Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yes, I am "that mother"

Before I had children I found myself saying things such as "I will never be 'that mother' whose children pick their nose, leave the house with a messy face, etc." Well one thing I remember saying, and this was before I was even married, was that my child will never be that child who wears snow boots or cowboy boots with his shorts. Well now you can call me "that mother" because the other day I told Channer to get his shoes on and this is what he came out with.

I would have made him go change them, but we weren't going inside anywhere and how could I make him change them when he ran out and said "Look mom, I got them on all by my self and I look cool huh" If there is one thing I have learned since becoming a mom is that you should never say never cause then it will most likely happen. Yes, I do occasionally find Channer with his finger in his nose (totally makes me sick) and there are several other things I did/do as a parent I said I would never do. I realized though that the world did not end just because I rocked Channer to sleep for the first 2 years of his life and there are worse things than Chestyn going to sleep every night with his bottle. Yes, I am "that mother."

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Topic Tuesday- 1st Grade

So this is going to be a really, really boring topic because A) Still havent fixed my scanner, so no pics and B) I cannot remember a whole ton about 1st grade. It will just be short and sweet! In 1st grade I had Mrs. Lister. I really liked her as a teacher, but really dont remember much about her. I went to Ashman Elementary and it was right across the street from where my mom's fabric store was. I do remember walking from there before school and walking there afterward. I know that I lost my 1st tooth in 1st grade. I remember being in the middle of reading to Mrs. Lister and my tooth fell out. She made me feel really special by having me show the whole class. I also remember there being some kind of sleep over at the school where we all brought out sleeping bags and slept in the gym or something. I don't remember much about it other than eating breakfast in the morning. I remember a TON about second grade, who my friends were, my crush, and a lot of details, but not a lot about 1st grade. Really, I told you it would be short and sweet and that is all I have, but if any of you do remember the sleep over you have in 1st grade, please tell me I wasnt just dreaming that up LOL.

Topic for next week.......Dusty Brindley.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Still lookin a lot alike...

Can you tell which if these picture are of Chestyn and which are Channer??

Chestyn is really starting to get his own look, but still has so many features that look like Channer.

I have been slacking on my topic Tuesdays, but will start again this Tuesday.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun weekend with lots of friends and family

We started off our weekend by a great night at the Veater's house. I will have to steel some pictures from friends to put on here later, but we had a great time.
Saturday we had a fun party for Chestyn's first birthday. It ended up being a wonderful day, perfect weather and everything came together perfect. Thanks to all the family and friends who came. My friend Hayley came over and helped me decorate his cakes. Even though I worked at the bakery for 5 years, I never really decorated cakes and this is what we came up with.

I did a cowboy theme and got all the little kids cowboy hats, bandanas, sheriff''s badges, and a gun.
Brodie makes a pretty good lookin Cowgirl.

My sister Marie and her cute little boy Dylon.

My brother's little girl, Kenzie. She is adorable.

Chestyn got really spoiled with lots of presents. Lucky for me that is why I am able to blog right now, he is well entertained. It is a tradition for Grandpa Charley to by them their first set of cowboy boots on their first birthday. Chestyn loved them.

We really dont normally dress our kdi like this. He had a dang cute outfit on and it was a little breezy so we put on this jacket and well the boots and hat just add to the great outfit.

Chestyn loved this elephant. He played with it forever and has played with a ton since we got home.
Canyon and Charlee . Cute little cowgirls.

Ches was completely oppisite of Channer. Channer would not touch his cake and freaked out when he got his hands dirty. Chestyn jumped right in (after licking all of his toys first).

It was a great party and I am glad it turned out so well.
My sister Pateresa and my brother Alan and their families stayed the night. We had fun having that extra time to visit. We went to dinner that night at Chili's and then my sister and her girls stayed in a motel and Alan and Malia stayed at our house. I was so glad they did because Channer finally opened up and started playing with Kenzie and Garrett.

Chestyn had fun with Hadlie.

We have a little four wheeler for Channer and Garrett had a blast driving it and riding in our Ranger. I didn't get any pictures of him riding, but he was in heaven. I did get one with his helmet on that we had to practically force him to take off.

Sunday we went to lunch and then everyone headed home. It was so fun having you all come visit and we miss you already.

Chestyn's main presents from us were a little Ranger and a swingset.....he LOVES them does Channer.

I love that it is finally spring and we can finally enjoy being outside.

1 year old pics of Chestyn

I just attempted to take some of my own pictures again of Ches for his 1 year pictures. I am glad I just did them myself because it was almost impossible to get him to sit still, so it might have been a waste of money to pay someone. I got a lot that show his personality. Here are a few....

Friday, April 16, 2010


Dear Chessy, Chestyn Mestyn, Chessy Messy, Mess,

These are a few of the names you go by around here, and believe me, you live up to the messy part well. Well little buddy, it is your first birthday today. Wow, this year sure has gone by fast. It seems like I just brought you home from the hospital....then again, I can't imagine it around here without you, so it seems like you have been with us forever. It is kind of crazy how that works.

