Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Dad's Wedding

My dad and Millie got married on January 23, 2010. It turned out to be a wonderful day and I have never seen my dad that happy. We drove to Manti and got there in time for the luncheon. It was a great luncheon with potluck and ham and turkey. There were a few hours between the luncheon and the wedding, so we just visited with family.

These are the cute little flower girls. It was all the young grand daughters, besides Kenzie because she got a little scared half way down the isle and ran to her mom.
The beautiful bride and two of her sons.The ceromony. It turned out great.Look at my dad's face here. He looks soooo happy and that is what he looked like all night long, grinning from ear to fact that is what he has looked like ever since he met Millie.Our little family congratulating the newly weds. My dad and my Uncle David, his best man. The first dance together. They had a dance afterwards and I thought it was so fun. It has been a long time since I have danced with Chantry. We didn't get much dancing in though, well at least not without two cute boys between us. This is my Uncle David dancing with my grandma, who will be 96 next month.
Millie has a very talented family. Her son's sang quite a few songs and their family was really fun to get us all out there and dancing.

Cutting the cake.
Our awesome family. It really turned out so well and I am so excited to have Millie be a part of our family. She has made my dad so happy and is such a sweet lady. Channer just loves her!!! Seriously, if you know Channer that means a lot! It was fun to have that extra time with the family and to meet some of Millie's family.
Ok I had to add this picture of my niece Jordyn because she seriously looks sooooo much like her mom, who is my sister Sarah. I have a picture that Sarah is about this age and looks just like this, but my scanner is broken, so can't show you. i tell Sarah all the time how much Jordyn looks like her, but seriously this picture looks JUST like her.

Life has been so busy and I have plenty to blog about, just need to find the time. We are remodeling our kitchen (before and afters will come). Today, I went and did my hunter's safety finally so that I can hunt this year. I know sad, I am married to a Brindley and haven't gotten my hunter's safety....well now I offically do and I am going to shoot a bigger buck than Chantry this year, lol.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

We'll look out for eachother...

I have always loved the song Brotherly Love by Earl Thomas Conley. When I was young I used to think of the bond my brother shared and even the bond I had with my brothers. They could pick on me all they wanted and it was okay, but you better believe that when somebody else was picking on me, they better run. When I first got married to Chantry, he would listen to that song quite often and all I could think about was the great bond he had with his brothers. Now that I have boys of my own, I can only think of the song being about my two boys.
I have seen a brotherly bond already created with Channer and Chestyn. Now that Chestyn can move and play with Channer's toys, they don't get along so well. Channer is constantly asking me to move Chestyn or get him away. Chestyn may only be 9 months, but he knows exactly what he is doing because when Channer screams and cries, Chestyn smiles and laughs. In the last couple months Channer has gone from the sweetest big brother to the meanest big brother. He pushes Chestyn out of his way, pulls him across the room, and takes away his toys. I just smile and laugh a little (after the lexture of course) because I know he love do I know? Well I have caught Channer sticking up for his brother a few times already.

The other day we were at my nephew Tyrell's birthday party and all the kids were on the floor playing. Channer and his cousin Stetson have a rivalry with each other for some reason. They have really close to the same personality (independent, somewhat shy, and very stubborn) and they just can't seem to get along. Well Chestyn kept going over and trying to play with Stetson's toys and Stetson was getting mad just like Channer usually does. All of the sudden I hear Channer say "you better be nice to him and let him have that". Stetson yells "no", Channer yells "yes" and that goes back and fourth about 10 times until I stopped it because they were both starting to get REALLY mad. Well Channer said to me "he was meant o my brother and he cannot do that". I wanted to say to Channer that he does it all the time to him and its okay, so whats the difference, but I just sat back and smiled at the fact that Channer and Chestyn already have this bond.

I really LOVE my boys!!

We shared the same last name and the same color eyes, But we fought like tigers over that old red bike. "I'm battin' first and you can't use my glove." It wouldn't take long until push came to shove. But we looked out for each other,With brotherly love.

You hated girls 'til I had my first date. I brought her home from the movies; you stayed up late. Three on the couch watchin' T.V. I was smilin' at her while you were laughin' at me. But, I wouldn't trade it for nothin'.Brotherly love.

There's a bond that brothers know, And it gets stronger as they grow. A love that time and miles can't come between. We disagree but in the end, There will never be two closer friends. And brotherly love is something we all need.

They share the same last name and the same color eyes, But they fight like tigers over one ol' red bike. And lookin' at them reminds me of us. They're gonna fight and they're gonna fuss. But, they've got something special, It's brotherly love.

Yeah, they've got something special, It's brotherly love.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So luckily I am one that can get by without a whole lot of sleep, but after so many days of it, it gets so exhausting. I have no idea what is wrong with my boys that they won't sleep. Channer used to sleep so well. Up until about six months ago, he slept through the night perfectly. It has probably been close to that six months since he last slept through the night. This is what my night looks like: are in bed.
9:30-10:00...I am in bed.
10:30...Channer wakes up.
11:00...Chestyn wakes up.
12:00...Channer again.
1:30...Channer and Chestyn at the same time.
4:00...My alarm.
6:00...Chestyn is up for good.
6:30...Channer is up for good.

