Thursday, October 22, 2009

I WIN!!!

Chestyn has been saying mama the last couple of days and I love it. I only say I win because Channer said dada first and he said it on Mother's Day morning. I remember waking up on Mother's Day morning and we were camping at the sand dunes and Channer was in his pack and play saying dada. I was happy to hear him say it, but sad that it was not mama on Mother's Day. I know that Chestyn has no idea what he is saying, but it is still oh so cute!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I have a lot to catch up on. My birthday was October 8th and it was great. Chantry made it a great day, took me on a great date while Chantell watched the boys, bought me a cute sweater, and the deep fryer I had asked for. My friend Hayley made me a yummy cake. She is so sweet. It was a great day, but I sure do hate the thought of getting older.

On the 9th Channer had his teeth fixed. They did not end up having to do any root or nerve surgery, so it was great! It was still sad and traumatic for me. He could not eat for 12 hours before the procedure, it worked out okay though cause his appointment was at 9:00 a.m. This is a picture of his teeth, don't know if you can tell, but you can see that his one front tooth is split and looks like two.

When we got to the dentist he played for a little while with the train and then they came and asked me to give him the sedation medicine. It really only took about 10 minutes for him to start feeling it, so we had him sit down. It was really sad after he was sedated. He could not hold anything up, so we had to hold him like a baby and he was drooling. The best part though was he was laughing at everything and seeing things. The hardest part was that we could not go back with him while they did it. They just took him and we had to wait. About 20 minutes later, they came and got us and he did GREAT!! It really turned out to be nothing, but was something I stressed over for days. This is him on our way home. I did not realize he had drool on his face when I took this picture, but hopefully you can see his new and improved teeth in the front. It took him about another hour to completely come back to normal.

Last weekend we went to Antimony to help Chantry's mom with a few things. We had a great time. We went up the mountain and got some old equipment that was left there. I wish I would have brought the camera cause there was the cutest spots for pictures, some old tractors and some old sheds. Anyway here are some other pictures that I got that were really cute.

Chace came for a few hours on Saturday and of course Channer loved playing with Canyon and Christian and Chestyn loved playing with Charlee.

They must have had a great time because we were not even in the car for 10 minutes to head home when they both looked like this....

This weekend Chantry was going deer hunting, so I decied to take a trip to Richfield. I went on Friday and met up with my sisters, Sarah and Marie, and their kids and my mom. We went to the pumpkin patch over in Elsinore. It was a ton of fun and Channer LOVED being able to pick out his own pumpkin. Here is a picture with Deloy, Cody, Dillon, Channer, Grandma, Rylee, and Jordyn.

Channer loved the hay ride. He would not settle for anything but the BIGGEST one he could find. At first I told him that if he can pick it up, he can have it...but then he said "but mom you are strong and you can carry it" of course he got whatever he wanted.

The best part about the hay ride was that it was being towed by a tractor and I asked Channer if it was a cool tractor and he said "yes, and it has tight wheels"...he listens to his dad way too much.
Here is all the kids with the pumpkins they picked otu. Chestyn was asleep when we started out, so I left him in his car seat. He enjoyed the ride too though and I got him a cute little Chestyn-sized pumkin.

Doesn't this look like one happy kid???!!??

After we got done with the hay ride, the kids all road the train. Right when Channer saw the train he said "I want the orange one, orange is my favorite color" the whole time walking over to the train I was thinking 'please nobody take the orange one, please nobody take the orange one' because I did not want a fight on our luckily, he got the orange one.

It was such a fun place to go and so cheap. The hay ride and train ride are free. All you have to pay for is the pumkins. They also had pumkin cookies, hot chocolate, and wassil that you had to pay for, but it was all super cheap. The big huge pumkin Channer got and the little one for Chestyn only cost $3.
My whole reason for going to Richfield was because I wanted to go help my dad with his yard sale. So Saturday morning I went over there at about 9:00. It was so nice to spend some time with my dad and I got to meet his fiance Millie for the first time. She was GREAT. Channer took to her really well. She even told him a story, sang to him, and put him to sleep. If any of you know Channer this is unusual. He is a huge mommy's boy and usually if I am around, he has to have me. So when he came and told me he was tired and wanted me to hold him and she said "let me hold you and I will tell you a story" I thought for sure he would be the brat that he normally is and say no, but he ran right over there, jumped on her lap, and went right to sleep. My dad is so happy and that could not make me happier. Later that afternoon they got dressed up and we went and took some pictures at the Lion's Park. I took a ton, but have not edited any of them, so here is just one picture of the happy couple.

They are getting married January 23rd and I could not be happier. My dad seems like a whole new person.
Saturday afternoon we met up with Marie, Sarah, and their kids again to have lunch at the park. It was such a great day, especially for the middle of October, so we took advantage of it.
While I was there my dad wanted me to pick out some paintings that my grandpa did and take them home. So we went to his house and looked at paintings and it was fun for my dad to tell me more about my grandpa. He was SOOO talented and I should take a picture of some of the paintings I got, because they are awesome. He did a lot of nature with elk, deer, mountains, etc. He also did a lot of Jesus. He did a painting of Jesus that hung in the tabernacle in Richfield for years. Anyway, I had a great time and headed home soon after that. It was so nice to spend the day with my dad. I am really grateful for Millie coming into his life because honestly I have talked to my dad more in the last couple months than I have talked to him in years. I am hoping this is a fresh start for all of us and that I can get close to my dad. That was also one of my New Year's Resolutions this year and so I really need to try harder with my dad.
Another thing I wanted to write about is just something funny that Channer said. Chantry and I like to play the game where you take a body part and pretend you steal it. So we will take Channer or Chestyn's nose and steal it and then Channer steals them back. One day we were playing and I stole Chestyn's butt and Channer said "You have to give that back or Chestyn can't fart" ...then I took Chestyn's mouth and Channer said "You have to give that back ro Chestyn can't slobber" Just thought it was cute!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday Chessy Messy!!

