Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. This year did not dissapoint. It was the Nielsen side of the family this year. It works out that every other year all my brothers and sisters end up at my mom's house and every other year at the in-law's. I was a bit sad to miss out on the Brindley side this year, as they all got together with Grandma Irva and I heard it was quite the crowd. We had so much fun though at my mom's and of course the food was delicious!!! We missed my brother, Bawb, and his family who got sick :(

Chestyn loved Thanksgiving. Pretty sure he ate a half a turkey himself.
Me and my sis Sarah.
All the girls...Marie, Malia, my mom, Sarah, me, Yumei, and Pateresa.
Two of my favorite sister-in-laws...Malia and Yumei.
My mom and I (not sure what is going on with the lighting, some dark some light, weird).

Malia, me, and Marie.

Love this picture of Malia and I...one of my BEST friends for sure.
My two oldes sisters and me (I'm not fitting in wiht my dark hair anymore)
Two pretty ladies.
Blurry, but still a great picture of me and my sis, Marie.
Marie and Todd.
Me and my hott honey :)
Me, my niece Tiffany, and my brother Alan.
Me and Alan.
Me and my sis, Pateresa.
Played some cards with my nieces and nephews for a few minutes.
Alan and Malia gave Channer his birthday present early and it was what he has been asking for FOREVER!! We could not find it anywhere in Cedar or Richfield, so they found it up north. It was the Sheriff from Cars. He has slept and bathed with it ever since.
My Grandma Conley and mom having a good visit.
The guys!
Yes, my brother was flipping me off. I had to get 3 pictures to get one without him full on flipping me off.

While they were cleaning up dinner, my sister, Pateresa, put together some fun crafts for the kids. She is a preschool teacher and knew exactly what to do for the kids. They had so much fun making their apple turkeys and marshmallow snowmen.

Garrett was making funny faces through most of the pictures, cracks me up.
Channer and his cute apple turkey.
Such a fun Thanksgiving crowded into my mom's 2-bedroom house with about 40 people. LOVED IT!!!! I love spending time with my family and Thanksgiving is especially fun because as I was surrounded by all these people I loved, I was filled with gratidue to have such a great family. The rest of the weekend was spent in Antimony with Chantry's family. Post coming soon.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fun Date

Chantry and I had such a fun and random date night last weekend. We had no intensions of even going out, but decided last minute it would be fun to go to the Due West concert in St. George. So, we met some friends down there and had dinner at Olive Garden, went to Jubilee of Trees to see Due West and then played a fun game of laser tag afterwards. My favorite song they sang at Due West was "Tell Her". It is so true...makes a relationship so much stronger if you just tell eachother how you feel. Chantry is really good at telling me I look nice, he likes my hair, or an outfit etc. I try to do the same because it is the little things that matter most. Tim Gates (the lead singer) is from Richfield and I haven't seen him sing since I was really young, so it was so fun to go see him sing. Thanks for a fun date night Chantry!!

Friday, November 19, 2010


I am completely overwhelmed lately....but not in a bad way.

I am overwhelmed with love. I honestly feel like my husband and I have the BEST relationship. I am more in love with him today than I was the day I married him. Sounds crazy, but I am sure many can relate. I thought I loved him so much then, but oh my, to see him be a father brings an overwhelming amount of love to our relationship. I also feel like we know each other more than ever, yet still love each other despite our faults, mistakes, and shortcomings (do we have any?? ;)

I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I am so thankful and seriously overwhelmed with thankfulness right now. Might be the season that reminds us to be thankful, but boy do I feel extremely blessed. I love my home and having a place for our little family to make memories. Sure I would like it to be bigger, but I really could not ask for a better place to make such sweet memories with my little family. I am so thankful for my wonderful family, both the one I was born into and my in-laws. I am so so thankful for wonderful friends. The kind I feel like I can call with problems, yet have a wonderful night of laid back fun with no drama. I am so thankful for my job. I know I probably sound like a broken record, but it has been a dream come true. I am sure you could go back and look at my transcripts throughout school where they ask you what you want to be when you grow up...and you would find things like: teacher, fashion designer, accountant, etc....never a transcriptionist who works at home while being a mom...but honestly, dream come true!! Last but not least, I find my self soooo overwhelmed lately with gratitude of my 2 little boys. I have even found myself staring at them and end up in tears thinking about how wonderful they are.

