Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yes, I like to brag...what else do you have kids for?

So, I like to go back and look at posts of what we did last year and earlier I was browsing through last years posts and came across this one. Channer was still two months away from turning 2 and he knew MOST of his Abc's by recognistion, all of his colors, and how to count to 10. AMAZING! Now Channer knows ALL of his Abc's by recognition, a lot of the sounds the letters make, how to count to 20. I keep meaning to write this in a blog cause I think it is amazing, but when we are driving or walking around and come upon a stop sign Channer always says "S-T-O-P spells STOP" when we see a speed limit sign he will say "S-P-E-E-D spells speed", granted he only knows these words by familiarization, but I think it is quite impressive for 2-1/2 year old. Also, he can spell his name and can write the C, H, and A. We are working on the rest. Channer really is such a blessing to me and because he comprehends so much, I know I sometimes think of him as an older kid and will get mad at something he does, but then look at the situation and say to myself 'he is only 2'. Sorry about the brag session, but like I said, what else do we have kids for?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Random Summer Stuff

Seriously, I dont know what has changed to make me feel so busy all the time, but I feel like I cannot catch up with anything. I have even minimized Facebook to only 5-10 minutes a day and still have no time for anything. I know one thing that takes up a lot of my time is coupons. I try to find more deals online and I have an obsession with figuring out my next deal, but I just cant help myself. You other couponers out there know exactly what I am talking about. How can you not get excited. I just got back from the store and I got 4 Keebler cookies (like we need them ha), 4 boxes of cereal, 2 PAM, 2 veg. oil, 2 Gal. Milk, 10 candy bars (needed them too) and I only spent $9.15 and they gave me $10 to spend on my next purchase, so all in all I made 85 cents :)...see obsessed.

Anway we have been having such a fun time this summer and I just keep thinking that we only have about a month of summer left. A couple weeks ago we went to Funtime Inflatables and Channer loved it. He would have liked it more if we would have went with some friends. He got a little bored a little quick.

None of these pictures are really in order, but I took these other day cause I thought it was hilarious. I was cleaning out Chestyn's closet. It was sad to pack up most of Chestyn's 3-6 month clothes. He is now mostly wearing 6-9 and a few 12 month CRAZY!!! It will be good though cause he will fit in most of Channer's clothes at the right time. Anyway, Channer found a Home Depot apron, winter hat, gardening gloves, a snow boot, and a cowboy boot and this was the result:

Monday night we decided to go to the free concert at the park. We were only there for a little while and I felt bad cause Channer was starting to get sick. Chantell was selling food out of their new food stand and so they had their semi truck there and Channer was SOOO excited to get to sit in it, although he looks really sick. I kept thinking the boys had allergies, but now after being up with them all night last night, I think they are sick :(

So last weekend we had such a fun time. We went camping at FISHLAKE!! Instead of taking our trailer this time, we rented a cabin. My sister Pateresa, who lives in Tooele, and her family met up with us and we had a lot of fun. The guys pretty much spent the WHOLE time on the lake fishing and they got a lot of fish and had a lot of fun. My mom came up too and so the girls and kids hung out and scrapbooked, played cards, and had fun visiting.

Channer had so much fun playing with his cousin Brylee.

It was a lazy, relaxing weekend. We mostly just lounged around.
My mom got to have fun with the grandkids and cuddled Chestyn a lot.

Channer thought it was fun to sleep somewhere else. He had fun having my mom stay in with us too.

Sunday morning my sister Sarah and my sister Marie came up to visit with us. So all the cousins got to play and it was so fun to see them all. We only got to visit for an hour or so before we had to head home though. We had such a fun weekend. I hope we can go again next summer.

So some exciting news right now at our house is that we got sod in our back yard. I have been wanting a backyard for SOOO long. We are planning on getting about the same as we already put back there in a couple weeks, so it will be pretty nice. It will be so nice to be able to go out and play. Channer is already loving it. Now if only we could afford a fence ;) Maybe next summer!

