Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This is for jouneling purposes only, so feel free not to read this super long post!

Things are just wonderful for us as usual. I really could not ask for more. Life is busy and that is the way I like it. Only problem, is time flies and I wish it would just stand still for a bit. My boys are at a fun age and although it would be nice to see a clean house in the future with undestroyed furniture, I am loving my little destroyers. This age is great. They are old enough that I don't feel the least bit guilty leaving them to go on a date (let's face it they love being away from me for a few hours anyway), Chestyn is saying more everyday and tells me if something hurts (no more of those guessing games, well kind of), and the 2 boys actually play together for a couple minutes at the time. Those are probably the happiest moments of my day, the little moments when they are getting a long so well.

Like I said, he is saying more and more everyday. He repeats a lot of what we say, or at least tries to. He will get the general tone out whether or not anyone else can understand him, Chantry and I usually can. Lately when I take off his diaper he says "potty" and runs to the potty. I sit him on there for a few minutes. He has never done anything, but I just find it fascinating that he will even sit on there, all the while saying "pee pee, poo poo" So he knows what is to be done there, just doesn't do it. Channer wouldn't even go near the potty until he was about 2, so I find it to be great. Channer was super easy to potty train once he decided he wanted to, so I am just hoping Chestyn will be the same (wishful thinking right?!) Chestyn is obsessed with shoes right now. Every morning he brings me shoes to put on him. Sometimes they are his and sometimes they are Channer's, either way I have to put them on. He spends most of the morning in his PJ's or diaper and shoes. He also brings Chantry and I our shoes anytime we talk about going somewhere and he will whine and say "shoes, shoes, shoes" until you put them on. He is so good at following directions, puts things in the trash for me, puts his toys in the toybox, etc. He just doesn't leave them there. I tell him to put something in the trash and he does, but seconds later pulls it back out. He is still a good eater and pretty much tries whatever I give him. Somedays he eats a ton and others he just easts a small bite and is done, but he will at least try it. He is learning to climb. I hate this!! Channer drags our kitchen chairs over to the sink to wash his hands...well Chestyn copies him and pulls the chair over and climbs up on the counter. Scared me to death the first time I saw him do it. Channer was never a climber! I love my little stink!! Anyone who knows Chestyn knows his personality is about as cute as they come. I am in for it when he gets older with his smart alec ways, but right now he couldn't be any cuter and makes me laugh a million times a day.

I know I brag all too much about Channer and how smart he is, but he is definitely brag worthy. He never ceases to amaze me. He is always coming up with something and he could enterain me all day with his imagination. He loves to tell stories right now. When we are driving in the car, he always says, "I'm gonna tell you a story mom...." I have recorded a few of his stories and I need to upload them because he can definitely tell them. Most of them start with "Once upon a time there was a scary, scary, scary monster...." Or "Once upon a time there was a cute little family that was nice that got scared by a scary, scary, scary monster...." He really gets into it with his hands and facial expressions. He is loving preschool. I told him last Thursday that I was sad cause he never kisses me or hugs me goodbye and never even really says goodbye to me. So he told me the next time he would. Well on Tuesday, I brought him back to school and when we pulled up to the door he said, "Mom, don't be sad when I don't hug or kiss you or say goodbye, it just means I like my preschool." Well whatever, it still makes me sad. He does love it though and the second we get out of the car he is running in the door and probably just doesn't think twice to stop and give me a hug goodbye. He is getting really excited for Disneyland in next week. I started telling him 10 more sleeps, 9 more sleeps, etc. and he is way excited...I just don't think he has a clue though how much fun he is going to have. Channer is still spoiled rotten and all about routine. He wakes up every morning around the same time. Comes and gives me a hug at the computer, uses the bathroom, lies down ont he couch and asks for his milk, white warm blanky, and his show. Aunt Chan took him on a date the other day. Channer wanted to go on his date to Cal-Ranch, but it was a Sunday and they had already closed, so she took him to Wal Mart. He came back with a toy and bug juice of course. I asked him why she bought him that and he just replied "because she loves me." Ya, he does that to me all the time. Tells me he needs something because I love him or because he has been such a good boy. How do you break yourself of giving in all the time. I am too big of a softy. I love my little Channer. We butt heads EVERY day, then turn around and cuddle seconds later. I could NEVER ask for a better 3 year old. I forget it some moments, but a day never goes by without me thinking to myself a thousand times that I am so lucky to have such a good 3 year old.

Chantry is just amazing and I know I don't tell him enough. Of course I tell him I love him often and how sexy he looks, but I don't tell him how thankful I am for the little things he does everyday. I have not touched my yard this year....haven't pulled one weed, touched the lawn mower, watered the lawn, cleaned up the kids toys when they are scattered everywhere. That is all him. He has not griped once when I said I wanted this painted, that painted, this moved here, that moved here, etc. I am really trying to change our house and make it less crowded and more homy and he is just great at helping me with everything. My favorite thing about Chantry is that he does not leave the house without giving us all big hugs, kisses and I love you's. When the boys are asleep when he leaves, he tells me to have them call him so that he can say good morning. Chantry's job has been a roller coaster ride for the last 2 years. It is not something I talk about often or speak light about because I know it weighs heavily on Chantry's mind. He does whatever he can to provide for our family and he does it well. He just recently accepted a job with Con-Way freight and we are excited about it. It is pretty much just like Yellow, but steadier hours (we are hoping). He has worked for Yellow for 6 years and actually pretty much planned on retiring from Yellow, but the economy has a way of changing plans on ya. Of course right when Chantry started his business and keeping busy with that, he finds another job. It sill works out great though cause he can do his handyman stuff on the side. I love you Chantry and thank you for all your hard work and the little things you do for our family every day that mean so much.

