Friday, January 28, 2011

Hockey in Vegas

Last weekend we decided to head to Vegas and watch my nephew's hockey games.

We left Friday morning after I got done working. Chantry had the day off, so we got to go a day earlier than we had planned.

Chestyn and Channer were both out before we even got out of town. I love how Chestyn turns his hats and thinks he is so funny.

Beau's frist hockey game was Friday afternoon. The boys loved it. I loved it!! It was so much fun to see him play. We haven't watched him play for about 5 years, and now things are a lot rougher. This is his last year being able to play in Vegas...then he either has to move away from his family or not play at all :( I hope he keeps playing because he is REALLY good.

He is #26.

After his first game, a guy that Charla's family knew gave Chestyn his very own hockey stick. He thinks he is pretty cool now and wants to play, but it is not happening. I have seen how much money has to be poured into this sport. YIKES.Blade gave Channer one of his old hockey sticks when we got back to their house, so he would not feel left out.

Grandpa and Chestyn watching the game together. They have become quite the little buddies the last while.

Friday night we stayed at Charla's house. Channer loved being spoiled by his cousins and Grandma and Grandpa.

Saturday morning we headed to another hockey game. I didn't get any pictures though. The boys were loving the games. They would yell "Go Beau Go" :)
After the game we headed over to the swap meet. Quite interesting to say the least.
Then, we headed over to Hoover Dam. They just built a bridge above the dam and we wanted to go check it out. As you can tell, we got there at sunset, so we weren't able to walk across because they had closed it, but we did get some pictures.

Then, we headed to more hockey. I didn't get any pictures at this one either because Channer fell asleep and I was holding him the whole time.
Grandma Irva's 92nd birthday was announced to everyone. It was fun having her there for the weekend. That woman can gamble though. The second the games were over, she was begging someone to take her gambling.
Sunday on the way home, we met up with one of my blogger friends, Sara, and her cute little family. Our kids hit it off right away and we had a great time. Hopefully we can get together again soon.
We are headed tomorrow to Mesquite for Chantry's birthday get-away and I am so excited!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My boys!


This morning Channer asked me to take some pictures of him. He is soooo funny. He kept telling me what he was doing (cheesing it, funny face, serious face, haha) and then Chestyn copied everything he did.
Channer is growing up so fast. I took him to the dentist yesterday. He did so well, did exactly what they told him. He has great teeth. He is loving preschool and it has made him open up so much more socially. He is still shy some of the time and I think a lot of the time it is him being stubborn, not so much shy lol.
He got a few games for Christmas and we have spent lots of time playing those. He also got lots of Play-Doh and is loving it. I feel bad because I make him only get his games nad Play-Doh out when Chestyn is napping because Ches just tears everything apart, eats the Play-Doh, or hauls it around my house. Channer is so particular with it. He hates the colors mixing and puts one color away before he gets out another. He has always been my clean and picky kid. Things have to be just right. He still has his routines and hates to be broken away from them. He likes to get up in the morning and still lay on the couch with his white warm blanky, milk, and his show, only now a pillow pet is thrown in the mix.
One of my favorite things Channer does is tease (as long as it is not me). Every morning when Chantry leaves for work, we say our goodbyes, and then Channer and Chantry tease each other as he is walking out the door. Channer always starts with "bye rock" and Chantry will reply with something like "bye grass" and Channer will just start calling him random things that he can come up with. He thinks he is hilarious, and he is :) When Chantry gets home from work everynight, he has to hide from Chantry. It does not matter what we are doing, the second he hears him pull into the driveway Channer runs to hide. The best part is, he hides in the SAME spot every time. Chantry comes in and looks for him and scares him. It is these little things that I look forward to having happen every single day in my life.
Channer is such a smarty. I love him more than the world.
Chestyn is my little smarty pants. He gets it from his dad. He is so stinkin fun though. He makes me laugh so much. He had a great time at the dentist yesterday. He only has 4 molars left to come in and his pearly whites are complete.
He is huge. I feel like his looks are starting to change. He is talking like a kid and I ask myself everyday where my baby went. It is so sad to me. You can't stop them from growing up, so you just enjoy it, I guess.
He is much different in the way of his brother as far as naked goes lately. In fact, I have a hard time when we come in the door to get him to take his boots and jacket off. Wheras Channer is stripped from head to toe in 2 seconds flat. First thing when Chestyn wakes up, he wants his jacket and boots on. Drives me crazy, but I have to admit it is sooooo cute!
He copies Channer a lot. Says whatever he is saying and does whatever he is doing. It drives Channer crazy. Am I a mean mom for laughing when Chestyn makes Channer cry?? It is so funny though when you see a 1 year old chasing 4 year old around the house with a stick making him cry. I laugh for a second and then get mean and make Chestyn stop. All the while Chestyn has a huge grin on his face and when you tell him to stop, he says "ok, mommy" like he was so innocent. Poor Channer!
He loves FOOD!! I am so glad to have a boy that will eat, lots less stress, but geez he is eating me out of house and home and he is not even a teenager yet ;) Not really, but his favorite foods are chicken nuggets, corndogs, any kind of messy pasta with sauce on it, and of course candy, icecream, and chocolate. He likes to dip and make messes (complete oppisite of Channer who cannot have anything on his bread or anything touch his food or he freaks out).
I love their diversities. I love their similarities. I love when I realize that for 5 minutes they have been getting along, but usually within a couple minutes of realizing this, they start fighting.

