Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Topic Tuesday - Parson's Bakery

So I went through and found a ton of cute pictures to post, but my scanner won't scan dangit...so this post is going to be all journaling and no pictures, kind of boring.

Parson's Bakery is only the best bakery that ever existed. It was very popular and busy. They were known for their great pies, cakes, cookies, donuts, bread. I could not really tell you the history of the bakery, but it was in Richfield for as long as I can remember and it was seriously the BEST!! My mom's fabric store was located just a few stores down and I would go there every day after school and get a pink iced sugar cookie and a chocolate milk. I would just walk in the bakery and they would get it out for me because I got the same thing every day.

I started working at Parson's Bakery when I was 15. It was the FUNNEST job ever. I made a lot of good friends and made some great memories too. When I started working there Rick and Emily Nielson were the owners and seriously the best bosses and friends I could have asked for. I worked a lot of hours there and it rarely felt like work because it was always so fun. My good friends Meghan Greenhalgh and Lisa Busk worked with me and we always made it entertaining. We were always doing something funny. I remember one time they dared me to put a donut on my head and help customers and act as if nothing was wrong. LOL. People would tell me that it was there and I would just say huh? We would make up songs about donuts and cookies.

One of my greatest memories was working an all-nighter with Tawnya the night before Thanksgiving. It was always super busy that day and we would stay up all night getting orders ready. I was so annoying, REALLY, and probably drove her crazy, but we had a great night. Toe-finger (he was a baker and his name was really Jeff) worked that night too and Rick was teasing him all night about taking Tawyna fishing. Oh, the laughs we had at Toe-finger. He was "different" to say the least and we loved to tease him. I think he had a crush on every girl there at one time or another and we all avoided him like the plague when it was our turn.

We had some fun getaways while I was there too. One summer we went to Lagoon. We had so much fun camping in the Lagoon campground, going to the waterpark, and avoiding Toe-finger. Another summer we all went to Moab. It was a blast. I remember playing truth and dare with Rick and Emily....it was a crack-up for sure. I was dared to sing Who let the dogs out to some cops outside, yes it was entertaining.

I worked with a lot of girls over the 3-1/2 years I worked there, some for a few days, and some for the entire time I was there. Some of my favorite memories were made with Hannah, Jalee, Lindsey, Kenzie, Brooke, Tawnya, Sandy, Jamie, Lisa, Meghan, Chelsea, Christa, Kevin, Amanda, and of course, Jakelle, Rick, and Emily. I know I worked with a ton more, but these are the ones I worked with the most and think about whenever I think about working at the bakery. Jakelle is Rick and Emily's daughter and we became really good friends. We were at kind of different stages in our lives...I was the annoying high schooler and she was married with 2 kids. I really looked up to her in a lot of ways and loved working with her. Now that I look back I have so much more to admire her for because now that I have 2 kids, I see what a great worker she really was.

Rick passed away about 4 years ago and it was a very hard day for me. When I worked there my parents went through a divorce and I rarely saw my dad. He was a great father figure to me and always seemed to listen. I really envied the way he was with his daughter and wanted that "father daughter relationship" with my dad. A lot of the girls at the bakery did not like him a whole lot because he was always joking and teasing with them. I just knew how to handle it and thought he was funny. I think I was one of his "favorites" though. Funny how I still think about him often and oddley enough wonder if he would be proud of the family I am raising. He was a great influence in my life.

Anyway, that is about all for Parson's Bakery. I see some of the people I worked with now and again and think about htem often. It was a really fun time in my life and does not seem like it was 8 years ago that I worked there. Sorry for no pictures, I had a ton of fun ones too :(

Next weeks topic....#31 Alan.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

We really try to take advantage of the warm days because you never know what the next day will be like. The other day we went to the park and played. It was sunny and nice and we barely needed a jacket, then woke up the next morning to snow! Channer has loved walking, going to the park, wagon rides, playing in the dirt in the backyard, etc. etc. So it just makes me look SOOOOO forward to consistently warm days.

Channer and Chestyn love to bath together. Chestyn will not sit still though. He always is trying to climb out. I tried to put him in his bath chair hoping it would confine him, but then he just climbs out of it and screams when I try to put him back in.