Well not much about me. I am just still enjoying being a stay at home mom and doing medical transcription. I love the company I am with now and plan to stay there for a LONG time! I pretty much just work 4 hours in the morning and a little in the afternoon if I have time. I started watching my nieces, Charlee and Canyon, on Mondays and I love it. The boys love it! I am so looking forward to our vacation this next week. I am so excited to get away with our little family, just the 4 of us.

I feel so blessed. I feel like everything always works out just the way I want it to. I don't want to jinx this, but it feels that way. With all the ups and down of Chantry's job it seemed everything happened at the right time. Chantry was laid off a week after Chestyn was born, most would say that was not a blessing...I felt it was a blessing, because all I had ever prayed for was that his job went well through my pregnancy and we kept our insurance. My prayers were answered so I couldn't complain. It gave Chantry more time at home with me and my newborn. Chantry spent a lot of extra time with Chestyn throughout his first year because he was working 3 days a week. When Channer was born he was working 60 hours a week, so he didn't get near that time with him. I also found us being blessed in so many other ways. Chantry was always able to work enough to keep our insurance, pretty much and the short while we didn't have it, we didn't need it. I call that a blessing for sure! It seems like whenever one door closed another one was always opening. If Chantry wasn't able to work at Yellow, he was always having something else fall into place (towing, driving for his cousin, hauling dirt for a friend, or his own handyman stuff). What a blessing for us that we never just had to do without because he always had some kind of work, things fell into place. I could not be more grateful for that!! I never fail to thank my Heavenly Father every day for the blessings pouring in...wonderful friends, wonderful family, and wonderful life!!

So if you read this post, way to go! Like I said this is my journal and I know I should keep my own personal journal, but I don't, so there it is.

Couldn't leave ya without pics of my boys!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Family Pictures

I have been wanting to get family pictures done for a long time, so posted on Facebook that I needed to get them done. After having several generous offers to take our pictures, my friends and I decided to try them ourselves. I thought they turned out great. Not only the fact that they were free was awesome, but I got to spend the whole day on the mountain with the Veater and Nelson Families. We had a great time taking pictures, BBQ'n hamburgers and hotdogs, and just visiting. Of course Channer and Chestyn had a blast playing with their friends and we had to work extra hard at not letting them get dirty before they dug in the dirt.

I could edit and play with pictures for hours, but since I don't have hours, this is the result of some quick editing.

Friday, September 17, 2010

What I would be missing.

I am working (somewhat) right now, but just have to take the time to write down this conversation and the LITTLE things I would miss that mean so much, if I did not work from home.

Chestyn is taking a nap and Channer is coloring on the table by me. This is the conversation he just had between him and his coloring book (yes, this kid has a wonderful imagination):

CHANNER: Hi elephant, I am going to color your ears purple. (laughs)
ELEPHANT: Hey, are you laughing at me?
CHANNER: Because you have purple ears.
ELEPHANT: It's not nice to make fun of people.
CHANNER: Yes it is.
ELEPHANT: No its not.
CHANNER: Okay, okay, it's not nice. My mom told me not to laugh at people.
ELEPHANT: Thanks Channer.

This made me smile for lots of reasons, mainly though because, he actually listens to some things I tell him, he has such a great imagination, and most of all because I am able to work from home with my kids by my side. Life is good!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kaje's Baptism

On September 4, my nephew Kaje was baptized. We were worried we might not be able to make it since it was Labor Day weekend and that is usually a huge camping weekend for the Brindley Fam, but it worked out perfect and we were able to share Kaje's special day.

He was baptized by his dad, my brother Bawb, and it was a perfect day.They have such a cute family. Kaje was the only baptism in his whole stake, so they were able to do a very special program just for him.
Afterwards we went and ate at my favorite restaurant ever, El Mexicano.
Alan, Malia, and their cute family!

My beautfiul nieces, Branda and Celina. I cannot believe how grown up they look.
A good shot of Al.
So this is a funny story and have to document...Channer came over to me and told me he was jealous because his cousin Brylee was getting a picture with his cousin Garrett. So I told him to go over and tell Garrett that he wanted a picture with him. He was too shy, so finally I went and told Garrett. Garrett was so happy that Channer wanted a picture with him and Channer was a little emberassed, but excited to get a picture with him too.

So then he wanted one with Brylee too. He is so funny!
The day turned out great and it was nice being able to share Kaje's special day. My mom rode with us from Richfield to Mt. Pleasant, so that was nice to have some extra time with her too.
I will update on the rest of our FUN Labor Day weekend when I get time.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Channer's First Day of Preschool

My big boy!
Chestyn wanted in on every picture.

He is one good lookin' stud!
"Mom, get a picture of my backpack"
His friend, Tasia, came over to get some pictures too.

He loved the preschool right away!

Channer and his friend, Kinzley.

Tasia, Miss Wendy, and Channer
Channer and his new teacher, Miss Wendy.
Chestyn wanted to stay too!
Today Channer started school. I have been prepping him thinking he would have a hard time, but nope. He practically pushed me out the door. I am glad he is going to love it though. He is still there as I am typing this. I guess I had to do something to keep my mind off of him being gone. I had a WAYYYYY harder time than he did...but no tears! I did good! I love my little man and while I am sad he is growing up so quick, I love seeing him start new adventures.