You are amazing!!! You will never know how much the little messages you leave me mean to me. Thanks for being the best man I could ask for and most of all the best daddy for our little boys. Love you lots!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Healthy Habits

Ok, I have joined and I am determined. I joined the Healthy Habits 2011 weight loss challenge. It is an 8-week challenge and it is going to finally give me the motivation I need. Chantry's cousin, Sundee, has put it together. There is close to $1,000 on the line and I want to win. All money aside though, I just want to get back to prepregnancy weight, which will mean I need to lose about 16 pounds. So here it goes. If I put it on my blog, I will have even more people to be accountable to, so wish me luck and you can track all of our progress at Good luck to all my friends that have joined with me too! :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's a new dawn. It's a new day. It's a new YEAR!!

I am loving the new year, new beginnings. I make resolutions for myself every year and even if they only last a month or 2, at least it gives me some kind of goals to work toward. So here is to a wonderful 2011!!!

We brought in the new year with Chantry's brother and his family. We just played games and let the kids play. Pretty low key and lots of fun!! So much fun, that I do not have any pictures.

I love that the Nielsen side of the family does not do their Christmas party until the week after Christmas so that we have one more thing to look forward to after all of the excitement is over.

We headed to Richfield Saturday morning. The boys have to get all snuggled in to watch a movie and of course they had to bring their pillow pets.

We had so much fun Saturday night playing games at my sister, Sarah's, house. We played the newlywed game, which is always so fun. We got a motel and the kids just love staying in a motel. Channer kept asking when we got to go there and first thing Sunday morning he asked if we got to stay another night.
This is his cousin Brylee and him in the motel waiting to go to the Christmas party.
We usually rent the Quality Center for the Christmas party and it is always so fun. My sister, Marie, was in charge this year. She made it lots of fun with good food, fun games, a talent show, and white elephant gifts. SOOO much fun!!
Brathan telling the story of Scrooge.
My nieces Branda and Celina playing Linus and Lucy on the piano. They are REALLY good. They can play so many instruments and they do it so well. They are very muscially tallented. My niece, Celina, can play over 25 instruments and Branda teaches piano lessons, so you can imagine just how good they are.

My niece, Kierra singing. She has such a pretty voice.

Brylee leading the family in the Tutti-ta.

Kenzie and Garrett singing Twinkle Twinkle
Kaje singing You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch.
Rylee and Brylee singing Where Are you Christmas.
Bawb reading us all about poop haha
Tiffany singing a song by Pink, she did so good.
Brylee and Kenzie dancing to Ke$ha.
The audience.
Kierra singing to Ke$ha. This girl is seriously good!
Opening presents.
We had sooo much fun!!! Thanks Marie for putting on such a great party. Love, love, love all my family and the time we get to spend together.