I keep trying to tell him that Chestyn is sharing his stuff so that hopefully one day, when Chestyn is big enough, there is not too much fit-throwing when Chestyn plays with his toys.
Potty training update---So this weekend we had a dilema. Channer goes pee all the time in the big toilet with his Spiderman seat, but he only would poop in his little potty still. Well me, being the dumb mom I am, thought I we would be okay just taking Spiderman to Antimony this weekend. Well Sunday, Channer needed to go poop so bad that he was in so much pain and cried and cried, but refused to go in the toilet. I finally told him it was okay to go in his underwear (just because I was so worried about him and he had held his bowels for three whole days), but he told me "no I dont want to get Cookie Monster dirty". So then we told him he could go poop in a diaper (I was so scared to let him do this because I thought he would just go back to diapers), but he refused. He said "but then I wont be a big boy". So needless to say, he held it and would not go poop clear til we got home to the little potty. It was so sad!! So this week that has been my get him to poop in the big toilet....and HE DID!! He also went to the bathroom in a public toilet. I think he is pretty much 100% there. GO CHANNER. I am so proud of you! I know you guys just love me telling all the poop potty stories, but during potty training, I have asked a lot of friends and family questions and almost all of them say they dont I just want to remember for when I potty train the next. Channer likes to read magazines and poop.
Chestyn is getting amazingly huge!! You should see the chub he is getting on him. I need to take some naked pictures just so you can see. Speaking of...I have not taken ANY bath pictures, what am I thinking. We have a doctor's appointment for both boys tomorrow, so I am sure I will be updating.

Also just wanted to welcome my 40th niece/nephew into this world today. Yes, thats right 40!! I guess that is what you get when both you and your husband are the youngest in big families. We love all of our nieces and nephews so much and love having them!! On my side of the family there are 10 (soon to be 11) under the age of 4 so that makes for A LOT of fun!! Anway, welcome Nolun Dee Nielsen. He was born on June 8, 2009 at 9:43 PM. He was 8 pounds 7 ounces and 19 inches long, which makes for a cute litte chubby guy!! I cannot wait to go meet him. CONGRATS Bawb and Heidi.


Chestyn was blessed Sunday, June 7, by his Grandpa Charly. It was a great day. We are so thankful for our friends and family who came to the blessing. We had a luncheon afterwards at Marcia's house. It turned out to be great weather and a wonderful day!! I am so mad though because I intended on taking lots of pictures. I only got these 4 pictures before the blessing and then we were running late and had to go. So during chuch Channer fell asleep and right when we got back to Marcia's house, we changed our clothes. So we did not get any family pictures of us on Chestyn's big day. My camera is still broken, so even these few pictures of him in his blessing tux did not turn out that great. He still looks adorable though.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


There are so many things right now that are bittersweet!! The first is that Chantry got a job. He started at Schmidt Construction yesterday. Last week he had two job interviews and had to decide between two jobs...pretty good for this economy. I am so proud that I have a hard working husband and that he provides for our family. I am so thankful that he found a job....but I am extremely sad to have him go back to work. The next few months might be a little tough because he does not know where he will be working. They have jobs in Kanab and Monticello right now and will have to be gone during the weeks sometimes. He just called me and is leaving to Monticello... and anybody who knows me, knows that I am very independent, yet I HATE being alone. Good thing I have my two boys to keep me company. Hopefully after a couple months he will be in Cedar only....or get called back to Yellow. Now that Chantry has had to find a new job, he has realized how GOOD it was at Yellow and he misses it!

Another bittersweet is that my little boy slept in his "big boy bed" for the first time last night. I love that he is getting big and it is so much funner to tuck him in and actually have a bed to do our bedtime routine, but man, my little boy is really growing upt. I snuck in this morning to take some pictures of my sleeping baby. He was overly excited yesterday for his bed. I just wanted to keep him in his crib as long as possible, since he had never tried climbing out or anything.
Isn't his bedding adorable???? I have my mom to thank for that. She makes the CUTEST stuff for my kids and you should see my closets...all full of beautiful quilts! One day I hope to figure out her talents.

Another boy is still pottying in the toilet. I LOVE it!!! Yet, he is one more step to not needing me as much. He has adjusted to the big toilet finally, but not without his Spiderman seat. He is one week today with no accidents and no diapers. I am just amazed at him. We went camping this weekend and I was so worried about it, but he did great!! I told him on our way there that if he went the whole weekend without accidents we would get him a trike. So Sunday night when we got back that was the first thing he asked for. We went right to Wal Mart and he picked it out, which brings me to another bittersweet. Our friend gave us the cutest bike last summer and Channer has never been able to figure out the pedaling...well when we got to Wal Mart he jumped right on the trike and started pedaling...I almost cried right in Wal Mart. So now that he is getting some practice on this, we need to get that bike out again and try it. I am so proud that he can pedal, yet so sad!!

I had my six-week postpartum checkup yesterday and am so excited to get the IUD again. My emotions have been crazy the last six weeks, poor Chantry. I have been extremely short with Channer and then I get all emotional afterwards, poor Channer!!
I of course could not do a blog without including a couple pictures of Chestyn. He has changed a TON. (another bittersweet). His hair all fell out on top and is growing back blonde. He is such a HAPPY baby. He only cries if he is hungry or poops his pants. I cannot wait to go to the doctor next week to see how big he is. He is starting to get those chubby legs that I love.

My camera is still broken and has no dont mind my uncentered pictures.
Also, we went camping with our friends this weekend at Panguitch Lake. So FUN! Channer loved playing with friends and I enjoyed visiting too. The weather was great and the food was delicious. Thanks Tawnya for inviting us!! I did not take any pictures there, but when Tawnya shares ;) I will post some.