Sunday, October 31, 2010

I hope I never make somebody else feel this way...

Last night was so fun for Halloween. We were out trick-or-treating when I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in about 6 months. She said to me "Oh, your expecting again", "umm no" was my reply. At this point most people would either shut up or say sorry or something, but no, this girl said "oh, you're not, are you dressed up or something?" Again, no! Worst part was my husband was standing there and I am sure he saw the pain in my eyes. The one thing I struggle with the most is my belly. It is embarrassing. My baby is 18-months-old and I still have a belly. I know it is because of how I eat. I guess if anything I can thank this person, because I think she has finally put it in my head enough to diet. I just never ever want to make somebody feel the way that made me feel. I had this happen to me about 3 years ago when Channer was about 1 and it still eats at me. The pain doesn't go away. I know this person didn't mean to hurt me and probably said whatever came out of her mouth next because she had no idea what to say, but in the end it hurt! Oh well, my own fault, but my advice to everyone is if you don't know 100%, don't say it. Awkward...and I just played it off, smiled and said good to see you and walked off. My husband spent the rest of the night telling me how beautiful I was and as much as I appreciated it, I knew he was wrong. Well here is the start of my diet. :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random Fun!

This is just a random update of random stuff we have been up to.

While Chantry was at training in Salt Lake, my friend Hayley and my sister-in-law Chantell went and roasted hotdogs at Three Peaks. Hayley's husband has been working out of town, so it was something fun for us to do while the husbands were out. The kids love it and I am for sure doing this a few times next summer.

Aunt Chan is the best!! She is like a kid, that is why all the kids love her so much :)
We painted pumpkins one day when Ryann was over to play.
Painting pumpkins with an 18 month old is not an easy task. Remember this post Well, channer was about the same age and he just sat on the floor and painted. Chestyn, not so much. He wanted to run around the house with the paint brush. He wanted to eat the paint. He wanted it in his hair. He wanted to paint the other kids' pumpkins. So, I moved him to his high chair.

He colored his high chair. He ate the markers. I even think he may have eaten a googly eye. I think craft time is going to wait a while for him.
Ryann and Channer on the other hand had a lot of fun!

I love my game nights with my girls. We need to be better at taking pictures because we never do and we do not have any together. This particular one was a party I won from House Party again and everybody got little baggies full of goodies from Durex. We had a good time and played a fun game of Apples to Apples.
Chantell and Lauren
Ashley and Angela.
Yes, we have name tags because we all picked out stripper names lol. We couldn't say anyone's real name or we got a mark. The person who had the least amount of marks by the end of the night won. It was fun to be silly again.
I love this picture of Chestyn. He has crazy beautiful blue eyes. This picture does not show just how bright they are. He has the same color of eyes that Chantry has, but Chantry's eyes are kind of small. I have big eyes, but not that beautiful color like Chantry, so I say he got the best of both of our eyes.

This last weekend we had a sisters weekend at my sister Sarah's house. It was so fun. We did a lot of scrapbooking, watching Modern Family, and just visiting. Friday night Channer had planned to sleep in Rylee and Jordyn's room with them. He fell asleep in there, but since I slept downstairs I was worried he would get scared and I wouldn't hear him, so I brought him down there with me. He thought it was fun having a "sleepover".
Saturday night my older nieces watched all the younger kids and all the adults went to dinner over at El Mexicano and went to the boutique at the Blackhawk. We had so much fun. We only took one picture and it is of me HAHA.

I need to be better at this picture taking thing again, especially if I am going to convince Chantry I need a nice new camera.
I love watching Canyon and Charlee on Monday's. Channer and Chestyn love having them over. It is like the highlight of our week to have these sweet girls over.
Charlee pooped and was covered, so she needed a bath. It was not long before they all begged to get in.
I just took this picture this morning. My boys barely woke up in time to get a little cuddle time in with their dad before he left for work. I love these 3 boys!!!
Last night we went to a fun couples bunco night!!! Seriously so fun! We did it Halloween style. Stay tuned for pics. I have to steel them from someone else since I didn't take any myself.

Monday, October 18, 2010

What an eye opener to me.

Just something I want to jot down to remember in case I have to remind myself again. So Channer's newest thing is he says "Look at me real." Let me explain. He will ask me something, I kind of answer yes or no while still doing whatever I was doing (internet, work, cleaning, crafts, visiting with friends, whatever). Well apparently I need to stop and take the time to listen. He knows he has asked me questions before that I was not fully listening and answered yes, when he knew my answer would be no. Then he says, "Look at me real." Repeats his question and I say no this time because he got my attention. Then he asks, "then why did you say yes?" How sad is that??

I saw this video today on my sister's facebook and that is when it came to me that I am not fully listening. He has had to get between me and a book and say..."hello." That is me! This is definitely something I am going to work on. As cute as it was when Channer kept saying "Look at me real." I just realized what it really is that he was doing this morning when I saw that video. He needs my attention, full attention. I am not saying he is neglected in the attention department, because he gets plenty, but I do find myself half listening to him a lot. I love the little blissful moments that my children stop me in my tracks and truly show me what life is about. This is definitely something I will be working on.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Disneyland Day 2

Day 2 was pretty much a repeat of Day 1. We just rode a lot more rides. I loved all the Halloween decorations at Disneyland.