The last couple of days, Channer has asked to take a shower by himself. So I put him in there and let him go at it. He has always loved to shower more than bath and has never minded the water squirting in his face. He does so well at washing himself too, besides his hair. It makes me sad to think of him becoming independent, but he gets so excited too.
Chestyn's personality is so funny!! Him and Channer are different in so many ways, but the same in so many too. I read back at the stuff that Channer was doing at this stage and they do a lot of the same things. Chestyn is definitely more of a people person and rarely sad. He whines a lot which drives me crazy, but how else is he supposed to tell me what he wants. After you give it to him, he is happy as can be!! He has started saying bye lately and it is so stinkin cute. I love seeing his personality develop.
Chantry came home from work the other day and walked in the door with a dozen roses for me. I CRIED!! It really meant a lot to me. I know a lot of girls say they would rather not have their husbands waste money on flowers, but not me! I LOVE THEM!! I don't necessarily like them for my birthday or mother's day, but to get them for no reason means the world. The card was the best part, simple but said just what I needed to hear.

Thanks babe and love you lots.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Topic Tuesday #1....Pateresa

Pateresa is my awesome, AMAZING sister!!! She is 11 years older than me and one of my VERY best friends. If there was somebody in this world that knows me, it is her. We are so much alike that she knows what I am thinking most of the time and we agree on most everything. People tell me all the time that we look alike and it seriously flatters me because I think she is beautiful.

I could probably write a whole novel about how great she is, but I will just say a few of my favorite things.

Anyone who knows Pateresa knows that she is a social butterfly. She is way more outgoing than I am and I actually try to be more like her in that way. If you invite her to a party, she will be friends with half of them before she leaves. She has a trillion friends and her friends are for a lifetime.

When I was little she would pick me up from daycare when she got out of school. She always made things so fun and would take me to McDonald's or to get icecream. She used to do my hair, sing to me, and all of those fun things that a little girl could wish from an older sister.

I used to spend most of my summers at her house because she was so much older than me and got married when I was so young. I LOVED it. She lived in Logan when she first got married and I went and stayed with her when she had Dalynn and Bryson. Looking back now, I realize how awesome that was that she let me come stay because I thought I was going to "help", but I was probably more in the way than I was help, but that was something special she let me experience and it made me so close to my nephews. She moved to Page, Arizona when Bryson was just little and I rode with them to move all of their stuff and stayed awhile. Again, thinking I was helping, but I was probably more in the way. She never made me feel that way though, I was always welcome! I went back the day Kaylee was born too and stayed for a few days. I loved going to Page and visiting. She was in Young Womans and introduced me to all of her girls and I made some great friends. I got really, really close to her three older kids because I spent so much time there in the summer. She moved to Tooele about 9 or 10 years ago, and again I joined in her journey.

After I got a job and had to joint "the real world", I was not able to go stay with her in the summers, but still when I go to visit her, it is my favorite time. She is so welcoming and I never feel uncomfortable or like an intruder at her house. I really wish we lived closer because she is one of those friends/sisters that I could just drop by anytime, unannounced, walk in without knocking and she would welcome me with a hug. I know she has millions of friends and neighbors that do just that on a daily basis. Almost everytime I am talking to her on the phone, somebody stops by.

She is SOOOOOO busy. Her kids are now 16, 14, 11, and 5 and they keep her running. They are all very talented kids because she has taught them so well. They are busy with piano, dance, singing, scouts, sports, etc. etc. etc. She is always running them somewhere.

On top of all of this she is the BEST preschool teacher ever!!!! I really really really wish we lived in Tooele so she can start teaching Channer next year. She really is AMAZING. She has a waiting list of tons of people that she has to turn away each year because everyone in Tooele wants her. I am not exagerating either. She is an awesome teacher and each one of those kids are impacted by her.

She is an awesome aunt. My kids love her!!! Channer calls her Aunt Pizza,pizza, mostly cause I tought it to him that way lol. She sends him books and writes in the front of them and everytime Channer reads a book from her he will see the words in the front and say this book is from Aunt Pizza, pizza. This is a picture of her when she came down to see me after Chestyn was born.

