Thursday, July 28, 2011

To my boys....

I just want you boys to know what a pleasure it is to be your mom! I could not ask for better boys. I love waking up with you two every single morning. I try to think back about what your dad and I did before you boys were here, and we must have lead a pretty boring life, because you two are definitely what makes life good now. You guys have been getting along so well lately and I LOVE it. Of course you still fight a few times a day, but for the most part you get along. This summer, you two spend most of your days outside. In fact, I have to be mean mom and make you take a bath and eat breakfast before I open that back door and it just about kills you both.

Not a day goes by that I am not in for a good laugh from you guys.  You two are always coming up with something.  This might not be so good when you become teenagers and feed off each other, but for now it is usually harmless fun and brings a smile to my face.

Channer, I just love that you are so easy going. You have always been my "rule follower" and I love it. You are a great big brother to Chestyn and I couldn't have asked for a better example of an older brother. You have always acted much older than you are and sometimes I forget that you are only four. You are so easy to compromise with and usually it doesn't even take any compromising because you will do what your asked the first time. I hope this sticks! Although, you are trying to be the compromisee lately and you are pretty good at it. Too smart for your own good. Now, if you would just lay off the teasing of your brother a bit, we would be doing well. Chestyn absolutely adores you and I hope you can remember what mom tells you about a hundred times a day "You're brother is watching you, so be careful and make sure you are doing what is right" I am pretty sure I have to remind you of this A LOT to keep Chestyn from trying everything you try. You are such a fun kid and ther is no greater joy than being your mom.

You are getting way to smart on me. You were watching out the window the other day and saw the garbage truck coming. You said, "Hey Mom, it must be Tuesday, the garbage man is here." I love that you have such a good memory and remember things like this. You make notes all the time for grandma (I just need to be better at giving them to her). You are so kind hearted and I love you buddy! Come out of your shell a little and let people see the cute personality that dad and mom see every day.

Lining up his cars, this happens almost daily.
Lining up bikes and toys, loves to line things up.

Oh Chessy-Messy! You live up to your name sooooo well. You are always a mess!! Even right out of the bath you still smell like boy! You are ALL boy and it so cute! I am so in love with your sense of adventure. You will try anything that Channer does, and most the time things he won't try. I love that you can make me laugh so much. You need to be a little more careful with that tongue of yours though, kid. It is quite funny when you stick your tongue out at your aunts, uncles, cousins, mom and dad....but complete strangers in the grocery store and Grandma's and Grandpa's are another story. I think it is funny, but not sure everyone else does. I blame your personality on your are JUST like him. I am not saying that is a bad thing, I love it. You like to tease me way too much though. I am so proud of you. You have learned to potty in the toilet and have been diaper free for 3 days now. On Monday I told you to throw all of your diapers away and you did, and we have been accident free since. Way to go buddy!!! I love this stage of talking. You repeat everything we say (good and bad) but your little voice can turn the simplest phrases into the cutest thing we have ever heard.

Thanks boys for being mine!!! You are my whole world and I am such a proud momma. I know I probably brag way to much and cannot get away with friends or family or even your dad without talking about you two the whole time. I thank Heavenly Father every night that I have you guys and that I am able to work from home and be with you all day. I hope that one day you appreciate the fact that I made things work to be home with you. It is not an easy task you know, working 8 hours a day with two little hoodlums at your side trying to talk to you, while you are trying to hear the doctor say "Pneumonoultramicroscopiciliocovolcanoconiosis" (yes that is really a word), and getting up from my chair a thousand times to go in the living room and "watch this" or have to pause after I hear "Mom, mom, mom, mom" a million times (a title I proudly hold when it comes to you boys).

Guess what?! I wouldn't change it for the world. I love you boys and I hope you know it.

Love always,
Your Mommy

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


(Many of my pictures are compliments of Pateresa...thanks sis)

We had a fun weekend in Richfield last weekend.  We got to see this cute little girl again!!!  I just love her, she is too adorable!

 Friday night my sister, Sarah, was kind enough to have us all at her house for a BBQ.  Everyone was there but my brother, Bawb, and his family.  We missed you guys!

It was a great time.  Chantry and I had to work Friday, so we got there just in time for dinner. 

I am pretty sure I have the cutest nieces and nephews in the world.  Not sure how Chantry and I were so lucky to have such cute nieces and nephews on both sides. 

Jordyn, Rylee, Brylee, and Taylor

Cute teenage girls, Branda, Celina, and Kaylee.

Cody, Branda, Celina, and Kayle...they are all growing up on me. 

Ryleee, Brylee, and Kenzie. 

Branda, Celina, and Yumei.

Two adorable girls, Hadlie and Taylor

Marie and baby Taylor
 I had so much fun being a kid again.  We played night games and it was so much fun!

Me and Chestyn
 Friday night we spent at my mom's house with Alan's family and the next day got up early to get ready for the parade in Monroe. 
Kenzie and Brylee

Kenzie and her daddy (my brother, Alan)

Kenzie, Brylee, and Garrett

One super cute boy!

Me and my boys!

Our family.

Me and my amazing sister, Pateresa. 

Me and my sister, minus Chantry being silly in the background

Malia and Sarah

Cute cousins, Rylee and Brylee

Cute sisters.

Both Brylee and Jordyn won cakes at the cake walk

When there were loud sirens at the parade, Chestyn would run to Aunt Malia to save him.

Channer caught this cool fire hat during the parade. 

When a Dodge was holding up the parade (inside joke), the boys would sit down and wait. 
 After the parade, we headed over to the park and let the kids do the cake walk and walked around for a biut.  It was so crowded and the food lines were so long that we headed back to Richfield and had Sandy's drive in for lunch. 
Chantry and baby Talyor...don't get any ideas Chantry!

 The guys went golfing and the girls went to Sarah's house to play in the water (thanks for letting is invade your house all weekend Sarah).

 It was a very fun weekend.  I had not spent anytime in Richfield for a long time and it was so fun to see everyone. It is definitely too hectic when we all get together that it doesn't seem like we get to visit.  I need one on one time with each family.  I did get some extra time with Alan and Malia and their family because we stayed at the same place.  Hopefully we can all get together soon! Love you all.