Friday, September 25, 2009


1. What is something that Mom always says to you? YOUR FUNNY
2. What makes Mom happy? GIVE HER A KISS AND A HUG
3. What makes Mom sad? SPANK HER BUM
4. How does Mom make you laugh? LIKE THIS (AND HE PULLED A FUNNY FACE)
5. What was your Mom like as a child? LIKE ME
6. How old is your Mom? 2
7. How tall is your Mom? LITTLE LIKE ME
8. What is your Moms favorite thing to do? CLEAN UP THE KITCHEN
9. What does your Mom like to do when you're not around? GET ME SPONGE BOB TREATS AND CANDIES AT THE STORE
10. Who is your mom’s best friend? ME
11. What is your Mom really good at? WORK
12. What is your Mom not so good at? NOT GOING TO SLEEP
13. What does your Mom do for her job? COMPUTER
14. What is your Mom's favorite food? CANDY
15. What makes you proud of your Mom? GET MY WHITE WARM BLANKY
16. If your Mom were a cartoon, who would she be? A DADDY
17. What do you and your Mom do together? GO ON SLIDES
18. How do you know your Mom loves you? CAUSE YOU GAVE ME A TRUCK

1. What is something that Daddy always says to you? HE SAYS CHANNER YOUR MY BUDDY
3. What makes Daddy sad? WHEN HE SPANKS MY BUM
4. How does Daddy make you laugh? LIKE THIS (AND HE PULLED A FACE AGAIN)
5. What was your Daddy like as a child? LIKE A MONSTER
6. How old is your Daddy? TEN
17. How tall is your Daddy? LITTLE
8. What is your Daddy's favorite thing to do? FART
9. What does your Daddy like to do when you're not around? LAYS ON THE FLOOR
10. Who is your Daddy's best friend? CHANNER
11. What is your Daddy really good at? CAMPING
12. What is your Daddy not so good at? JUMPING IN THE SKY
14.What is your Daddy's favorite food? MAC N CHEESE
15. What makes you proud of your Daddy? HE WATERS THE GRASS AND GETS ME WET
16. If your Daddy were a cartoon, who would he be? SPONGE BOB
17. What do you and your Daddy do together? GO IN THE SWIMMING POOL
18. How do you know your Daddy loves you? KISSES ME AND HE TOLD ME HE LOVES ME (AND HE ROLLED HIS EYES LIKE DUH!!!)

I just love this little guy and I love his imagination.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Big accomplishments, the weekend, fun at the aquatic center

We have a couple big accomplishments at our house the last few days. They may seem not so significant to some, but to us its a huge deal. Chestyn has started holding his own bottle. He still sometimes gets lazy and will make me do it, but boy this is sure nice!!! Plus he looks so darn cute with them little hands wrapped around it.
Channer has learned to put on his underwear all by himself. This is a HUGE deal at our house because ever since he started pottying on the toilet he has brought his underwear out to the living room and throws them at me and wants me to put them back on. Not a big deal, other than when I am doing dishes or have Chestyn in my arms it is not so easy. You can not imagine how proud I was of him when he came in the kitchen the other day and said "mom, I did it all by myself". He had them backwards, but has since figured out how to do it the right way! What a cutie!
This last weekend was fun, but kind of a picture-less weekend. I only got a couple, but I will tell you about our fun weekend anyway. On Friday and Saturday we had a yard sale. It was a last minute decision when Chantry found out he had no work on Friday. We wanted to get a windsheild for our Ranger and so our goal was to only make $170, but we made double that plus some, so we were a little excited!! The yard sale was actually really easy and not as much work as I had thought it would be. Here is Chestyn chilaxin on the porch.
Grandpa came by to visit.
Channer thought the yard sale was fun, but he was a little sad when he saw some of his old things go away and could not figure out why. PS. I am almost 100% certain all of my neighbors probably think that I dont buy pants for Channer, but I swear I put his pants on 110 times on Friday and Saturday and he still managed to keep making it outside with no pants.
Between all the yard sale fun, we managed to make it over to Ryann's birthday party. Channer had fun and he has not stopped talking about "his birthday" coming up (might be a long few months).
After the yard sale was over Saturday, we went to Beaver and met up with our friends Ashlee and Jared. Ashlee's family has a cabin up there and it is so fun. We had a lot of fun. The kids played, the boys went on ranger rides, rolled rocks, and looked for deer, and Ashlee and I just enjoyed each other's company. I was glad we went. I forgot to bring my camera up to the cabin, but it was so much fun. We watched a movie Saturday night and went to bed. The next day we had a yummy breakfast and went for a Ranger ride...thats about it and it was time to go home, but it was a lot of fun.
Here is a cute pic of my three boys!!
If you come to my house you will more than likely find things like this all over my house. I think it is so adorable how he does things. He will line up his cars, line up cards, blocks, pretty much whatever he can find. Sometimes he is so particular too. He will sometimes get so particular as to have to have all of the red ones together or go from big to small. He also likes to take blankets and make hills and me not knowing they are a hill, I pick up the blankets and fold them, and then I get in a lot of trouble.
Yesterday, after I got done with work, we headed to St. George and went to the Sand Hallow Aquatic Center. Channer loved it!!!! and that is an understatement. He has asked me about 10 times today if we could go back to the waterpark and go down the big slide. He really has not been around water a whole lot, but I was quite surprised at how well he did and how much he loved it. He did not want to go home (neither did I). Chantry just sat out with Chestyn while we went because he hurt is back and did not want to play :(
Channer could not get enough of this slide. I am glad we did a few other things before we went on this slide cause after we went down the big slide, he did not want to do anything else.