Today my little boy is 6 months old ALREADY!!! What where has the time gone? The time seemed to drag when Channer was a baby, probably because I had to drop him off at a baby sitter every morning and the days just seemed long. This time around, I seriously feel like I was just barely in that hospital bed. I don't take Chestyn to his 6 month appointment until next week, so will have to give an update then, but I just want to say a few FUN things about my little guy at six months old.

~He loves food. This is really a shocker to me because Channer hated it and still does. He has liked EVERYTHING he has tried so far. He loves applesauce and that is a good thing since Chantell and I bottled over 40 quarts LOL.

~He loves to scoot, what some people might call the army crawl.

~He will smile at ANYTHING. You smile at him, he will smile back, no matter how bad of a mood he is in.

~He loves Patty Cake and Itsy Bitsy Spider.

~He gives kisses and they are the best. He grabs both sides of your face and pulls you in and slobbers (love it).

~He loves his Daddy. He smiles at everyone, but he smiles the biggest at his dad and loves to cuddle him.

~He is wearing mostly 12 month clothes and some 6-9 month.

~Bathtime is his favorite!!

~We like to call him Chessy Messy, Chessers, and Channer's favorite is Chubby Chubby Chestyn.

We love you buddy!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Two Weekends at Home..sort of!

The last two weekends we (well at least me and the kids) have stayed home. Chantry went hunting last weekend with his brothers and dad. They went over by Antimony. We spent our time playing at the bounce house, bottling apple sauce with Aunt Chantell, and shopping for good deals. We sure were glad to have Chantry back when he got home though. Last week it seemed like I did not see Chantry at all. He got home from hunting Sunday night at about 10:00 and then had to be to work at 5:00 the next morning...and then thankfully the hours poored in last week, but it seemed like we had no time together.

This last weekend was fun. On Saturday we went to St. George to return some stuff, trailer shop, and take Channer to the aquatic center. I forgot my camera. We went to the Washington Rec. Center one this time. They have a ton more stuff than the Sand Hallow one, but really I think I liked the Sand Hallow one better and so did Channer. We had a great time though.

Saturday night Chantry's mom was in town and usually we all split up and go to our own house and she does not get to see everyone, but this time we all got together at my house and just visited and ate junk food. It was a lot of fun! This is Channer with his cousin Jessi. They live right across the street and he LOVES when she comes to play.
So here is just a few pictures that we have taken the last few weeks. We really had a couple of uneventful weekends, but it sure was nice to stay home and catch up on a few things, even though we didn't spend a lot of time at home.

Chestyn is getting too big. He is starting to want to play with Channer's toys and sometimes that does not go over too well, but for the most part they are great brothers!!
Monday night we went to the concert at the park. It was a little cold and this was all you could see of Chestyn. Channer loved it though and it is always fun for Chantry and I to see all of the "interesting" people.

I was thinking last night when I was pregnant that Channer and I always used to share a couch and Chantry had a couch all to himself when we would watch TV or movies. I remember joking with him once that three of us were on one couch and he got one all to himself...well now this is how it is most the time. The three of them are cuddling and I am on a couch all by myself.
Today, Channer thought it would be funny to put stickers all over his face and call himself the Sticker Man. It was cute until he had to take them off and he screamed with everyone. LOL.

I love that Channer is such a good brother. He really is so soft and gentle with Ches all the time and I here at least 100 times a day "Ahh he's so cute mom" or "Ahhh Chessy your so cute".

Chestyn is getting WAY too big. He is loving eating solids. His favorite so far is green beans. I read in Channer's baby book that he HATED green beans, so maybe I am going to have a good eater on my hands, which will be great for a change. We are loving Halloween and we have been making a few projects and learning a few songs. I am sure that will be a blog all in itself when the month is over.
Channer has started doing this funny dance. When I took this picture, he was going so fast that his arms disapeared in the picture. Channer always asks me to see the picture after I take it and when he looked at this one he looked at his hands, back at the camera, and then at his hands again and said "hey where did my hands go". So then I told him they disapear when he does the dance and then he had to do the dance while staring at his arms...too funny.

I just love my boy!!! And I am so thankful for his IMAGINATION!!!!! I always had the best imagination when I was little. I could play for hours by myself. I was worried that kids these days don't have that fun imagination, but Channer has one for sure!!!
Conversation with his French Fry:
The other day I handed him a french fry and this is what I heard, and of course Channer was both himself and the french fry....
Channer: Why are you so hot?
French Fry: Because I want to be.
Channer: I don't want you to be hot.
French Fry: Well I am.
Channer: Oh man.
Then he waited a few minutes and said "now I am going to eat you". Love it!
I just love my boys and I am so glad that Channer is my mommy's boy, even if I act annoyed now and again that he is clinging to me...I love every minute of it.