Monday, February 22, 2010

Sister's Weekend

Well first I just want to say, I spoke way too soon. Day 4 was the beginning of a nightmare after Channer got his tonsils out. He would not drink or eat anything, which lead to dehydration, which lead to painful throat and ears. Last week was a pull-my-hair out kind of week. I felt so bad for the poor little guy, but both Chantry and I could only handle so much screaming. It was exactly that all last week every night. He is much better today and I think we are about to have that "new" kid everyone told me I would have after he got his tonsils out.
We had a sister's day Saturday and it was soooo fun. We met in Provo about noon on Saturday. We went to Olive Garden (my favorite). My mom, three sisters, three sisters-in-law and me all made it (and my cute little niece Hadlie) .

My sister Marie's birthday is next week so we told them at Olive Garden and they gave her this yummy cake to share with all of us.
After the yummy food at Olive Garden, we went to the movie. We saw Valentine's Day. It was so good.

Then we just walked around the mall for a bit and visited for a little longer.
Me and my sister-in-law Heidi decided to go indoor bungie jumping. It was fun, but don't mind how big of a dork I look in all the pictures. :)

That was it...and it was over!! I hate that it was so short, but we have plans to get together again in April. Then a big Fishlake trip in June and a Park City trip in September. So I just can't wait because that one day trip was just not enough time with the best sisters ever. They truly are the BEST!!! Love you all!

Big Projects

Chantry has been so busy lately getting all kinds of projects done. I swore I had some before pictures of our kitchen somewhere, but now I can't find them. Anyway, it was just plain white walls with an ugly color of wood cabinents. This is our new kitchen. I haven't found much to decorate it yet. I did put some new curtains up after I took these pictures. We did white cabinents with an antique glaze finish. The walls we did green half way up and brown on the bottom half with a white trim.

Didn't it turn out great?!? Now I can't wait to get the rest of the house done :0), but I better give Chantry a break. I always say "I" am going to paint and do this and that, but it always ends up "him" doing my projects. Thanks love!
Last week we went over on Thursday and Chantry started working on the cabin. He got a new roof put on and the tile done for the wood-burning stove and half of the wood floor down in the living area. If the snow would just stop falling we might be able to stain it and finish it up so we can stay in it.

I think it already looks a lot better. I also can't wait for spring because where our cabin is at is just beautiful in the spring.
Chantry has also been fixing up a camp trailer that was given to us. Hopefully we can get all of these projects done before summer so that we can just play all summer long.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Strong Little Man

On February 11th Channer got his tonsils and adenoids out. We had to be to the hospital at 6:30 in the morning, which was a really good thing because Channer couldn't have anything to eat from 9:00 the night before and nothing to drink after midnight. When we got there he got his cute little gown on and we watched cartoons for about an hour.

Then a guy came in and asked him if he wanted to ride in the little red wagon or on the magic bed. Of course, he chose the little red wagon. I had been so worried about when they went to take him because I knew he was scared and I was worried that he would cry, which in turn would make me cry, but he was such a great kid and was excited to go for his wagon ride.
Twenty minutes later the doctor came in and said he did great. He said that it was the most swollen tonsils and biggest adenoids that he had ever seen. He said Channer had barely a hairline to breathe through, poor kid.
Ten minutes after that they brought my crying little boy to me. The nurse said he wasn't too happy to wake up to someone other than his mom. After they got him in the room, the only thing he was worried about the whole time was the IV, which I don't blame him, I hate those things. He was freaking out about the IV, but they wanted to leave it in until they made sure he was going to hold down liquids. Finally one of the nurses came in and Channer said "I want this off". I laughed because Channer is usually so shy. So the nurse took it off and he was fine thereafter.

We just stayed at the hospital another hour longer or so and then brought him home to spoil him.

Day 1 and 2 were totally different than I had expected. He was jumping off the walls and I had to keep telling him to relax. You would have seriously thought nothing had happened. He slept great the first two nights, way better than he had in months. Yesterday, he was still doing well, but he complained of his ears and tongue hurting and he was really tired all day. He didn't sleep quite as well last night either. He was up a few times wanting something to drink. So far today, so good though. Let's hope it stays that way. I really hope this helps with his sleeping habits, eating habits, and ear infections.