It really was so much fun and I cant wait to go again. I have heard the Washington County one is a lot nicer and funner, so we might have to try that next time. I was worried it was going to be so busy, but we pretty much had the place to ourself.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Meeting Hadlie and Doc & Dentist Appointments

I took Chestyn to the doctor the other day to get his 4 month shots, even though he is five months old in two days, LOL. Life gets busy and when he was originally supposed to get shots, our insurance had not restarted, then he was sick, and then I finally got them. He did really well with them. They still make me so sad and I always wonder why they look at you while the nurse is giving them the shot. He looked at me the whole time like I was the one doing it, so sad. Anyway he is a healthy boy 16 lbs 12 oz (94%) and 27 inches (94%). The doctor was very impressed with his strength and told me he looked and acted like a 6 month old. Made me happy, yet sad. I dont want him to get big :( Here he is with his band-aids.
Channer also had a dentist appointment last week and we found out he has to have surgery. Channer has what they call a split tooth in the front, so it actually looks like he has three front teeth. It shares one root, but it is split on the outside. He had an appointment about six months ago and the dentist said it would just fall out and his permenant one would grown in and he would be just fine. Well this time when we went the dentist said his root has fused together and that it will make the tooth prone for cavities and it will also make it hard for the tooth to fall out and the new one to grow. So he is having oral surgery on October 9th. He has to be sedated, which makes me very nervous, but the dentist reassured me that the procedure is nothing and it is always harder for the parent than the child.
We had fun weekend. We went to Salt Lake on Friday to see our new niece Hadlie. We left Friday afternoone and picked my mom up in Scipio. It was a long ride and we had to stop many times for bathroom breaks and to make bottles. Funny thing is that Chestyn is such a chill baby, except in the car and Channer was always such a good baby in the car and is still really good in the car. Chestyn really was good too, he only cried a few times for a while. He was an angel most of the way home though.

We went straight to Alan and Malia's, but did not stay there long because it was time for dinner, so we headed over to Mimi's and had dinner SOO YUMMY!! Then we went shopping for a bit and then got our motel. We got a motel ofd Priceline with name your own price and it was really nice and we paid half of what they were asking for their rooms, so that was nice.

Saturday morning we got up early and ate breakfast and then took the boys swimming. I got my swimming suit out of the dresser, but it some how got left on the bed, so Chantry had to take turns swimming with both boys.

Then we met up with Alan and their family and had lunch at The Soup Kitchen. It was so yummy too! My favorite part about going up north is trying new places or eating at places we love that we dont have here.

Then we headed over to the zoo. Channer LOVED it this year. We had a great time there and we even got to see the new baby elephant, a long with the baby tigers, and baby giraffe. Channer thought it was so fun and I thought the elephant was the cutest thing ever.

Channer had to have the bear and he had a smile on his face the whole time.

I carried Chestyn around in my carrier and he just enjoyed every minute of it. He chews on EVERYTHING now...doc said he is cutting teeth for sure.
Adorable little Hadlie hangin out in her stroller. She is such a cute baby and still SOOO little. She is four weeks old and still a pound smaller than Chestyn was when he was born. She is growing really fast though considering she was so little when she was born.
We went to the bird show and it was really fun. It is crazy that they can teach those birds to do so much. Here is Kenzie watching the bird show with her cute new glasses.
The three best boys ever!!!

