Friday, May 28, 2010

Shrek/McDonald's Party

I posted about winning a Shrek/McDonald's party a while back and I had my party the other day. It ended up being a lot of fun. Bella, Lili, Sophie, Brodie, Ryann, Kinzley, Miriah, and Moroni attened our fun party! The kids ate yummy burgers, fries, and chicken nuggets courtesy of McD's.

We played a little "Shrek says" and the balloon popping game. I think they all had a blast, loved their gold coins (good for a free Redbox), their McDonald's toys and watches, their cards for free McFlurry's and juice, and most of all had fun playing together.

Even Chestyn was having a great time!
Lucky for me 2 of my friends won the Hasbro Game party, so hopefully I will be able to attend some more of these fun parties. Keep it coming
Oh and I bought 20 burgers, 40 nuggest, 20 fries, and salads for dinner......and I still have money left on my card! Talk about SCORE!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


My heart is very heavy this morning. I don't know if you have noticed the button I have had at the top of my sidebar for a while for Malachi, but he passed away yesterday afternoon and it is weighing heavily on my mind. Every morning, I check their blog first thing to see how the little guy is doing, as Marissa usually spent most of the day at the hospital and would blog later at night. I have smiled several times when Marissa posts those cute smile pictures and that he has had a good day. I have griefed for them on the bad days.

It is crazy how you can feel so close to someone without meeting them. I came to know Marissa through Career Step (the school I went to for transcription). We started school about the same time, graduated about the same time, had our first kids about the same time, got pregnant with our second about the same time (she miscarried and got pregnant again with Chi). We found our first jobs about the same time and talked on the forums about our problems, etc. There is a forum for pregnant mommies and I followed Marissa's heartache as she miscarried her child and then was lucky enough to conceive again shortly after. I had followed her family blog of her cute little girl, Emerson, and came to know Marissa through cyberspace, but that is simply enough for me to feel connection and heartache for this young family.

Please pray on their behalf over the next few days that their family may find peace in knowing that Chi has returned to home and will be whole again. Marissa, you have truly been an inspiration to me and I am very impressed how you handled every situation in Malachi's life. Praying for you!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Anniversary and Brathan's Birthday

May 21st was our 6 year anniversary. It is crazy how time works because I cannot believe 6 years has gone by already, but at the same time, I can't remember life before Chantry, so it seems like it was a lot longer than 6 years ago. It was a good day. Chantry worked. I worked. and then that night Chantell watched the boys so we could go to dinner. Chantry brought me some beautiful roses that I forgot to take a picture of. I have had a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my table for a couple months now...and I LOVE IT!!

We had the weekend planned where we were going to take the boys to Antimony for his mom to watch them and then Chantry and I were going to go to Bryce Canyon and spend the weekend. I was so excited, but it did not work out for multiple different reasons, so maybe we will get a night away some day.

The weekend ended up working out great though. Chantry's cousin, Merrill Brindley, passed away and Chantry was able to attend the funeral with his dad, Chantell, Ladd, and Dusty. He was really glad he went and I was too. I did not know Merrill very well, but we were fortunate enough to go on a fun 4-wheeler ride with him in April and I am sure glad we did that.

I did not want to take the kids to the funeral, so we went up to Orem to my little nephew Brathan's birthday party. It was at Pirate Island and Channer was in HEAVEN!!! I am so glad we went because every day since he has said a time or 2 how fun the pirate place was and we need to go back.

PLUS....we got to celebrate with this cute little 5 year old!
The party was so fun and I thought it was cute that Heidi dressed all 3 of her boys as pirates. Nolun is not in this picture, but he had a cute pirate shirt on too.
They had a balloon guy going around doing balloon animals and Chestyn loved his turtle they made him....until he bit it and popped it.
My sister-in-law, Heidi, made this adorable cake. I thought it was the coolest thing ever!!
Here is the birthday boy with his 2 cousins, Rylee and Jordyn.

The party was really cool and a pretty good deal if you ask me. All of the kids got a giant pizza to share and the drinks were provided. The adults had to pay for their own food. The kids got a goodie bag with a whole bunch of tokens, candy, and some toys. Channer used a lot of his tokens on this train. It was his favorite thing there.

Ladd ended up dropping Chantry off to ride home with me. It was a great time and I am glad we went. It was not so much of a romantic anniversary weekend, but it was fun to be with the family and see some of my other family. Good thing Chantry and I have a lot more anniversaries to look forward too!

Topic Tuesday-Colleen Brown

So I have decided I really need to take more pictures of my friends or me with my friends, so I can stop taking them off facebook.

I worked with Colleen at Parkway and she is simply amazing!!! When I first started at Parkway, she was downstairs and I was upstairs and the only time I would really get to visit with her was when Elaine went to lunch and I would go down and sit in Elain's chair to visit with Colleen. She was quiet, but I instantly loved her, mostly because she reminded me of my mom. Being a newly wed and just having moved away from my mom, it was nice to have a comfort zone.

After about a year of working there, I moved downstairs and she moved up, so then I really hardly ever got to visit with her. She would still come down and have them fun conversations every once in a while.

My favorite thing about Colleen is that she rarely talked bad about another person. You can imagine how working in an office with a bunch of girls can turn into drama, but she always stayed neutral and a friend to everyone.