Another thing that amazes me about her is on top of all of her family life and preschool, she is a wonderful example to me in the way she serves in her church callings. She puts so much love and dedication into everything she does and is always doing 500 jobs at church. I don't know how she does it.
She is a great wife and supports her husband in his work. It would be hard to do as he is a pilot for Skywest and gone 4-5 days at a time. She handles everything by herself during the time he is gone. They have a wonderful relationship and are a very good example to Chantry and I.
I know that a lot of people love to scrapbook, but Pateresa seriously has a TALENT for scrapbooking. She has made tons of scrapbooks and every one of her pages are PERFECT!! She makes homemade cards and gives them for birthdays and they are so meaningful.
She is also a wonderful daughter and cares so much about her mom and dad. It is apparent when you hear her talk about them and the influence they have been in her life. Seriously Pateresa, you amaze me and I look up to you in so many ways. I hope I can raise my family as well as you have raised yours. You have wonderful kids and it is all because of your great mothering. Thanks for being such a great sister and example to me. (I don't even know if she reads my blog anymore, but just in case a little note for her.) :)
Next Tuesday my topic will be.....#96, Parson's Bakery.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I love blogging and wish I could find more time to do it. There are so many times throughout the day that I think "that needs to be blogged about." I also have thought about different people that I need to include in my blog so that when I print it off and read back, I remember those certain things. I was reading back in some of my old journals and when I was in Young Woman's they challenged us one time to write down all the people, events, holidays, or little things in our lives and put them in a jar and then everynight when we write in our journal, pick a topic and write about it. I loved looking back through my journal at those topics and some of the childhood friends that I had and the memories....so since I dwell on the past (maybe it is because I love so many things about my past), I decided to try this out for my blog. So I made a list of a lot of important people in my life past and present, holiday (so I can blog about the traditions as a child and current), past jobs I have had, etc. etc. There is over 300 topics I want to type about and I am going to use Random.org to pick my topic and I am going to really try and do it every Tuesday. However, I am going to pick my topic a week ahead, so that I can reflect on memories throughout the week to type about. So Topic Tuesday is going to start Tuesday and my first topic is....#16 Pateresa. Funny, she is my first topic because she is probably one of the MOST important people in my life.

So watch for Topic Tuesday's because you never know when you might be my topic. I have put some of the most random people on there that I may know very little, but still made an impact in my life.

I know this seems like kind of a lame idea but I have a couple friends whose blog I read that I ABSOLUTELY love to read (I love to read everyones really), but there are these few friends who are just down right honest and true and reflect on things of the past, talk about their future, make great confessions that I can relate with, and these are the kinds of blogs I love to read! So hopefully this will be fun. If not for my readers, mainly for me and my own journaling purposes.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Once there was a snow man....

Aunt Chan baught Channer this cool shirt that says "With a shirt this cool...who needs pants?" Fits him well huh.
Channer cracks me up. He has been wanting to hold and hug Chestyn a lot lately. I think it is because Chestyn doesn't like it much. He will get on the couch and put his arms out and say I want to hold Chestyn. Funny, since when he was tiny and loved to be held like that Channer was scared to death. Now I put him on Channer's lap and Chestyn is either punching, kicking, or escaped within a minute.We keep getting more snow....hate it, but Chantry and Channer went out the other day to enjoy it by making a snow man. Channer was so excited.

Daddy also helped him make a snow angel.

As much as I hate the snow, it sure is fun to watch Channer have so much fun in it.
The last two days have been wonderful. The snow is almost all melted and we even went out and played some baseball yesterday. Don't want to get my hopes up too much, but lets hope spring is here.

Ranger Ride 2010

Last Saturday we got together with some of Chantry's family and went for a ride. Last year Charley's cousin, Merrill, put together a ride. They had so much fun last year that they kind of wanted to make it a tradition. I did not go last year because I was a month away from having Chestyn and an 8 hour ride just did not sound too fun. I did get to go this year. Chantry's mom came and watched the kids. We had planned to bring them and then last minute decided to have her come....glad we did.

We met up at IHOP in Washington at 8:00 in the morning, then headed out past Washington Fields to go for our ride. The day started out a little chili and cloudy, but not too bad. Chantry's dad put on this hat and we were all making fun of him....
Looking at pictures now, I did not have much room to talk LOL. I wanted to stay warm and well, fashion really wasn't my first concern. Ladd is always on that stinkin cell phone. Next time we go somewhere I am breaking it before we go.

We had quite the crowd going. I think I counted 18 either Rhinos, 4-wheelers, Teryx, or Rangers.
We had an awesome ride. Chantell rode in with Chantry and I and we did not stop laughing....well I guess we stopped for a minute to try and catch our breath when Chantry kept farting. I know a little too much info and he is probably going to kill me, but it was funny. He made Chan and I tell him "that was the best fart ever" before he would quit farting.
We stopped a few times to visit. Chantry forgot his glasses and lucky for him Channer had a pair in the Ranger, so he sported those bad boys the whole day...cute huh.?
We stopped at this lookout point and it was beautiful. You think we would have been smart and turned around then though because look at them clouds.
Nobody ever said we were smart though and we continued on our ride. We drove into Colorado City so a few people could get gas and we had some lunch. It started to rain a little bit so we thought we could just hurry back to the truck. We were about 45 miles from our truck. We made it about 7 miles and decided it was to frickin cold and Charley took Chan and I back to the gas station and Ladd, Chantry, Laramy, and Wyatt were going to go back and get the truck. Well they made it another 10 or so and came back too. We had debated on whether we should wait it out or call for help...we were at the gas station for a few hours and it did not let up, so we called for help.