I also just want to say just how lucky we are. When we called Chantry's mom to tell her he was having the surgery, she did not hesitate for a minute to say she would be right over to watch Chestyn. She watched Chestyn while we were at the hospital then went to the store and got both Chestyn and Channer surprises. Then she played, read books, and cuddled Channer lots. That evening after Uncle Dusty got off work he was right over with some icecream and he and Chantry's friend gave a great blessing the night before. Aunt Chan came not too long after with some popcicles, a coloring pad, and trucks for both Channer and Chestyn. Not to mention all the friends and family who called concerned about him. We really are such a lucky family.

You did great Channer Man....we LOVE you!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Channer's Dictionary

Do your kids ever say words that are just so dang cute, you hate to correct them? Channer definitely has a few of them. I can't think of a ton right now, but here are a few.

Lasterday- Meaning maybe last time or yesterday. This is one I commonly hear with kids, but Channer just says it so dang cute.

Dirty Crackers- This refers to the crackers that are Ritz vegitable flavor crackers, because they have speckles on them. Even though they are clean, they look dirty to him, and therefore he won't eat them.

Messy Cheese- This refers to shredded cheese, not square cheese (slices), and not stick cheese (string cheese).

Honkers- Okay perverts, get your mind out of the gutter. This refers to geese. When we were in Antimony last time he kept hearing the geese and he would say listen to them honkers mom...or if he hadn't heard them in a while, he would say where did the honkers go.

Fridge- This can have two meanings. One is where his milk is kept and the other is the means of transportation from one side to another, as others may call a bridge. No matter how many times we tell him it is a bridge, he still says fridge. I have even said bbb...bbb..bbb...bridge and he will say bbb....bbb..bbb...fridge.

Those are a few....more of Channer's dictionary to come I am sure.

Chestyn's First Haircut

Although I have loved having this cute little mohawk and I hate cutting a baby's hair, because to me it means they are not as much of a baby anymore, I finally gave in. So this is what Chestyn's hair has looked like the last couple weeks.

And sorry the after picture is so small and not great quality, but my camera ran out of batteries after I took the before picture and I had to use my phone to do the after.

Doen't he look grown up? I hate that he looks grown up, but he sure does look cute. He LOVED having his hair cut. Chantry did it and every time he would take the clippers off his head he would scream. Totally different than Channer, whom we have to fight every time.

The Cabin Move

I am a little late on this, but just barely realized never blogged about this. Probably because I forgot my camera that weekend and only have one picture and it is from my phone. So here is the cabin going down the road. Everything ended up working out great with only a few minor mishaps. The big move was planned for January 9th and 10th. Chantry and his brother Dusty went over early the day before on Friday morning and got started with a few things. I rode over that night with Ginger and the kids. A few of Chantry's friends, his brothers, and his dad all showed up bright and early. It was a long process of getting it jacked up and on the trailer, but they did it. The move went pretty well. Chantry had to follow a long with a pole that he got from the power company to lift the lines up. We thought after we got out of town that we were free and clear from the lines, but right by Chantry's mom's house, we hit a line, which in turn made Chantry's Uncle Bill (who was driving the semi) swurve to the right, hitting a few deleniator posts, but we made it down to our property before dark. The guys had worked hard all day, so after they got it put where they wanted it, they called it a night. We got back to Marcia's house and realized that when he hit the line, he knocked Marcia's power out. So we sat in the dark for about 3 hours waiting for the power company to come fix it. I guess we were lucky that it was her house that it happened to and also that there were not any more damages than just that.

Sunday morning the guys got up bright and early and were at it again. They blocked it all up, got it off the trailer and called it a day.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the move! We can't wait to have you all over for a BBQ soon.

This weekend Chantry and I went back over and got the deck put on. Chantry had to do some more blocking because it has settled some. Next project is the roof, I believe, then staining all the wood and the deck, and then to the fun part...the inside.