Sunday, July 26, 2009


I know I have always said Channer and Chestyn look a lot alike, but I really never realized just how much they look alike until I was looking back at old photos and videos of Channer and thought for sure I was looking at Chestyn. To give you a little idea, I put together a couple collages of the two of them. Channer is on the left in this one and Chestyn on the right. They even have the same hairline.
Now can you tell which of these collages is Chestyn and which is Channer? They are all pictures from about 2-3 months of the both of them.

The other day I wanted to take Channer to the movie "Ice Age" and so I had everything set up for Ches to go to a sitter while I took Channer to the movie. When we were getting ready to leave, Channer said "I want Chestyn to come with us to the movie". So of course, I brought him. I just wanted to get this on record so that one day I can remind Channer that he did in fact want his brother around at one time. I hope he will always feel this way, but in case he doesn't I will remind him ;)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Fun Weekend

This blog is going to be long and extreme picture overload, but there are so many things from this weekend I want to remember and a few other things I want to blog about.

We went over to Antimony this weekend to help clean up our lots over there and help Marcia out with whatever she needed. It seems like everytime we do this (which is a couple times a year), it just turns into a fun weekend with a lot more play than work. We left Friday evening at about 8:00 to head over there. On the way there, our truck started acting really weird and the stereo went out, then the AC, then the gages, then the whole truck. The way it acted, we thought it was an alternator, but it would start right back up for a few minutes when we turned it off, which was weird. Anway, we were in Circleville Canyon. Luckily we did have a little service and Chantry called his brother Dusty who was already in Antimony. We told him if we were not there in a half hour to come and get us. Then Chantry played with things for a minute and could not figure it out, so we called Ladd to come and tow us. In the mean time, I realized I just made one bottle for on the way and figured that would get us to Antimony. I did not bring any extra water or anything. I was cussing myself for being such a dumb mom and for also giving up nursing so early. Chestyn woke up and I tried to get his binky to satisfy him as much as possible. Good thing he is a pretty good baby. Channer slept the whole time we were sitting on the side of the road. Since we had no AC, it was so hot and our windows would not roll down cause we had no power, so we had to open the doors, which allowed a million bugs to come in. Right after Ladd was getting ready to send somebody to come and get us, Chantry was looking under the hood and realized that a cable on the battery was ruined. So he was able to fix it with a trailer pin (handy man) and we were up and running. I was SOOOO glad to know that was all that it was and I was also glad they did not tow our truck all the way to Cedar, just to find out it was a battery cable. So we were back on the road and got to Marcia's at about 11:00, so we just got everybody ready for bed.

Saturday morning everyone went out to the property and started cleaning up except for Chy, Tulsa, and I and we stayed back and watched kids and played in the water. We had such a fun time.

Canyon and Channer watching the slip n' slide and wondering if they dare to go.
Me squirting all the kids as they went.

McKayla pushing Channer down the slide.
Charlee, Tulsa, and three beautiful nieces.
Channer with his "sfirt" gun.
Charlee getting ready to attack Chestyn. She is totally in love with him.
Chestyn sitting up on his own. He was doing it for about a minute at a time... I thought that was pretty good for a 3 month old.

Channer enjoying the sun.
Tulsa getting attacked by kids because she has otter pops.
Me and my adorable Channer.
Everybody else got back to the house at about 1:00 and it was just all play from there (not that it wasn't for me the whole time HA).
Channer and Daddy!

We went down to the Merc and ate lunch. Then everybody went for a big long ride on the Rangers/Rhino/Teryx/4-wheeler. I stayed back home with Marcia and watched Charlee and Canyon and my two boys. It was nice to visit with her and fun to watch Channer and Canyon play in the sandbox. Chestyn and Charlee played inside and loved each other.

