Monday, May 30, 2011

Anniversary weekend

Last weekend was our anniversary and Chantry and I took a little less-than-24-hour vacation to Zion's.  It was so much fun and so perfect to have a short night away.  We headed down Saturday morning and stopped at this little shop and petting zoo on our way down. 
We stayed at the Flannigan Inn.  We have stayed there before a few years ago and their rooms are really nice.  We stayed in a cabin type room with a fireplace and everything last time, but this time just got their cheapest room.  I was a bit worried that it would not be very nice since it was actually one of the cheaper places near Zion's to stay too, but it ended up being VERY nice. 

 When we got to Zion's we went for one of the prettiest hikes ever.  We hiked to the lower Emerald pools and upper Emerald pools.  It really was sooooo beautiful and so fun for Chantry and I to go out hiking.  The kids would have loved some of the scenery, but the hike would have been a bit much for them.   The waterfalls were so pretty.  I would recommend that hike to anyone who is just looking for a somewhat short easy hike. 

 We had a nice anniversary dinner and walked through all of the shops.  It was a fun little get-away.  We were both ready to get home to the boys though, so after breakfast Sunday morning we headed home.  We were hoping the boys would be a little happiert to see us, but they weren't ready for us to come home because they were spoiled rotten while we were gone.  Aunt Chantell kept them overnight and spoiled them all day on Saturday.  She took them to the bike derby, scout-o-rama, McDonald's for lunch, the carnival that was in town, rented them a movie and they had a FUN sleep over.  The boys talked about it all week long.  Thanks Aunt Chan for keeping them for us.  These are some pictures that we got on our phones while we were gone :)

On another note:  I drew out my first deer tag this year and I am so excited to shoot my first deer.  I hope I can find a big one ;) 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Channer's Preschool Graduation

Channer had his preschool graduation Tuesday.  He did exactly what I thought he was going to do, stood there without singing or making a sound.  Seriously, not one word or action from that little boy. 

 He still looked super cute up there just standing with all of the kids.  He had told me for days prior that he was not going to sing.  I knew if I pushed the subject, he wouldn't even walk up there with his friends, so I told him he didn't have to if he didn't want to.  He has had such a fun year at preschool.  Ms. Wendy has been a wonderful teacher and Channer cannot wait to go back next year and be in her "red class". 

Ms. Wendy did a very cute DVD of all the pictures throughout the year.  She gave us a disk too with all of the pictures she had taken throughout the year.  There were over 800 pics on the CD, but I just picked a few of my favorites to post. 

I love you Channer, even if you are super shy!! I am glad you have one more year of preschool before kindergarten, not sure I could think of you going to kindergarten quite yet.