These pictures do not do it justice. It was hailing, snowing, windy, freezing. We waited at the gas station and drank hot chocolate until Dusty came to our rescue. Most of the other family had called people to come get them too. The people at the gas station were not to pleased to have 40+ people crowded in there, but I would say it was probably the most business Colorado City had seen in a long time. It was quite the interesting place to be stuck, let me tell you.
Dusty got there and we rode back to our truck. Chan and I rode on home with Dusty and the guys went back to get the four wheelers.
It was a fun day and I am glad I went, even if it took all night to get feeling back in my fingers and toes. Can't wait til next year's ride, just hope they might wait until later in the year.

Friday, March 12, 2010

A day in the life of Channer.

Oh, how it would be to be three again. Okay, not really, but his life just seems so fun. ....yet to him, there are days you would think the world is coming to an end.

7:00-Wake up. Yell for mom. He only gets out of bed maybe once a week...the rest of the time, he still yell for me, which I love.
7:10-Lays on the couch, asks for his show, some milk, some cereal, his white warm blanky, and a toy. (every morning).
7:20-He decides he should have went pee before he got settled in. Changes his underwear.
7:30- Asks for his blanky on again.
8:00- Asks if we can go to Cal-Ranch.
8:30-Plays with Ches.
9:00-Kisses Ches goodnight so he can take his nap.
10:00- Changes his underwear.
10:00- Bathtime and of course changes his underwear again.
11:00- Plays with cars.
12:00-Eats some lunch.
12:30-Asks if we can go to Cal-Ranch.
1:00- Changes his underwear.
2:00-Plays with more cars.
3:00-Watches more shows.
3:30- Changes underwear.
4:00- Asks how long til I am done with work so we can go to Cal-Ranch.
5:00- Gets excited for dad to come home.
6:00- Eats dinner.
6:30-Changes underwear.
7:00- Plays on the floor with dad.
8:00- Asks why we never went to Cal-Ranch today.
8:30- Changes his underwear.
9:00- Bed.

He is doing much better with sleeping. He will still wake up now and then, but for the most part he does well.

Cal-Ranch-Seriously he wants to go there everyday. He will tell me "I will be a good boy if we can go to Cal-Ranch." When we are out and about in town, he wants to go there and when I tell him no, he will say, "Can we just drive by it."
Grandma with the cow poop- He asks to go to her house pretty much every day too. The other day he hurt his foot and he said, "I MUST call grandma with the cow poop and tell her." When he called her it was soooo cute he said, "My foot is not doing so well." and then told the whole story about hitting it on the table.
Underwear- He changes it way more often than I said in his schedule. He loves underwear. He loves to come out and say "what underwear am I wearing now."
Cars and tow trucks- He loves to play with his cars still. He loves to tow them everywhere though. He has gone on a few tows with his dad and Uncle Ladd.

I sure love this boy and he really makes me happy. We butt heads a lot because we are both so stinkin stubborn. He really is such a sweet boy. I feel like I am so hard on him all the time and I forget that he is only 3. He really is such a great kid. He does so well with me working most of the day. He self-entertains a lot. He has a wonderful imagination. He picks on his brother now and then, but then will turn around and be his best friend. Love this kid!!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A day in the life of Chestyn

This is bascially for my journaling purposes so that I can remember what the kids did on a day to day basis. Chesyn is on a very good schedule (except for nighttime). His day looks a little something like this:

6:30-7:00 Wake up.
7:00-Playtime with daddy while mommy is working and Channer is sleeping. (Chestyn LOVES his morning alone with daddy.
8:00-Eat breakfast. He basically eat whatever mom and dad are having for breakfast or he still loves much with applesauce for breakfast every now and then.
9:30 or 10:00 - Naptime. He still takes that morning nap, but usually only for a 1/2 hour.
10:30 - Bathtime.
11:00 - play time.
12:00 - Eat lunch. His favorite for lunch is macaroni and cheese. I will make an Easy Mac and Chestyn eats 3/4 of it and Channer eats the rest. You would think it would be oppisite, but nope.
1:00 - second nap time...this one usually last 1 to 1-1/2 hours (if I am lucky).
3:00 - Snack and play while mom finishes work. He loves pretzles, marshmallows, fruit snacks, pudding....well pretty much anything.
6:00 - Dinner. He eats whatever we eat, plus some.
8:00 - Bedtime. He still wakes up at about 1:00, 2:30, 4:00, 5:30, and then 7:00....if anyone has any suggestions for this please let me know.

