Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend in Review

We spent the weekend at home and it was a good one.  I was supposed to have a fun Mesquite weekend with my friends from high school, but it fell through, so we ended up just having a weekend at home and it was a lot of fun.

*We shampood our carpets, much needed!
*Marcus and Keshia came to town.  Keshia had a booth at a botique.  Good to see them.
*I went to lunch with my friends, Mandy and Shalee.  Since Mesquite fell through, we decided lunch would have to do.
*Grandma came.  She brought big jars of change for the kiddos to cash in, so they will have money for Lagoon next weekend. (Grandma spoils them and us).
*We went to Canyon's soccer game.  It was her last game, so glad we could make it to at least one of her games.
*I lucked out and got to spend some more time with Shalee while she was here, we had dinner with Mandy and Mike, Chace and Stachia, Chantell, and Shalee, and of course the kids. 
*We made it by to my friend, Tawnya's house.  She had invited us to a BBQ, but since we had friends from out of town here, we hung out with them and just stopped by their house for an hour or so.
*Channer had his 1st real sleep over without mom and not at Grandma's or Aunt Chantell's.  He slept over at Canyon's.  He had a blast.  I worried.  Chestyn asked about him lots and of course mom,dad, and Ches had a little sleepover of our own on our living room floor so that Chestyn wouldn't feel left out.
*Breakfast Sunday morning at American Diner.  Yummy and cheap!
*Family pictures and went on the mountain with friends.  Super fun.  I did not get a lot of great pics, just wasn't feeling the whole picture taking thing for some reason, but got a few.
*Jeep ride with the fam! Love it!!

That was basically our weekend.  Even when we stay home, we are running all over the place.  I did not take any pictures all weekend, except for the ones on the mountain of our family. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

P.S. Channer went to his first "real" birthday party today know, the kind where the parents dont stick around. :( He was so excited and he came home super excited to tell me that he broke the pinata.  What do you do when your kids grow up on ya? I'm not ready!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

San Diego Vacation

This might be an extremely long post, and I took a million pictures, but when you only take a vaction once a year you tend to have a lot to talk about and take a ton of pictures.  We went back and forth several times trying to decide whether to go to Yellowstone or San Diego this year for our family vacation.  We finally had decided on San Diego....after reading a few of our friend's blogs about going to Yellowstone recently, I thought I might regret the decision.  I did not regret it a bit though.  Our kids were at a good age for SeaWorld and San Diego.  They probably would have had a lot of fun at Yellowstone too, but I think we made a good decision.  I am not a fan of cold either and so Yellowstone is going to have be a trip we go to in the mid summer!

Our vacation started Tuesday, September 13th.  After work, we headed to Vegas and stayed at Charla's house.  It was nice to see her and visit with her for a bit, but we basically got there just in time to go to bed. 

Wednesday morning, we got up and headed to San Diego.  This is what it looked like in Vegas when we left.  Flood!! I was so worried that our whole trip would consist of rain. 

The boys were excited for our vacation.  Uncle Tom gave Chestyn this hat...he wore it most of the way to San Diego, so funny. 

We couldn't have asked for better weather or timing to take our vacation.  It was overcast most of the time, but made it very enjoyable and not too hot.  It was in the 70s most of the time...perfect. 

When we first got to San Diego, we checked into our motel.  I got our motel on priceline for pretty cheap, so it always worries me with what we will end up with, but our motel was nice.  Nothing fancy, but nice.  It was located in a perfect spot too, very close to everything we went to.  After checking into the motel, we headed over to Seaport Village/Embarcadero.  I am pretty sure this was Chantry's favorite part of the whole vacation.  He loved seeing all the Navy ships.  We walked around and just enjoyed the view.  San Diego was much prettier than I expected.  I had not been there since I was about 12. 

There were so many people running along the pier and if I lived in San Diego, I would love that. 

If you make funny faces, they will be added to the blog! Just a warning!

We were pretty tired from driving and walking, so awe headed back to our motel and relaxed and went to bed quite early. 

The next day, September 15th....SeaWorld.  Honestly, there were a few times Chantry and I wondered if the kids even cared if we were on vacation.  Channer just has the personality that he doesn't show a lot of emotion and Chestyn has the personality that he is so all over the place....but in the end, I think they both loved it and if they didn't, I sure did, so it was worth it. 




Polar Bear

Polar Bear


The sea lion and otter show.  This was my favorite show there. 

Whale show....we were SOAKED by the end of this one. 

Dolphin show.  Channer loved the divers.

The Boys and Shamu

Finally a smile....cause we are finally riding some rides.

Ready for the 3D Sesame Street movie

We had such a fun day at SeaWorld.  Like I said, we picked a great time to go.  There really was hardly anyone there and the wather was absolutely perfect!!

We headed back to the motel, had some ice cream and went swimming. 

Our home for 4 nights. 
Friday, September 16th, we headed to San Diego Zoo.  Once again, couldn't have picked a better day to go....the overcast and cool weather made it so most of the animals were out and we didn't die walking through the huge zoo. 

Ready for our bus tour

Not even sure what this thing was. 

The Panda Bears were my favorite

Chestyn preferred to puch the stroller around and cause trouble.  :)

We got so close to the elephants.  They were putting their trunks out right by us.

Trying a little massage out. 

Taking a break for lunch.

Once again, funny faces will be put on our blog :)

The zoo was fun and so tiring.  So, we headed back to the motel and relaxed again before going to dinner.  The boys love staying in a motel, as do I.  They loved wresting on the beds and of course jumping from bed to bed. 

Before dinner, we drove over to Ocean Beach.  It was very pretty.  Not a great place for kids though.  There were tons of rocks and cliffs. 

Our last day in San Diego, September 17th, we headed over to Old Town San Diego and Mormon Batallion.  This was probably my favorite part of the whole trip.  I love old places and learning history.  Old Town is where the first building in San Diego are, where the first brick courthouse and oldest brick building in San Diego. 


Jail Cell

Mormon Battalion

The kids loved panning for gold.

...and learning how to make bricks!

After, we headed to the beach.  We drove by Pacific Beach and decided it was too crazy for kids....we drove by La Jolla and it looked a  bit dangerous, so we headed over to Coronado Island and went to the beach was perfect.  Although the weather was perfect for zoo and SeaWorld, it was a bit cold at the beach.  It was perfect for playing in the sand, but the water was freezing. 

I loved how this motel was right on the beach...I want to stay in something like this next time we go. 

We drove back by Seaport Village and Embarcadero to see the boats again. 

Then we headed back to the motel.  The kids were worn out and went to sleep great every night.

Sunday, September 18th, we got up bright and early (3 a.m California time) and headed home.  I got the boys up and dressed while Chantry hauled luggage to the car.  I got Channer all dressed, hat and all, and he climbed back in bed and went back to sleep. 

Saying goodbye to San Dago (as Channer and Ches call it). 

On our way home, we stopped in Vegas again to help Charla fix her roof.  The boys had so much fun there....Chantry and I should have left them there and went on a cruise HA, just kiddng, they loved it and it wouldn't have been the same without my boys. 

I asked Channer what his favorite part of the trip was and he said "Making that dolphin penny for Chestyn" (you know those souvinere machines that you put a penny in and they smash it and put a picture on it? That is what he was talking about).  Funny that he said that and not making the one for him with the ship on it.  Funny boy!

I asked Chestyn what his favorite part of the whole trip was and he said "The Bears" :) 

Vacation with the family is so great.  I love doing all the fun things we do with our extended families, but time alone with just our little family is much needed too.