The best news right now though is that my brother Alan and his wife Malia had their baby. She is a tiny little thing, but oh so beautiful. They named her Hadlie Andi Nielsen. She was born August 19 at 4:12 PM. She weighed 5 pounds 13 ounces. CONGRATS! I cannot wait to meet her!She is niece/nephew #41 for us!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Never want to forget.

This is a quick post with no pictures. I just wanted to write down something that I NEVER want to forget. This morning I went hunting with Chantry. Channer and I were sitting in the back of the ranger riding up the mountain. He asked me if he could hold my hand. I said of course, cause it is my favorite when he asks me that. So we were holding hands and he looks up at me and says "Mom, we're best friends huh?" My heart about melted and then I looked in the front seat at my cute husband whose whole world now revolves around his family and my cute little Chestyn sleeping and I was the happiest person alive. Really there is nothing I would change about my life right now!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grandma Irva Reunion and My Two Girls...I mean Boys.

When Channer smiles, he always tries to smile with his mouth shut, so I tell him to show his teeth and this is what I get.
Our annual Granma Irva Reunion was last weekend at Red Desert. It is always a good time and Red Desert is one of my favorite places to camp. We headed up the mountain Thursday after I got done with work. Channer had been looking forward to seeing Canyon the whole way up there and they did not waste much time finding something fun to do and getting dirty.

They kept jumping off this log. Channer had that scared look everytime, but kept saying lets do it again.

Friday was kind of windy and cold, so we spent most of the time in the trailer watching movies and cuddling.

We still managed to get some ranger rides in even though it was cold Friday. Saturday we had a pot luck lunch and those are always the best. I love trying everybody's stuff and it is always so fun to visit with everyone. Saturday the weather was a lot better to, so we went on some longer rides and we were actually able to sit by the camp fire.

Of course the day we have to pack up and go home is always the best weather everytime we camp anywhere. Makes us wish we could camp for a few more days.
This morning I put Chestyn on my bedroom floor while I was doing my hair and Channer comes into my bathroom and says "Chestyn's a girl". I said "No Chestyn is a boy" and he said "No come see." and this is what I saw. LOL
So then since I took a picutre, of course Channer had to have one too :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Life seems to get so busy and I feel like I cannot keep up with anything, let alone blogging. We have had a lot of fun the last couple of weeks. These pictures are not really in the best order, but even right now I am short of time, so going to try to make this quick and still try to remember all the fun stuff we have beend doing.
Channer loves to help his dad mow the lawn and they sure look cute doing it.

I cannot believe how big Chestyn is getting. He changes everyday and gets funner all the time. He is still so happy all the time and I LOVE it. He is sleeping really well. Some nights he will even sleep from about 9:30-6 or 7. Others he is up at about 1:00 or 4:00, but he still does pretty well. The nights that he does not sleep well I try to compare with the nights that he did, thinking maybe the pajamas or blanket or position might make him sleep better, silly I know, and I remember doing that with Channer, but I really think babies at that age just have good nights and bad nights. Cant complain a bit though, even when he does wake up, he goes right back to sleep.

Channer is so helpful. When Chestyn is crying I hear him all the time saying "What's wrong Ches?", "It's okay Ches." or my favorite "Please be happy baby brother." When we are driving in the car and Chestyn is crying he always tries to give him his binky or make him laugh so that he will be happy and I catch him singing quite often. The other day when we were driving he tried singing and helping him, but Chestyn was not having it and Channer said "Mom, help! Chestyn is crying and I don't know what to do". LOL.

We have been going on lots of Ranger rides and try to go everynight when Chantry gets home from work. The boys love and so do I, especially on those days that I have not been out of the house all day long. I love summer evenings and they are not going to last much longer, so we need to take advantage of it. I am glad that we are only 5 minutes away from some trails we can ride on too.

We did get a back seat for the Ranger too (thanks to Alan and Malia who delivered it to us) and it makes for a much more comfortable ride.

Just have to say that I am really proud of my seamstress of a husband who sewed the top for his Ranger. He did a way good job and saved us some $$. It's nice to have a top on too so that we don't have to worry about getting sunburned.
Last weekend we went to the Piute County Fair. It was a lot of fun. We did not get over there until most of the stuff at the park was over, but Channer still got to play in a couple bouncy houses and at the park.