Seriously this is a pretty consistent night. If I am lucky, I will get a full hour of sleep straight. When Channer was just over a year, we let him cry it thing I ever did seriously!!! He slept through the night every night thereafter until recently (unless he was sick and that was probably me waking him up cause I check on him 100 times when he is sick). When he potty trained for the first couple months he slept through the night and woke up dry, so now I am trying to figure out why one to two times a night that he wakes up is because he says he needs to pee. I try not to get upset with him because I would rather him wake up and go pee than to pee the bed, but its everynight, and I know he knows how to hold it. Since I wake up at 4:00 to work, Chantry takes care of Chestyn after 4:00, so he us usually up around 4:30 and then again at 6:00, so he really does not get a lot of sleep either. Channer refuses to let Chantry help him with anything or he would help me more in the night with him and we could take turns, but seriously if Chantry even tries to help him, Channer wakes up the whole neighborhood. I can't really do the crying out thing wich Channer at this point becase 1) He will just cry and scream all night...he is relentless. 2) He will wake up Chestyn. 3) He is in his bed and although he has never climbed out of bed by himself, I am sure if we made him cry it out, he would climb out. Chestyn really should cry it out by now too. The doctor said after 8 to 9 months that a baby no longer needs food at night and it is the best time to let them cry it out because after a year they are harder. I can't really let him cry it out though, because he will keep Channer up. Our house is small and their rooms are right by each other. I am even to the point that when I say my prayers at night, I pray that my kids will sleep good. Apparently God has another plan for me, because that prayer has yet to be anwered. Any ideas??? Anyone??

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nielsen Family Christmas Party

We had such a fun New Year's weekend. My side of the family always waits until the weekend after Christmas to have our party. I love it cause it makes the holidays last that much longer. We went to Richfield on Thursday and spent New Year's Eve over at our friends, Ashlee and Jared's house. They just had a few couples over and we played the wii and ate lots of yummy food.

Friday and Saturday we spent helping my dad get some things done in his house and we made a trip to Antimony. Saturday night my sister had a get-together at her house. It would have been lots of fun, but my kids were being so ornery. They were tired before we even got there, so as the night went on it just got worse. I did have some fun though. Ate some pizza and played the newlywed game, which we were kickin butt at, but had to leave early due to crying, no screaming children. They were asleep in the car before we even made it back to my mom's to put them to sleep.

Sunday was our big party. My sister Pateresa was in charge this year and she did a great job. The party did not start out so great, as my dad fell down a step and hit his face on a chair. He ended up having to have his two front teeth removed and broke his upper jaw bone. Poor guy, he must be pretty tough because after taking a few pain killers, he came back for the rest of the party with a fat lip and all.

Cute little Kenzie getting ready for the party to start. Her and her little sister were dressed alike and their outfits were so dang cute!!
Playing some cards while waiting for the food.
Seriously do they get any cuter?
This is my nephew bryson with a few of the other nieces and nephews hanging on him. He is named after my brother Robert and he lives up to the name. My brother, Robert, always has kids haning all over him.
I have about a million pictures of Channer looking up at me like this because everytime I would take a picture of anyone else, he would get jelous and say "no I need to say cheese".
My mom did something really special at this party. We were told that we could not buy gifts this year and only bring a white elephant gift. Well my mom brought a white elephant gift for all of us. The definition of a white elephant gift is something that you spend little to no money on that may or may not have meaning to someone else. She gave us all something with a lot of meaning. She gave me a tablecloth that she embroidered for her mom one year for Christmas, a crystal slipper that I remember being in our china hutch when I was little that came from my Great Grandma Larsen's house, and some towels that her good friend Glenyce crocheted. I am named after her. All of my brothers and sisters got similar things with a lot of meaning. The younger girls all got some old pearl necklaces and the boys got some old cars and stuff that I remember having in our house when I was little.
We ate a yummy dinner and then played the balloon game. It was supposed to be for the kids, but of course I joined in the fun.We had a talent show and it was so cute. My nephew Kaje started us out by singing a funny song about what he wanted for Christmas.
Branda playing the piano....she is really good!!
Deloy doing the cute.
Brylee singing Santa Clause is coming to town.
Dalynn on the piano.
Rylee and Jordyn singing Up on the Rooftop, but they got a little shy.
Kaylee singing....she has a beautiful voice.
Celina on the talented.
Channer wanted to sing his ABC's...I think he made it F before he got too embarassed.
Brylee dancing.

Garrett and Kenzie singing a song...Garrett was also the announcer.
Lacy, Dillon, and Tiffany singing a song.
Kaylee playing the flute.
The grand finale was my brother Bawb singing a song. It was so funny. He sang it in his Loui Armstrong voice and it was a rendition of Jingle Bells, but it was about my brother called stinky Alan.
This is me and my sister-in-law, Heidi, and our two boys. Our boys are two months apart.
The kids had so much fun decorating cookies. Channer put a whole bottle of sprinkles on his cookie, but it was cute.

So this next picture I look like the biggest dork in. We were all looking funny, but the picture got taken before I stopped, but it is me and my three awesome sisters, so will post it anyway. They all look cute!
My three brothers, Bawb, Alan, and Hartly.

My nephew, Kevin, and my brother Bawb. He is 16 and huge...where has the time gone.
Me and my sisters with our mom.

It was a great party and I am looking forward to 2010. My sister printed out a calender with places for us to meet up every other month and I hope I can make it to them. I love being with my family.