The boys all loved the teacups and turning them.

After a break for naps and lunch again, we went back to California Adventures. We watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse live on stage. Channer loved it! Chestyn too!

I had Chantry take a picture with me in front of the giant "R".
We seemed to miss a lot of characters that were just ending their line when we got to them, or the line was so long we didn't want to wait. They still saw lots though.

Channer was not a bit afraid of the characters like I thought he would be. He loved them. The first time he saw Mickey, he was a little bit nervous, but from then on out, he would give them a big hug!

We saw Mickey a lot. In his Halloween costume, in his magic suit, etc. We ran into him in a store and he gave Channer a high five. I didn't have my camera out, but Channer thought he was pretty cool.
So the highlight of our whole trip is Channer seeing Lightening and Mater int he parade. We saw the parade twice just so he could see them again. He was even more excited the second time around. He was amazed! Seriously love that kid. I think 3 is a perfect time to take your kid to Disneyland because they are still so imaginative. Everything is so real to them. It was so real to him. He told him that Lightening said, hey there is my buddy Channer. He thought he was the coolest kid ever. He did ask why Mickey's eyes don't blink. We told him that there are so many people at Disneyland he doesn't want to miss any of them so he keeps his eyes open. I heard him telling his grandma that on the phone when we got home, so he must have bought it :)
Can't leave without some souvinir cups. Bigger than my boys. They loved them of course!
All and all we had a wonderful little family vacation. Next year, we hope to make it a longer vacation. Somewhere fun. Maybe Yellowstone or Grand Canyon or something. I want to go back to Disneyland soon though and make it a longer trip too. Two days in the park with the age of my kids I thought was plenty, but I would have liked to see more of California, go to Seaworld, and a few other things.
Channer's favorite ride was Monster's Inc. He could have rode it over and over. Chestyn's favorite ride was It's a Small World. If it did not take forever to upload videos, I would upload the funniest video of him dancing the whole way through Its a Small World. He seriously loved loved it! My favorite was Pirates of the Carribean. Too bad the lines or so long or I would have gone more than once. Chantry had a great time too, but I think his favorite part was the beach. He is not a crowd type person.
I love my little family. Chantry is now working in Salt Lake for 4 days. It is the longest we have been away from each other in our almost 7 years of marriage. I will just count my blessings we have not had to be apart before now. Usually it is just 1 or 2 nights while he is hunting and I usually make plans with my sisters, so its not a big deal. I am not a person who likes to be alone. I am a very independent person, yet I depend on him coming home everynight. I am so grateful he has a job that he can be home everynight. I have so much respect for the woman whose husbands are deployed, work away weeks at a time or even days. I just can't do it. I miss him already and this is just day one :(

Disneyland Day 1

Getting ready to go to D*I*S*N*E*Y*L*A*N*D We went and found Channer a Lightening McQueen hat at the store by our hotel and he said Lightening would love it.

Toon Town was one of Channer and Chestyn's favorite places. They loved all the cars around everywhere. Channer loved the roller coaster. Channer's favorite though was meeting Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Minni, and Pluto.

Trying to see Mickey!

My lens must have not been all the way open on these pictures, but it was soooo cute. Goofy took Channer's hand and started to walk away...I thought I know Channer is gonna freak out, but no instead, he had the biggest smile I have ever seen.

He loved Pluto. He ran right into his arms to give him a huge hug.
Boat ride and Channer got to ring the bell.

We spent the morning at Disneyland and then took a break for a few hours to eat lunch and let the kids take a nap. Then, we went to California Adventures. That was the place to be. Far less crowded, exactly what Channer wanted to see, rides for all of us to get on, etc. Channer only cried one time that I can think of the ENTIRE trip and it was when we took him into to see Bugs Life 3D. He was not a fan. I thought it was cool and was disappointed we had to get up and walk out, but Channer was freaked out by the spiders and bugs. Not his thing I guess.
So I have always made fun of the people who put "leashes" on their children...well as you can see here, we resorted to this and Chestyn loved it lol. He cried when we would take it off. We ended up carrying him most of the time anyway cause he would get distracted and lollygag the whole way.

I just want to say that seeing Channer's face the minute he saw Lightening and Mater made it all worth it. It made it worth every penny. It made it worth the long car ride. It made it worth the hot long walk throughout the park. It made it worth every second of it. Seriously, he was in awe. We had to go back through the line so he could touch his tongue, feel his door handle, and get another picture.
I wish I would have taken more pictures of him with Lightening because it seriously was sooooo priceless. His comment after was "Why wasn't his tongue wet"
Of course I had to get a picture of Channer, Chantry, and Chestyn by the big "C" on our way out.
Day 1 at Disneyland was a blast. The kids were super tired, so we headed back to the hotel. We ordered some pizza and the kids fell asleep fast; they were so wore out.