So you made it a whole year of receiving torture from your brother and I think you have kind of gotten used to it. I even think you are learning to fight him back. It is kind of funny when my 3 year old comes and tattles on my not-even 1 year old.

I asked your brother yesterday what I am going to do when you turn 1 and he said "You will just take care of him mom." He is right, kid. I can't stop you from growing up and I can't take your birthday away (even though I threatened a few times), so I guess the best I can do is just take care of you.

Both your daddy and I agree that we would not trade your personality for anything. I don't know how we got so lucky to have 2 funny kids, but we sure do love it. One day you were teasing daddy and I was in the kitchen working. I was laughing so hard as he got frustrated. You would crawl right over and turn the TV off and turn around and laugh. He would turn it back on with the remote and you would do the same thing. He played this with you 3 or 4 times and then took your cute little butt all the way down the hallway to your room. He sat down in his chair and no kidding 2 seconds later, you were back at the TV turning it off and laughing. Your dad couldn't help but just laugh at this point too. Your brother on the other hand does not take you turning off his TV so well.

It sure has been nice to have a baby with an appetite. From day one you have been a better eater than Channer ever was. I hope this means you have a sense of adventure and will try new things throughout your life. You sure do like food and when we don't keep it comin' fast enough, we sure do hear it.

It is also really fun to have a baby that will go to anyone. You still do love your mommy and at times that is all you want, but let me tell you boy, you are mostly a daddy's boy and a grandma's boy. Grandma came to our house one day and opened our back door and I don't think I have ever seen a baby move that fast in my life. You crawled to her so quick, she picked you up, and you hugged and hugged her for a long time. Sure made grandma proud. See now, I am not sure if you are really a grandma's boy or just smart. I think you know that grandma spoils Channer so much that you need to get on her good side. I know it worked because later that day she was bragging to all your aunts and uncles about how Chestyn just loves his grandma. Way to go buddy.

Your vocabulary is increasing every day, although we still don't understand most of it, you sure do make yourself heard. You are a little smarty though. You just took your first steps the other day, which I am surprised has not happened earlier since you did start crawling about a week before your 5 month birthday and your rolled over at 2 weeks old....I thought for sure we would have an early walker on our hands. I am okay with it though, you definitely know how to get around crawling. You have already gotten into more, climbed more, made more messes, ate more crayons and markers (and who knows what else), and had more falls than your brother has in his 3-1/2 years of life. Take a word from your brother and be a little more cautious, but then again, I think that is your sense of adventure I talked about, so do what you do!

My favorite thing about you Ches, is the fact that no matter what kind of a mood you are in, all I have to do is smile and you give me one of those cute Chestyn-wrinkled-nose-eyes-disapear smiles. They really make my day!!! I hope you will always be this way and look at the positive in life. A smile can change anyone's day. I know your smile sure changes mine a lot of days.

It has been a fun year and seeing all the changes you have made throughout the year have sure made it hard on mommy to see what she missed out on with your big brother. I sure am glad to be home with you and believe me, I thank God everyday for it. You sure are a blessing and I cannot wait to see what the years ahead have to bring.

Love you litte Mess,


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Topic Tuesday - Alan Bert Nielsen

My brother Alan is 2-1/2 years older than me and we were the best of friends and worst of enemies growing up. He would tease me and I would scream so that he wanted to tease me more. He really loved me and I really loved him though. I don't remember how old he was when he fell down a hill at Monroe Mountain at a family reunion, but he rolled all the way to the bottom and got pretty banged up. I remember crying because he got hurt and I was probably no more than 5 years old. I remember waiting on him hand and foot because I felt so bad for him (oh wait, I always waited on him hand and foot or he would pick on me). He could pick on me all he wanted, but you better believe that if someone else did, he would stick up for me. He was such a cute little boy, but just by looking at him can't you tell he was trouble!?!

He was a pretty good kid really, but just loved to pick on me. I do remember though that we were playing baseball in the backyard and I was pitching to him and he hit the ball and it came right back and hit me in the stomach SOOO hard and left a big welt. He ran over and told me sorry a million times and I could tell he felt so bad. That was when I was about 10 and realized that he never would intentionally hurt me, he just liked to tease and occassionally beat on me LOL.

The funniest thing about Alan picking on me that I can remember is that he would always point at me and it would bother me SOOOOOOO bad. We would be eating family dinner and he would just point. I would look under the table and he was pointing. During the prayer I would open my eyes and he would be pointing. I would tattle and say "mom Alan was pointing at me" and she would just say, then you shouldn't have had your eyes open during the prayer. It really really bothered me and still does. He still points and it is one of those things that just drives you crazy. It is not so fun for him now cause I just ignore it, but when I was a little girl, it was impossible to ignore. I would scream and he would point with both hands.