I still dont have a camera, so thank goodness to Chy for all these awesome pictures and she went on the ride while I was back at home and got some great pictures for me. That is why there are none of the kids in the sandbox.
Here is Chantry, Tom, and Beau in our Ranger (yes, we bought a Ranger and we are lovin it).
Chantell's boys in the back of Granpa's Teryx.
Chace, Chy, Blade, and Christian in Chace's Rhino.
Channer and Canyon had so much fun in the sandbox and thought it was fun to throw sand at each other. They were SOOOO dirty by the time they got done. That evening since everybody went for a ride and then the kids played so hard everyone needed to shower and Marcia only has one shower so we had to bath Channer and Canyon in the sink. They LOVED it though.
I love staying at Marcia's house. She only has two bedrooms for everybody and so we all just find a place to sleep, kitchen, laundry room, living room, wherever. There is not an inch of floor not covered with somebody by the time we all go to bed, but I love it. It is like a big old slumber party with everyone. My boys slept so good over there too. In fact, Chestyn slept his first night all the way through on Saturday night. I am surpised they can sleep so well with all of us together, but they do great.
Sunday morning we got up and went for another ride, but I got to go this time thanks to Charla and Chy. They stayed back with Chestyn. We go for short rides with him, but we did not know how long we would be gone and it was already like 90 degrees outside. We had such a great time. We went up to Mt. Dutton and looked off the Circleville lookout. It was soooo pretty, I wish I would have had a camera....I need to take care of that situation quick. There is nothing better than being on the mountain and listening to Chantry tell me childhood stories. Anyway, then we got back from our ride and ate lunch at the Merc again. We went and visited our grandparents, and then headed home. It was a way fun weekend. I keep saying I am ready for a weekend home, but look what I would be missing out on if we stayed home :)
Another thing I wanted to talk about was I have heard a few people say they do not like blogs because people "censor" their lives on their blogs. They make their lives seem "perfect" - like that they never have any problems or unhappy moments. I have even had a couple people make comments to me that I "over-dramatize" my "perfect" life. So, I just wanted to set a few things straight. I know I constantly talk about how my kids are the "cutest ever" or "we have the best life ever" or "we had the most fun ever"- please know that it is all in FUN that I say that and I hope it has never offended any you. I tend to brag about all that is going on in our life and again I hope none of you have taken it so seriously that it offends you. I love reading your blogs and hearing all about the amazing things going on in your lives- new jobs, recently married, having babies, traveling, buying new cars or houses, graduating college, etc,etc.
Honestly, I really am happy with my life. My life is "perfect" because I MAKE IT THAT WAY.
Yes, there are days that are frustrating or things that upset me; but I TRY my hardest to look at all the positive in my life and all of our blessings instead of focus on all the bad things or frustrating things. And once you do that, everything just seems so perfect!! I love that! Yes, there are days where I feel like pulling my hair out because my kids have been so cranky, or days that I am so tired I want to curl up in my bed and sleep the day away, or days where I am mad at Chanty for some little thing, but if I did dwell on those things then I wouldn't be happy. I have a lot more happy/perfect moments in my life when I am focusing on the positive. So that is what I do.
Just wanted you all to know that I don't feel I "censor" my blog. I write how I feel.. and I feel like I love my life and want to share all the happiness I have about it. I do write mostly about stuff that happens on the weekend, but here is a look into our everyday life:
Chantry: Gets up every morning wondering if he gets to go to work or not because they call him at about 7 or 8 to even let him know if he has work. He gets up with the boys around 6:30 or 7:00 and takes care of whatever needs they have. If he does get to work, he gets ready and leaves for work at about 8:45. He works hard all day hauling freight in 110 degree weather in St. George. It is not any easy office job where he sits under a desk with AC. He is physically working hard for 10-12 hours. He comes home eats dinner and then has to go outside and take care of all the yard work (I hate yard work). He mows the lawn and takes care of whatever needs to be done. He comes in and has no time to rest because Channer is jumping on him and wrestling him from the second he makes it in the house (and he loves every minute of it). We try to fit some exercise time in there and then off to bed. If he is called off work, he is calling around to anybody he can to see if he can help them out for the day. Trying to make a little bit of money and also because he goes insane if he is at home.
Me: I wake up between 4 and 5 every morning to start work. I work until 8 and then have a 1/2 an hour to spend with Chantry before he heads for work. I make Channer some breakfast and start a load of laundry. Back to work...because Chestyn is usually taking a morning nap by this time. I work on and off for the next few hours and try to be done with work by noon so that we can play the rest of the day. Most of the time, I am still working around 2 or 3. I then get in the shower finally and bath my boys. Then we try to do something fun like going to the library or park or something. Then it is back home to clean up house and make dinner. By then the day is over! Chantry comes home and then we try to fit in some exercise and get the boys to bed. I try to be in bed by 9 or 9:30 since I have to wake up so early, but most of time it is 10:00 or 10:30 before I make it to bed.
The boys: Well lets just face it, there life is perfect! LOL.
Anyway, this is a look into our menotanous everyday life. It is not ALWAYS fun and games, but I would still consider it pretty perfect :)

Gleave Reuinion

I am still behind on blogging. Anyway, we went to the Gleave Reunion on July 9th through the 12th. We look forward to the Gleave Reunion every year, in fact it is probably our favorite thing to do all summer. I did not get a lot of pictures cause still no camera, but thanks to my niece Chy, I did get a couple just to remember the weekend by.

We went to Pine Lake on Thursday the 9th. On the way there we went to Ruby's Inn and had lunch and visited Chantry's mom (that is where she works). We borrowed her Ranger for the weekend too. On Thursday all that was there was Chace's family, Grandma Irva, and us. So we went for a Ranger ride and had a great time. We sat out by the fire and visited til about 1:00 in the a.m. and had a great time. Friday all of Chantry's family came except for Ladd and Charla. We had such a good time riding and visiting and of course eating good food.