I am overwhelmed with JOY!! Yes, joy. I am happier than I have ever been. I love my life right now. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty when I hear other peoples problems and I don't have any, like maybe I should take some of their burdens. I really should knock on wood as I am saying this, because I really don't want the burdens. If we could be EXACTLY where we are right now for the rest of our lives, I would be okay. Of course I have hope for the future and look forward to seeing our kids grow (maybe even more kids), but I am so incredibly happy right now, I just want to live in the moment.

So I guess it is not always a bad thing to be overwhelmed.

Chestyn's Dictionary.

I have mentioned several times that Channer has words he says that we just think are too darn cute to correct him, so they belong in Channer's dictionary. Well Chestyn is creating his own dictionary. His fisrt word to go in it is Puc! Yes, this is backwards of cup. We are weaning him off the bottle and he now asks for his puc. I have found myself saying puc the last few days because he says it so cute.

So this morning I walk in the bathroom to find that Chestyn had shook out those little elastic bands for girls hair all over the bathroom floor. He looked up at me and as clear as can be said "Channer did it" Channer replied with "No I didn't the Holy Ghost did it." Kids are too funny!! Oh wait maybe not so funny, it took me FOREVER to clean all those bands up.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Fall Loves

My fall loves are very similar to my summer loves, but a few added.

HOODIES (with flip flops of course)
JILLIAN MICHAEL'S 30-DAY SHRED (still not sick of this workout)
MY REGULAR SHOWS THAT HAVE JUST STARTED TO AIR AGAIN (Desperate Housewives, 90210, One Tree Hill)
NEW CARPET (obsessed with vacuuming now)
PAJAMA DAYS (You know the ones where you change out of your pj's 10 minutes before hubby gets home so that he doesn't know you spent the whole day in your pajamas)
DATE NIGHTS (and the fact that that my nephews and nieces are getting old enough to watch our kids).
HOT COCOA (Maverik's is the best)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting Wood with the Family!!

We had so much fun on the mountain getting wood for Chantry's dad. To be honest, I had kind of a bad attitude about it that morning. I was not in the mood to go up and freeze while the guys got wood. Not sure what I was thinking, because we ALWAYS have so much fun together and it sure did not fail us this time. We had a BLAST. It was not near as cold as I had thought. The sun was shining and we had a blast in the snow, yes, even me! We went sledding, built a snow fort, made snow angels, had a snowball fight, and I did help a little with the wood gathering.

I had to take a picture of Chestyn from behind because he just looked like one big puffy marshmallow. He felt like one too. He hated his snow suite and his gloves. He loved playing in the snow though.

Dusty, Ginger, and their family were there too, so Channer had fun playing with Stetson and Braxton and Tyrell was the perfect sled puller with the kids inside.

Chestyn loved going down with McKayla.
Channer loved going down with Aunt Chan. He did not so much like going down with me because we biffed it on a side of a hill and he got snow in his face.

Taking a break to have a drink and some lunch.

The guys cutting down trees.
Colton had just thrown a snowball at Chantry....looks pretty happy to me.

The boys had so much fun and were fast asleep within 2 minutes of heading off the mountain.
We had a fun evening too. We went over to Grandpa's house and split some of the wood and ate some pizza. More time to play with cousins. That night, Wyatt offered to watch our kids so we could go to the movie and we took full advantage. Nothing better than date night!!! It is so nice to have a sitter that will come to our house because then we don't have to get the boys and fight them all the way home because they are so tired. We even went for dessert after the movie at Applebee's. Wyatt loved sitting (mostly the money I think), the kids loved Wyatt, and we had a great night...win-win all around.