I remember during our "quiet times" we would be sent up stairs and were supposed to either read a book, take a nap, or do something quiet, but almost always it would end up us making a haunted house, playing restaurant, or making my other brother Bawb's room into a rubber band fort. Something funny about Alan that I won't forget is that every summer he would turn our garage into a store and go down to Coor's and get boxes of candy to sell. Then he would charge people to come play chess. I am not sure that he ever made much money doing it, but he had fun.

Alan and I pretty much maintained our love/hate relationship through high school. He would give me a ride to school, but drop me off a block away so he wouldn't have to be seen with me, even though we both had the same seminary class for 1st period. When we would get home though, we (I mean I) would make us a bowl of cereal, we would watch our (I mean his) shows, and have fun together. He would tell me about his latest crush and I would keep it a secret.

He really is a great uncle. My nieces Branda and Celina lived with us for a while and he got really close to them and they LOVE him to death. I made him a scrapbook of all his pictures a long time ago and this was one of the pages out of it. I had his wife email me some old pics cause my scanner still isnt working.

Alan and I were the only ones left at home when my dad found out he had cancer, so it was something we kind of went through together. We never really talked about it, but just kind of knew how each other felt. My dad was in ICU for a few months and it was over Christmas one time. My mom was up north with my dad and Alan and I both were old enough to know about Santa and everything, so we had known the plans to celebrate Christmas when my dad got home in January. I remember waking up that Christmas morning (I think I was 14 and Alan 16) and we never talked, but just knew we both felt sad that it was just us on Christmas and looked outside at all the neighbors with their lights on getting ready to open presents. My sister Sarah picked us up later that afternoon to take us up north to see my dad. It was a sad day, but it was nice to know that without even talking to, my brother knew how I felt.

Alan married a girl that is the same age as me. He was 20 and she was 18 and I remember being so jelous of her because Alan would always tell me how great she was and how much more mature than me she was, but I think Alan only saw me as that little girl that cried everytime he pointed at me because he hadn't been home for 2 years and really did not see how much I had grown up from the age of 16 to 18.

He really is a great dad, husband, brother, uncle, and friend. He has 3 adorable kids and his love for them is undeniable. These are a couple of my favorite pictures to show you.

Alan is super into sports and his favorite teams are the Dodger's, BYU, I mean UTES, Jazz, 49ers, and well I hope these are his favorite teams still.

He loves his wife and shows her everyday (and he better cause he is very lucky to have her). Our relationship now is still the same love/hate relationship. He can't see me without calling me a dork or something, but I like it that way. It makes it fun. Love ya Big Al!

Next week.....#107 1st grade.

Monday, April 5, 2010

~Easter 2010~ GREAT TIMES

We had an awesome Easter. I have always loved Easter and it is a million times funner with kids. We start out by coloring some Easter eggs last week and then rolled them down the hill. Chantry's family had a tradition when he was younger of rolling eggs down a hill. We just went in the hill in our backyard and had a blast rolling them.

We went to Sand Hallow Friday night to go camping with all the Brindley bunch and we had a blast. When we left our house there was still a couple inches of snow on our lawn, so I was so worried it was going to be freezing. We got down there and it was perfect.

We actually tent camped for the first time since we had kids and Channer was in heaven. He thought it was the coolest thing ever. In fact he could not wait to go to bed that night and went right to sleep and slept all night. He loved it.

Friday night before they went to bed, we planted some "magic beans" (thanks for the idea Amanda) and the Easter Bunny came. We had him come Saturday morning so that the kids could play with all their stuff the rest of the weekend. Channer was so excited when he woke up to see what the "magic beans" had grown.

Then he followed the trail of bunny poop to his surprise.

We really dont do a whole ton for Easter, simple and lots of candy. Channer was lovin it!!!

The weather was really so nice. We hardly had to wear jackets, we all got a little burned, and we even went swimming.

The Easter Bunny came again that afternoon and hid Easter Eggs everywhere. We seriously had TONS of eggs and Channer thought it was the COOLEST thing ever. The whole time he was getting eggs, he kept saying "the Easter Bunny just put all these eggs out here for me".

Aunt Chan brought wooden eggs and paints for all the kids to paint. Channer loved it. He was the first one sitting at the table and the last one to get up. He had about 15 layers of paint on his egg and loved it.
Chestyn liked his egg too, he carried it everywhere. Oh don't mind the white face, he has a rash around his mouth and I kept having to put cream on it.

The other day Brodi and Ryann came to play and Brodi was teaching Channer and Ryann school and she asked me to take a picture of her with her students. I thought it was so cute.

The other morning, Chantry put these glasses and hat on Chestyn and he crawled around the house forever in them thinkin he was cool....ok, so he is pretty cool. LOL

Hope everyone had a happy Easter!