Chestyn is now on 100% cow's milk and I love it. Other than the fact that at night, he will only drink it warm, so we have to warm it. He tolerates it well. We did it kind of early, but he steels Channer's cups all the time with milk in them and he did fine, so I figured, why not. He eats enough that he gets all the nutrition he needs. I did not switch Channer to cow's milk til he was like 15 months old because he never ate and I wanted him to get the nutrition. I think Ches will be giving up his bottle soon too, because he sees his brothers cups and always wants them, so fine with me.

Food- I think we have established this one, but he will eat pretty much anything. The only thing he has not liked so far that I have given him is tomatos. I just dont think he like the texture.
Cars- He loves his brother's cars. For about three months now, he drives the cars like he is supposed to. He will drive a car THE RIGHT WAY from one end of the house to the other. I really need to video tape it because it is adorable.
Daddy- I hate to admit it, but Chestyn is a daddy's boy. It is nice though because Channer is still a huge momma's boy to say the least.
Remotes and cellphones- He loves to have them. I dont know many kids who dont. He uses them as cars though, driving them across the floor.
Singing- He loves when I sing to him....his favorite is Pat-A-Cake for sure.

His first word besides mama or dada is ahh-ohh (however you spell it). Besides that he says a whole lot of jibber jabber that we don't understand. I love when he gets his serious face on though and tells us a story.

Chestyn also can wave bye and clap.

Sure do love this kid. I love his age. He is going to be 1 in a month. I haven't a clue where the time has gone.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring, Winter, Spring Winter...yuck!

I am so tired of it going from Spring to Winter and back to Spring, then back to Winter. I love SPRING and just want it here. I feel like my kids can never get over their runny noses and coughs because the weather keeps changing. I hate it too because it will be so nice on the days I am so busy with work and then on the days I am not so busy, here comes the wind and snow.

We have had fun staying in though. Channer had his friend Ryann come a few times last week and they had a blast. They love to play with Chestyn (or pick on him, but Chestyn thinks it is playing). The other day they were wrapping him up in blankets and making forts and putting him in them so he could not get out. Chestyn loved every minute of it.

I feel bad cause I always have to work when Channer has friends over, but then it makes me happy to have a friend for him to entertain him while I am busy. I did bake some cookies for them to keep them busy though.

Chestyn just enjoyed eating them. Besides there were no sprinkles left after Channer got to them, so Chestyn would have not had a chance to decorate one if he wanted.

Last weekend was one of those weekends that Spring, Winter, Spring, Winter came. Friday was a perfect day, so Saturday morning we said, he lets go to St. George for a Ranger ride. We got down there and it was like raining, windy, and cold. We went for a very short ride and were done. It was okay though because half the roads were closed for some race.

Sunday we decided to go for a little warmer ride in the Jeep and look for deer. Channer was excited and the first thing he asked for was his noculars.
We saw tons of deer and I can't believe we have not been out looking before now. Channer loved it and so does Chestyn. Like father like son, Channer had his noculars glued to his face the whole time.

Chestyn loved getting out of his carseat in the mountains. Channer used to sit on my lap and just look out the window, Chestyn tinkered with everything and bounced up and down. Love their different personalities.
We thought it was spring one day and decided to go for a walk. By the time we got out the door it was quite cold and I had to bundle the boys. My ears were about to fall off by the time we got home. I really, really want SPRING to be here.
That is about all we have been up to.
Last week, I took Chestyn for his 9 month checkup, even though he is 10 months. He was doing great and weighed 24 pounds (95%) and was 32 inches (90%). I keep saying he is sooo close to walking, but I was looking back at Channer's calendar journal and at this same age Channer was doing the same stuff (standing for periods at a time, walking along furniture, walking holding one hand, etc), but then Channer did not take his first steps til he was 13 months, so maybe Chestyn will walk soon and maybe he wont. He has a lot of weight to carry anyway. :)