Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. We went to Chantry's Grandma Irva's house. We try to alternate every other year with his family and my family, which works out great cause all my brothers and sisters end up at our house on the same year. Grandma Irva's was a lot of fun with lots of people and yummy food. The only picture I got of actualy Thanksgiving day is this cute one of Chestyn and her cousin Mckayla. Friday we went up to Pine Lake with the Brindley side of the family and got our Christmas tree. It was a bummer that there was no snow to play in, but it was fantastic weather for the kids to actually get out and play. We loaded up in the Ranger and it did not take long to find our tree.
Then we came down and ate turkey sandwiches and drank hot chocolate. Channer and Canyon had so much fun playing.
Grandma Irva and Charley of course spent some time arguing (they like to pick on each other).
Chestyn looked so cute as usual in his winter hat and coat.

Channer had a blast playing on the ice with his cousins. This is Tulsa, Canyon, Chy, Channer and Beau. They played on the ice for a good hour and Channer did not want to leave.

We came back to Marcia's and played a little Apples to Apples and made carmal apples.

That night Chantry, Chace, and I went over to Marcus and Keshia's and played some more games. Stachia and Charlee were home sick.
Saturday we usually get up and go get trees with the other side of the family, but lucky for them 22 out of the 24 that stayed at his Grandma and Granpa Wiley's house ended up with the stomach we stayed far far away. Everyone had to go down and seperate the horses and fix some fences. I stayed back at the house and watched kids. While Chantry was out there he got his horse and brought him back to give him some shots and groom him. He is getting really old and Chantry has had him since he was 15, but I don't think he will be around much longer, so he brought Odis down for Channer to see him.

This is pretty much what Chestyn did all weekend. LOOKED CUTE!
Saturday night the kids were all playing and running around and Channer and Braxton had a colide and Channer got a fat lip. He was not very happy! It was so sad cause he kept saying he did not want a fat lip he just wanted a small lip. Poor boy. Don't mind the messy face. He pretty much ate junk food all weekend.
Sunday morning we got up and left early when we thought that the nasty flu had spread to Marcia's house because three people were up in the night throwing up. Hopefully we got out of there in time cause so far none of us have anything.
It was a great weekend and I just love the holidays and look forward to all of the fun time with family this month.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I really wanted to get my boys' pictures done and I have been having such a hard time coordinating with my friend who is a photographer. So, I finally decided to attempt my own photo session with my boys and although I am not great, I did gets ome cute ones. I still need to get a family one, but that will have to wait I guess.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alone Time with Hubby

Last weekend Chantry wanted to go look at a couple trucks in Salt Lake and while it sounded fun, I was not really looking forward to going from dealership to dealerhip looking at trucks with the kids in tote. So my nice husband called his mom and asked if she would watch the kids. We got a motel and made a vacation of it...a much needed vacation of it. I did not leave Channer til he was over 2 years old. It was a little hard for me to leave Chestyn, but I have come to realize that a husband and wife still need alone time and I knew they were in good hands. Everytime I drop the kids off anywhere, even if it is for me to go to a doctor's appointment for a short hour, I get an anxiety stomach ache. It only lasts about 10-15 minutes before and after the drop-off and then I am good.

Chantry and I had a great time. We spent ALL day in the car, so I was so glad we found someone for the kids. It was nice though cause it was just alone time with Chantry and that is what I needed. We stayed at a really nice motel. My sister was going to come meet us for dinner, but the weather ended up being pretty bad.

I called Channer a couple hours after we left and when I talked to him he started crying and said "come home mom, come home now" It about broke my heart and that is when I decided it was not a good idea to talk to him the rest of the time.

Anyway, we were unsuccessful in finding exactly what Chantry wanted while we were up there, so we are just getting ready to walk out the door right now to go get the truck he finally found. YAY!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009


As much as I hate to do this, I am going to try this again. Since I use my blog as mostly a journal, I write a lot of personal information (names, locations, etc.) and you can never be too safe. So I am going private. I will be switching over in about a week, so if you would like to be added to the list, please leave your information in my comment section.

Monday, November 9, 2009

6 Month Checkup, but almost 7 Months old

Little Chestyn is now almost 7 months old, but he had his 6-month checkup today. He has a double ear infection and has to be on antibiotics for the first time. They could not give him his six-month shots because of the infection, so we have to go back in a couple weeks. He did get his flu shot and the H1N1 shot. Here are his 6 month stats:

19.13 lbs (85%)
27.5 inches (90%)
He is a big boy and so much fun. He can now sit up on his own and scoots himself everywhere. Still not crawling, but he sure can get to where he wants to be. I just love the little guy and he makes me happy every day that I see his smiling face.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

I think it should be a law that Halloween be on a Saturday every year because a) we got to celebrate for the whole weekend and b) daddy didn't have to work and got to play with us too. Channer had fun watching his daddy carve pumpkins...he helped...kind of. and yes...he is always naked.

I love Halloween and it was so fun this year with Channer. We have done a lot of fun activities for halloween, made little crafts, learned songs, decorated cookies, carved pumkins etc. Just so much fun. Friday I got the kiddos dressed up and we went to the carnivals they have at the car dealerships every year here and the trunk or treat they had at Lin's. Channer was Stitch and looked oh so cute.

Chestyn was a little devil and looked oh so cute too!!

I tried all day Friday to make Channer take a nap cause I wanted him to be fun and excited for all the fun stuff that night, but he was not having it. So he fell asleep on our way to town, just like I knew he would, so it took him a little while to warm up to anybody. After a little while he started having fun and loved all the candy he was getting.
Halloween day we got them all cute and dressed up again and took the kids to the Halloween carnival they had at one of the schools and then took him Trick-Or-Treating. Channer had a blast. He thought it was so fun to do all the games and get all the candy.
He got these cute little glasses at the fishing pond and he looked so funny in them.
We met up with Chace, Stachia, and the kids for just a little bit while Trick-Or-Treating and they looked so cute. Canyon was not feeling really well and it was really sad cause she just kept saying she wanted to go home. Poor girl.

Aunt Chantell always does the cutest things for Halloween (well for almost every holiday) and she made them a cute little goody bag with bubbles, toyes, and candy. Channer loved the bubbles.

We had a wonderful Halloween and when Channer woke up this morning he said "I want it to be Halloween again" and I agree!!!


Last year we went hunting quite a few times, but this year we only made it out twice with the boys. It sure was a lot of fun though. Channer loves to takes his "noculars" and look for deer.
Chestyn just likes to dress up in his camo and look cute.
One of the days we went out hunting with Ladd and their family. Ladd's Jeep broke down so we hooked up to his jeep and kept on hunting while towing him around LOL...Channer thought it was fun.
Hunting season is over and Chantry didn't find anything worth shooting. Maybe next year.