Well Saturday is when all the fun happens. The Gleave Reunion is Grandma Irva's brothers and sisters and there are 9 of them, so it becomes such a large group. There were 298 this year! That is a lot of people, which makes for a lot of fun. They had a big lunch at 1:00. They make mutton every year (yuck) and have a pot-luck (yum). They did kid races, pinata, treasure hunt, horseshoe competition, talent show, and raffle. It is always sooo much fun, especially for the kids. Channer won his race again....maybe I am gonna have a little runner on my hands. I told Chantry that it is pretty funny when our family reunion is bigger than the whole town of Antimony's 4th of July celebration HA. Well we stayed up late Saturday night again and visited around the fire. It really is such a fun weekend and I wish I would have taken some pictures, but here are a few I stole from Chy.

Chestyn being as cute as ever!
Canyon, Channer, and Aubrey...cousins playing. Channer seriously was playing nonstop. It is so fun to watch him interact with kids now. He tries to be the center of attention and it is so funny. If I just listen in on them, he is always pulling a funny face, making a funny sound, or doing something to make everyone laugh.
Aunt Chan and Charlee. She is so flippin cute and she has learned how to walk now. She is only 10 months so it is funny to watch this little girl walk.
Another one of Chestyn being so stinkin cute!

Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of July 2009

We had a fantastic Independence Day this year. We went to Richfield on Friday for my nieces wedding and that is where our fun weekend began. I watched Pateresa's kids Friday night while they went to Lynn's class reunion. I took them to the children's parade. The next morning we went to the Richfield parade. Channer was in a really bad mood and I could not get him to enjoy himself, but it was fun anyway. One of the things I loved about being in Richfield was listening to the cannons go off at 6 a.m. I have not been in Richfield for a long time on the 4th, so it was fun to hear them. We headed over to Antimony right after the parade to spend a little time with Chantry's family too for the holidays. I still dont have a camera and nobody in Richfield took pics for me, so all of my 4th of July pictures start after we went to Antimony.

Antimony has a really fun celebration at the park. Channer won his race for the 2-year-olds. He was so proud of himself and it finally put him into a good mood.
He got 50 cents for winning and he was so excited. He kept asking me to hold his quarters all day and then he would say "be veeerrryyy careful with them okay mom".
He gave the sack race a try, but was not so good at it and I ended up carrying him the whole way...but what do you expect when the bag is almost bigger than him??
He was Aunt Chan's partner in the three legged race and Chantry and I were partners...I would have to say that I think Chantell and Channer did better than we did LOL.
Then there was the egg toss. I stayed out of it this year, which was kind of nice because it seems like I leave there every year with egg all over me. Chantry and Chy were partners and I think they actually got 2nd or something. Channer and Chan were together one round and then he found Canyon and they were together. It was pretty funny watching Canyon and Channer throw and egg back and forth.
The one thing I LOVE about the Antimony celebration is that old and young participate. They have races for all ages and it is so fun to watch the old men in their cowboy boots run. It is always a fun time. After the park, we went back to Grandma's and played. Grandma bought this cute slip n' slide and a cute towel for each kid. Unfortunately, right when we got back it started raining, so Channer did not even get to try it out, but he sure had fun playin inside with Aunt Chan (can ya tell he loves her just a little)??

Channer absolutely loves Charlee. She is 10 months old and Channer loves to play with her. I bet when Chestyn gets just a little older and starts standing and crawling, he will be fascinated with him too.

That evening we went down to the lake and roasted hotdogs and had dutch oven. It was a little windy at first so the kids were in the back of Grandma's car playing.

The wind died down before it got dark and we were able to enjoy the evening. We had some fun fireworks and Channer was amazed with the sparklers. He would do one right after the other and he wanted me to spell everybody's name.

One of the best things about going to Antimony for the 4th is the awesome firework show above Otter Creek. It is so awesome to see the reflection of the fireworks on the lake. Chantry's Uncle Bill always does the show and he does a great job. They lasted so long that Channer almost fell asleep in my arms.
Where is Chestyn??? It was so crazy cause Chestyn literally slept ALL day and night on the 4th of July. He was awake most of the time in Richfield when I had no camera, but when we got to Antimony, he slept almost the whole time. In fact we went down to the lake at about 5:30 and he fell asleep on the way there and so I just left him in his carseat and would check on him here and there. I kept thinking he would wake up, but he did not wake up the whole time we were at the lake. We left to go back to Cedar after the fireworks and he slept all the way home...then we got home about 12:30 and went to bed...and he slept clear til 4:00 that next morning. Crazy!! Anyway, that is why there is not one picture of him on the 4th of July...and I had him dressed up so cute..dangit!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jessica's Wedding

I have a TON to blog about, but do not have time to do it all right now, so watch for updates throughout the week. On July 3rd we went to my niece Jessica's wedding. It turned out really well. Jessica looked absolutely beautiful. She had some really pretty bridesmaides, including my other two nieces Tiffany and Jacki and they both looked beautiful too. Congrats Jessica and welcome to the family Rustin.