Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5 things I LOVE to hear

1. "I'm never comin in behind you again old man" (From the Cars movie)
2. I whiped my own butt (and he can, something we have been working on so he can go to preschool)
3. C-H-A-N-N-E-R V-A-N (He can spell his first and middle name, now just need to work on the last).
4. Can I cuddle you mom? (Why yes, yes you can).
5. I'm tired. (it sure is nice when he says he is tired on his own and I do not have to fight him to go to bed).

1. I love you! (Seriously the BEST)
2. Please
3. Food (So nice to have a kid that loves to eat and actually asks for food and I do not have to force it)
4. Stinky (even though most the time it means he has pooped, it still sounds SOOOO cute)
5. Ranger (he just started saying this last night, glad he loves it as much as we do)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Pictures from my phone

First of all, I just want to say that I have an amazing husband. It does not have to be Father's day or his birthday or our anniversary for me to recognize that he is a wonderful man. He is the best husband and father that I could have ever hoped for. Without going into a ton of detail about all the reasons I think he is amazing, I will just say he is a BIG DEAL! and we love him!

So I have a ton of cute pictures on my phone and just thought I would share a few. This may be a long blog with picture overload, but I forget my camera a lot and this will fill in some gaps of our every day life that I never blog about!

One day Ches and Chan were yelling to me that they wanted a bath. When I walked in there, they were already in the tub.

I had a few binkies in the side pocket of our glider chair from when Chestyn was little. He has never been a binky baby and so I actually thought it was quite cute when he walked up to me wiht a binky in his mouth. I threw it out right after because as cute as it is, I did not need an addicted baby.

Pirate Island Pizza.

We tried out the Huggies Jeans diapers and I have to say Chestyn sported them quite well.
At the carnival in the summer.

Channer and I went on a late night date to get icecream one night and he wore these glasses the entire time and everyone thought he was so cute. I enjoyed them cause it distracted away from the way I looked with no makeup, etc.
My boys LOVE Home Depot and Cal Ranch. On a day when we have nothing to do, we will ask Channer what he wants to do and he will say "Go to Cal Ranch or Home Depot"
We love it when Stetson comes to play.

I might get in trouble for posting this pictures, but I think it is hillarious!!! A new side to Ladd and Chantell that most have never seen hahahahahaha

The boys love wagon rides. The only way we can go though is when Chestyn is really tired and will fall asleep quickly. Otherwise, he tries to climb out the whole time.
Kids sure love the library!

Nothing funner than packing a picnic and going on the mountain in the Ranger.
Baby got back! LOL
Channer and baby Skyler. He loves to hold him. Lauren comes over to exercise every morning and he gets to hold Sky. I laughed after I took this picture cause he is wearing the "I'm a Big Brother" shirt, so if I didn't journal this, I would think it was Chestyn.
Channer taking his first long ride on his bike. We rode to the school and played and then rode back. He did soooo good. Now we just need to work on taking them training wheels off.
This past wekeend at the mud bogs. Channer was in Heaven!

A while back Channer spent 2 to 3 days being Super Why. He would not answer to anything but Super Why. He wore his Super Why stuff and did not even want to take it off to bath or sleep, but I made him. First thing when he would wake up, he was Super Why again. The first few times I would say, "Channer come here, Channer can you do this etc." and I would get the response back of "I'm not Channer I am Super Why," I laughed, but after the 100th time, I did not laugh anymore LOL. This was on the way to the grocery store and yes, I let him be Super Why at the grocery store. It was not worth the fight and actually I thought it was kind of cute.Chestyn has the funnest personality. He brings stuff to me to put on such as hats, shoes, etc. One day he brought me this hat and tie to put on, he went and got a book, got up on the chair and read books. This is a picture that Channer is going to want to hide when he grows up. His friend, Ryann, left her headband at our house and I put it on him and took a picture. I would have to say I think we will make cute girls. :)This has to be one of the saddest pictures for me. Channer got a new backpack to start preschool and he wore it for 2 days straight. He looks so cute, but so old. I really don't think I will even be sad the day he actually goes to preschool, cause I will be so excited, but this did make me sad :( This is the vinyl lettering I just put on our bedroom wall and I love it. This is a song by Conway Twitty that both Chantry and I love and I thought it would fit perfect in our room. We finally got our bedroom and bathroom painted...I really want to get the rest of the house done too, so I can decorate everything the way I want it.The rest of the pictures are all just cute random pictures off my phone that I thought I would share, pretty self explanatory.

