Monday, June 28, 2010

Summertime and the livin' is easy.

SUMMER is the BEST!!! we have been up to a lot. I was going to do a seperate post for each event and the fun stuff we did, but here is what we have been up to this summer.

Lots of fun trips to the park! Ridin bikes and scooters (mostly outside though).
Swimming in the pool.
Playin in the sandbox.
Having friends over to play in the pool.
Jumpin on the trampoline!
Splash pad in St. George.

Larsen Family Reunion.
Playin a little softball!

Some beanbag toss!
BBQ at Ashlee and Jared's and swimming at the motel afterwards!
Love stayin in a motel!
Campin at Panguitch Lake with the Veater Family and lots of other friends.

Ranger rides!
Channer loves Tasia!

A stop by Cedar Breaks on the way home!

The best part about summer is that you always have more to look forward to...coming up we have 4th of July, Gleave Reunion, 24th of July, Camping in Capitol Reef, Lagoon/zoo trip, Nielsen Reunion, Snow College Roomate reunion, more swimming, park, ranger rides, picnics, hiking, and well of course I am sure we will find a ton of other stuff to do too. SUMMERTIME is the BEST!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

2010 Fishlake Sister's Weekend

Not sure why a lot of my pictures are blurry, but they are and maybe that just means I have a really cheap camera and need a new one ;)

We had our annual Fishlake trip last weekend and it was sooooo fun, as always. I got over there at about 4:00 on Friday. We settled into our cabin and waited for Pateresa to get there. After she got there, Yumei and Marie made us a yummy dinner with chicken caserol, veggies, and salad. SO YUMMY!!Then my sister-in-law Heidi made some to-die-for brownies to celebrate my mom and Pateresa's birthdays.
We had so much fun Friday night. We went over to the lodge and picked us out some pajammas (its kind of becoming a tradition to get new pj's together every year). So of course we had to take pictures in our matching pj's. We were being so silly, so don't mind some of the pictures.

This is my favorite one cause it has us all in it. Took us a while to figure out our timers ont he cameras, but then we had to pose 110 times for each camera lol. These girls are the BEST.

Top left to right: Heidi, Pateresa, my mom, Yumei.
Bottom left to right: Sarah, me, and Marie.We are missing my sister-in-law, Malia, and I was really sad. YOU BETTER BE THERE NEXT YEAR MALIA!!!

We stayed up late on Friday playing some games, a hotdog game and a truth and a lie. Then, we spent the rest of the time talking.
The cabin we were in was really cute. It was not as nice as the one before, but it was good enough for us. Heidi, Pateresa, Yumei, and I shared the loft, Marie and Sarah shared a room, and my mom got her own.

Saturday morning Heidi and my mom made a delicious breakfast with german pancakes, sausage, bacon, and fruit, delicous!!

We spent most of Saturday scrapbooking and visiting. My mom read us a lot of history and journal entries about her parents, which was really neat to learn about. You would think 2-1/2 days we would have to find stuff to do, but the time just flies and there is always actually more that we always want to do.

Saturday night dinner was up to me and Sarah and we made kabobs, 2 salads, and fruit pizza for dessert.

We went for a walk and took some fun pictures. I love Fishlake it is soooo pretty.
So Saturday we of course played some more games. We played some game with money, I lost mine and of course we played some allitaire, spoons, BS, and UNO. We could have played games all night, but finally gave up at about 3:30 in the morning. That is suprising to me that I can stay awake that late, considering that is usually close to my wake-up time in the morning.
Sunday morning we just woke up and got ready to go :( Our trip went so fast. We of course had to end it with a meal at the Bowery.
So, the whole time I just had so much fun and kept thinking I never wanted it to end....then 2 minutes after I got in my car to go home, I was crying. I was so ready to see Chantry and the boys. It's funny cause we spent a time or two talking about our kids and the funny stuff they say or do, but even then I didn't feel like I missed them a whole ton, but on Sunday, I was wishing I could snap my fingers and be home.
Thanks Chantry for letting me have this weekend with my sisters and mom and taking such good care of the boys. It really does mean a lot to me and it is so important for me to keep a good relationship with them and have this time with them. Everytime we all get together, I always learn something new about one of them and have soooo much fun.