We liked to call her Coco or Cocaleen, because she always had a coke! For Christmas one year, Kim, Vance, and I gave her a hat that she could drink her Coke out of. We thought it would be hillarious to see her sitting at her desk drinking out of her Coke hat! LOL

When I quit Parkway I missed everyone, but there were a couple people that I missed A LOT and she is for sure one of them. I loved being greeted by her smile, especially after the weekend and we would discuss what we had done for the weekend. I absolutely love the picture below that I stole off her daughter's FB (thanks Hillary). It reminds me of that fun smile I was greeted with everyday...and also the funny stories she would tell me about her fun-loving husband and grandkids!

Colleen and I still find time to go to lunch now and then (haven't been for a long time), and it makes me miss Parkway for just a tiny second, til she has to go back to work and I get to go home and play with my boys!

As you can tell these topics are pretty much my memories or relationship to the people, not a history! It is just something I want written down so when I look back I can remember those "little" things about the people that matter the most to me.

Next weeks topic.....My Mom!! Man that is going to be a long one and I better make sure my scanner is working within a week!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Things I have learned since....

Having a sandbox. My father-in-law brought us over some sand last night and the kids have played non-stop!! These are a few things I have learned in just 1 day of having a sandbox.

1. Sunscreen must be applied more than once a day. (they are both sportin some little red cheeks today).
2. I always thought Chestyn could scream loud, but nothing compares to the scream I hear when I pull him out of the sandbox.

3. Take Chestyn's diaper off outside before I come into the house.

4. Sand is not easy to wash out of hair.

5. I am going to have to sweep and mop the kitchen a little more is like fingernails down a chalkboard to walk barefoot on a floor with sand on it.

6. Just when you think they have all the sand off them to come in the house, a whole bunch more falls out. ....and I later find it throughout the house.

7. That we MUST make a seperate pile of outside trucks and inside trucks. SUCH A MESS!!

8. Chestyn knows how to use a bucket and shovel correctly and if I got the sand a little wet, he would be able to make a perfect sand castle. He packs it in the bucket tight and then poors it out.

9. We need a fence!! The dogs and cats keep coming in our yard and scaring my kids to death!


Yes, it was an educational day!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Topic Tuesday-Forgot so.....

Meet Mr. Channer Brindley! He loves to make Chestyn sit on at his table and learn! This particular day, he was teaching Chestyn his colors. Funny part is that Chestyn looks at Channer and acts like he is really learning. Channer will say "Say green" and Chestyn will say "kdajfkdajgndfvaodfgjaidfngadfgmkdandbn" well you get it, right? Somebody might want to tell Mr. Brindley to put some clothes on when he is teaching.

Next weeks's topic is.....Colleen Brown.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Super FUN Weekend!!

We did indeed have a pefect weekend!!! Friday we started out by going to the carnival (I hate the carnival it is so yucky, but gave in when Channer asked for it a million times). Then we went home, put Chestyn to bed, pulled the couches together, and cuddled up as a family to watch a movie.

Saturday morning Chantry had to go help his dad for a few hours in the morning and then we headed to St. George for our fun day. We went to Snow Canyon and went hiking. I had never been there before and it was beautiful. It was perfect for the kids because they had a map that listed all the trails and there difficulty level, etc. The first one we went on was called the Petrified Sand Dunes. It was so fun and Channer thought it was the coolest. He out-hiked me by a long ways too. He kept saying come on mom, lets go mom.

Aunt Chan got to come with us too and I was glad she did. She held Channer's hand a lot of the way and helped a lot with Chestyn too.

The second hike was Pioneer something or othter (can't remember). It was only a 1/2 mile long so we thought we could hurry and tackle a second one, since the kids did so well on the longer hike. Well, we got about 1/8 mile into it and Channer was done.

I carried him on my back pretty much the rest of the way, but it was so fun. it was perfect day with perfect weather.
After the hiking we headed to Olive Garden and ate some YUMMY dinner. Olive Garden is my favorite!
Then, we went shopping. I got a few things at Ross and Kohl's. I mainly needed some capris and got them, so I was happy.
So, for a couple of weeks now, I had been telling Channer about the monster trucks. He would tell everyone he was going to the monster truck movie. I explained over and over that it was not a movie that it was real life monster trucks. His reply was, "Monster trucks are not real, mom. They are just in the movies." I think it is because I always tell him that about monsters. I think he really had no idea what he was going to see. I think he thought it was a movie the whole time.
So when we first got there Chantry took him back to the pit party to see the monster trucks. Sad thing was, he was a little scared at first, but after Chantry talked to him a little, he was SOOOOO excited.

He wore his monster truck shirt that morning and wanted to get it signed by the drivers. He thought he was pretty cool.

We put the earplugs in their ears (which looked so funny) and the show began.
There was a smile on Channer's face from beginning to end!

At this point, his Aunt Ginger asked him what he thought and he said "They are real life monster trucks" and as you can see by the look on his face, it was not what he expected.

They had 4-wheelers and tough trucks too, but those were a little less exciting, although Channer was thrilled with it all. He even enjoyed the water truck and tractor that would come out, typical boy!
At the end, they lit a car on fire and Channer thought that was pretty cool.
I was worried about how Chestyn would act because while we were waiting for it to start, he was being really whiney. He LOVED it. He would actually scream really loud when they left to get them to come back. His newest word is more and he would yell...MORE! It was a fun night. It was worth every penny to see the look on my boys' faces.
Needless to say, Channer has played with his monster trucks a lot the last few days....mostly driving over other cars.
Sunday was a great too. Just a fun day with the family. We went and walked up the canyon trail. Played at the park for a while, came home to relax. Then played in the back yard. We played a little croquet, rode the bikes, played on the swings, played in the dirt, and just had fun.
It was a GREAT weekend!!!!