I love my life and everyone in it! I am thankful for the times that these boys make me want to pull my hair out because it really really makes me thankful for the smile they put on my face every single day. I am thankful for the times Chantry goes hunting or is away from me (which is not that often) with friends or family so that I can really really be thankful for the times we are together. I am thankful for the very few bad days at work where I feel like going back to bed so that I can really really be thankful for the many days that I LOVE my job! Life really is good. I have a problem with wanting everyone in the world to feel the same way I do. If somebody is down or not happy with their life, I stress about it and wish there was a way for me to change the world. I know there is no way to make everyone happy or positive, but maybe if I am positive then the ones around me might feel it and be positive too :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Summer Loves

I am copying this idea from a few friends who list their loves every month. Well I am just going to list a few of my favorite things this summer.

Cherry Rickies from Arctic Circle
Spa parties with cheap waxing, massages, and gel toes
Couples Bunko
Camping Trips and lots of them
Jillian Michaels 30-day shred
Sweet Pork Salad from Cafe Rio
Freshly painted bedroom and bathroom (now if we could get the rest of the house done)
Chestyn's kisses
Work (yep, love it more everyday)
Bachlorette (best season yet)
Running with my Hubby (until I killed my ankle)
Channer's cuddles
My Blackberry
Rides with Chantry
Green Shows
Visits with Lauren after our workouts
Herbel Essences Finishing Touch Cream
Craft days with Tera and Hayley
Beyond Belief Vita-C moisturizer with SPF 15
Cheese Sticks from Top Spot (so healthy haha)
Bachelor Pad


While we were up north, we decided to take the kids to the zoo. Last year we went on the baby elephant's first appearance to the public. This year it was the day after they celbrated her first birthday. Chesyn loved the elephents, except he kept mooing at them like a cow.

Why is the train ride so dumb at the zoo?! Maybe I am the only one who thinks this, but it doesn't hardly go by any animals. You see like 2 and it is like a goat and buffalo or something lame. I think the train ride at Lagoon you see more animals. Plus, it is, you have to pay extra to ride it. Why is it not included in your zoo pass!! Ok, done complaining! The boys loved it and that is all that matters.

My little 3 year old is kind of a took me forever to coax him into sitting on this elephant. He told me he didn't want to get snot on him. It blows out water and I guess he thought it was really snot. lol.

Tried to get the usual zoo pics in front of the gorillas, but it didn't work out in my favor so well.

The boys loved the carasoul (another thing that I think should just be included in a regular zoo pass).

I think Chantry liked it the most!

So the zoo was fun, but it is definately something you only do for a few hours. Channer started to get super ornery and tired. It probably didn't help that they didn't get much sleep the night before in the motel, but he was grouchy to say the least. He started saying he wanted to go take a nap. So we hurried and finished up looking at the giraffes and went home.

Relaxing on the grass right before we left.

It was a fun day!

Hadlie's Birthday Party

We went up north last weekend to celebrate my niece, Hadlie's, birthday. My sister-in-law, Malia, put so much work into it. She made her own signs, cupcake stand, party hat, etc. Her sister-in-law made a cute matching dress. Everything was pink and black zebra and SOOOOO cute. She even had her 3 year old decked out in zebra.
The party was a lot of fun. They did a yummy bbq and we swam in the pool. It is apparent to me that we need to go swimming more often because my kids were both terrified. They love water, but not pools. It has to be shallow and then you can't get them out. It was fun though.

Hadlie was spoiled rotten!!!

She dug right into the cake! Too cute!!
Happy 1st Birthday little Hadlie!!