Channer loved the monkeys. I think they were probably his favorite. This monkey came right up to the glass to look at us.
So excited to see this baby elephant, it is adorable!! I did not get any really good pictures, but it really is so cute!!
After the zoo, we went to Alan and Malia's house to let the kids relax, eat dinner, and play some Guitar Hero. We had a great night and Malia cooked a great meal and some yummy peanut bars. The kids had fun playing, except Channer was EXTREMELY cranky!! We played at their house until about 10:30 and then went back to our hotel.

Sunday morning Channer and Chantry swam again for a little bit, then we just got ready and headed home. We stopped in Provo on the way home and ate lunch. The weekend went by way too fast, but we had a great time. We dropped my mom off in Scipio and headed home. The boys were really good on the way home.
I have a funny story about this picture. Chestyn LOVES to grab things with his legs, feet, or arms. He will give one of the best bear hugs ever already....with his legs. The other day, when I took him to the doctor, she was checking him and he gripped onto her arm with his legs and she was amazed. She could not believe how strong he was and what a grip he could have. He is our little monkey!

To Alan and Malia:

Thanks for letting us come see you. You have such a cute family and I really wish we lived closer. You are always so welcoming and show such great hospitality when we come. Thanks for borrowing clothes to my boys. You will never know how much that has helped us. Thanks for letting us borrow Halloween costumes too. We really appreciate all you do for us. Especially thank you Malia for being such a great friend to me. I feel like I can count on you for anything, so thanks. Love ya!!

Brotherly Love

Dear Chestyn,

I just wanted to let you know that I know your brother loves you, even though he peed on you in the bathtub today.


Dear Channer,

I just wanted to let you know that I know your brother love you, even though he peed on your white warm blanky today.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Another Blog-Worthy Weekend

We had another fantastic weekend. The plan was to go over to Antimony to help Chantry's mom move a cabin from Kingston Canyon to Antimony. Just like every other planned work weekend, it ended up more play than work. We got over there Friday afternoon and stopped at the cabin. Chantry helped at the cabin for a few hours. After that, our weekend was all play. We just hung out at his mom's house Friday night. Chantell, Dusty, and our family were there Friday night.

I am not so good at taking pictures of ourself LOL.
Saturday morning Charla and her family came and we all went on a ride up the mountain. We rode up to Valnies and had lunch, fished, played in the stream, and just enjoyed the day. When Chantry and I were first dating I went camping with his family at Valnies. It is really nice up there and I had not been since. I met a lot of his family up there and so it brought back a lot of memories of how nervous I was, and of course a little awkward. Crazy how I would never feel nervous or awkward around his family now.

These guys followed right behind us and Chantry called them the roller coaster because it looks like a carnival ride with all of them in there and they were laughing so hard at everything that it sounded like one too!

We stopped at Brindley Tree to add Chestyn's and Channer's name to it, but it is almost dying so we started our own tree with our family. We got some great pictures of everyone by the tree though.

On the way down the hill it started pooring rain and we got a little soaked. Of course, right in the middle of the ONLY time it rained all weekend we popped a tire on our ranger. We got a little soaked, but I thought it was fun.
We stopped at the Merc on our way back and had lunch...of course we never go to Antimony without eating at least once there. Later that day Chantry went out fishing and hunting and I stayed at the house and visited with the girls and played with the kids.
Random picture of Chestyn, but I thought it was cute.
Channer was a little jelous that Aunt Chan was tickling Chestyn, so he laid down too and had her tickle him.
The kids had a blast on the air mattresses. The jumped and jumped!!
Channer still has a truck or car in his hands at all times, even when he is sleeping.
Sunday we went for a ride up Forshea Mountain. Chantry took me up to show me Brindley camp because I had never been there. It was a beautiful drive and one of the prettiest mountains I have been on. We stopped and had lunch and played in a stream again. Channer was loving it.

Poor little Chestyn is missing from our family pictures because he was up sleeping in the ranger and I did not dare to carry him down to this spot anyway.

See how pretty the ride off the mountain was...the trees are grown in good around the trail and it was so pretty.

Sunday evening Chantry took Channer and I out in the boat while his family watched Chestyn. Channer loved it. He hated when we tried to stop to fish though, so we just rode around the lake for a little while and went back home.
Channer and fishing usually only lasts about 30 seconds.

Channer did love driving the boat...and I think his life jacket was just a little too big, but it was all we had.

Monday we just hung out at the house and went and picked apples so that Chantell and I can make applesauce later this week. We stopped and helped with the cabin for just a bit on the way home. It was a GREAT weekend. Not much laboring, so going to have to catch up now. I love spending time with Chantry's family and there is never a dull moment with them. I hate it when it is time to come home.