We went to the rodeo and Channer has not been to a rodeo since he was about six months old and Chestyn has never been, so it was a lot of fun. Chantell, her boys, Chy, and grandma came with us. Channer thought it was cool, but I think he really had more fun with Aunt Chan than anything. She was trying to talk him into kissing girls...what a bad influence!

Chestyn just had fun being passed around and being outside.
The next morning we went my nephew Nolun's blessing in Fairview. He looked sooooo cute. (I stole this picture off my brother's facebook, cause me and my luck with cameras lost my camera at the fair. Luckily, somebody turned it in, but I still did not get it back until Sunday evening). After the blessing we had a yummy dinner and then headed home. Time goes so fast that we dont get to visit much, but it was still a great time.
Here is some other random stuff we have done this summer. We play a lot of ball outside. Channer loves when I throw the balls up on the roof and he tries to catch them when they come down.

Channer has learned to do somee driving with his dad. (dont worry this only happens in our backyard or in Antimony) :)

I had to take this picture for my sister Sarah. She gave him this cute shirt and I told her I would send her a picture in it, although Sarah wont see it for a week cause that lucky girl is on a cruise right now. Wish I were!!

My boys had their first bath together. They both loved it. I was afraid Channer would splash all over him, but he was so good to him and when he would splash on himself he would say "Oh no mom, Chestyn has water in his eyes". Too cute!
I have never talked about Channer and his white warm blanky. So this is it. He has about 100 blankets and he chooses this one. I used to just drape this blanket over the back of our couch and when he was about a year old, he took it over. I would try putting him to bed with a different one and he would not have it. It is a tan color, but he has always called it his "white warm blanky". Just as I am writing this...he made me go get it out of the dryer. I put it in the wash this morning and I think he has asked for it 10 times. He just heard the buzzer go off and made me go get it. While it was in the dryer I gave him this cool car blanket that I made for him and it lasted about 2 minutes before he said it was not soft enough. So then my mom made him this cute minky quilt (minky is SUPER soft) and he said it was not warm enough LOL...maybe he has heard the Three Little Bears story too many times.

I put Chestyn in Channer's high chair sometimes while I fold laundry because he is up high and he is right by me and he loves it, so the other day I folded all the laundry and was putting some away in the boys' room and when I came back this is what I found. Good thing Chestyn loved it.

Chestyn rolls all over the place now, or scoots himself. If I put him on the floor he is off his blanket and across the floor in no time. It makes me sad because this did not happen with Channer until he was a lot older. I cannot even leave Chestyn on a couch or bed now without being right there.

We went to my friend Hayley's house the other day to play in the water. Since I have Tawnya addicted to working as a transcriptionist, I went and stole her girls for a little bit. We had a great time. Hayley's husband made this awesome waterslide for the kids and they loved it.
I just call Channer my little observer. He did go down the slide a few times and loved it, but he mostly just watched. It does not matter where we go, if there are other kids, this is what he does. Just stares!!
Chestyn just hung out in his canope toy thing. Didn't last too long thouch cause he just kept rolling over and getting mad that he was stuck.

Chestyn also had his first taste of cereal this last week. The pictures make you think he hated it, but by the end of his feeding he was loving it, but he is going to be a messy eater!

Last week it rained almost every day and we had some AWESOME thunder and lightening storms. I tried to get Channer to out and play with me in the rain, but he only lasted a couple minutes and then wanted to be on the porch. What kind of kid won't play in the rain when his mom says its okay?

A couple weekends ago, we went to my nephew Wyatt's baseball tournement. It was a lot of fun. Wyatt's team is really good and actually won the CHAMPIONSHIP. The boys had a lot of fun at the games. Grandma and Chy came over from antimony to spend the weekend and Channer always loves when she comes over. He gets spoiled rotten. We cannot wait to go to more games.

Wow that was a lot of catchin up to do, but hopefully I can keep up now. I have put all of my spare time in to can become addicting.