Thursday, November 24, 2011


I cannot let the day pass me by without counting a few of my blessings. I have so much to be grateful for.

....First and for most, I am grateful for my little family of four. I could not ask for a better husband or kids.
....I am so thankful for my siblings and the wonderful friends they are to me now that we are older. I am so grateful they all picked wonderful spouses to marry as well.
....I am thankful for my parents. Now that I am a parent myself, I have a whole new gratitude towards them and all that they did for me growing up.
....I am so grateful for my in-laws. Secretly, I married Chantry because I knew he had a great family. ;)
....I am thankful for my job and the opportunity to work from home. I love being home with my kids and helping financially.
....I am thakful for Chantry's job and thankful that I have a hard-working husband.
....I am very grateful that we have a roof over our head and food on the table.
....I am thankful for reliable vehicles.
....I am so grateful for good friends and that we live in a good community.

I have so much more to be thankful for, but those are some of my biggest blessings. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Introducing the "C group"

These kids crack me up. Channer and Canyon are the music makers and Charlee and Chestyn are the dancers. Canyon called them the C Group because they all start with C. So CUTE!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Things that make me smile.....

Of course the #1 thing that makes me smile is my boys! I have good boys.  I am soooo blessed! Sure Chestyn and I butt heads a dozen times a day, but he makes me smile far more than that in a day, so it makes up for it.  Yesterday Chestyn was being a little turkey (again) and I said who are you, a little monster...he said back to me "I'm Chessie and I am 2"....well that explains it all, he really is a monster, but a very normal 2 year old and I love it.  Channer on the other hand challenges me as well several times a day, but mostly because he is too smart for his own good.  Everythng is a bargain for him these days....I will do this IF you buy me this.....He is only 4 and already has too much of his dad's bargaining skills.  I am just surpised  he hasn't learned how to use KSL and Craig's List yet ;)  They make me smile!!

I had a big smile on my face the other night when Chantry suggested we go to The Sound of Music at Parowan High School.  I know mucisal plays are not completely up Chantry's alley, but I love that he will show interest in my interests.  I might add that we only made it to intermission because, well, we had a very tired 4 and 2 year old that were fast asleep before intermission, so we headed home.  Half was good enough for me though.

I was super missing family and I got a small fix yesterday when we made a quick trip to Richfield.  We went to lunch with my mom, had a good visit with Sarah while I got some nice baby lovin time on my adorable niece Taylor.  Stopped by and saw Hartly and Yumei (missed Branda and Celina).  We made our way to my dad's house.  So good to visit with them.  AND we got to see my nephew, Cody.  We missed Marie.  So got to see most of the family in I am already counting down the days til our Christmas party to see the rest of the fam.  My sister, Sarah, goes in for surgery tomorrow.  Hope all goes well.

My cute little sitter/niece, Mackayla, makes me super smile.  She is the best babysitter ever.  We had her babysit a few weeks ago so that we could go to a movie.  We come home to a cleaner home, kids bathed and in pj's.  She brings her "babysitter" bag with her everytime full of books and toys for the kids.  They love much that when we asked the boys if they want to go to a kids movie or have Mackayla babysit so that we can go to a movie, they pick her! Hopefully we can borrow her again this week so we can go to Breaking Dawn.  Yes, I am that wife that drags her husband to the Twilight Saga. 

Netflix! It makes me smile.  It wastes a lot of my time.  There are so many shows I still plan to watch on there.  I am currently catching up on Vampire Diaries.  I watched the first season on CW, but for some reason it never recorded after catching up.  Started Sister Wives...not too far into it...kind of creeps me out a bit...but very entertaining to say the least.

Maverik pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are back and that makes me smile.  The fat roll I am not helping around my waist line on the other hand is not making me smile, but that is what workouts at the church are for right?!

Proud mamma visit to the doctor for my kids' well checks...that makes me smile.  Maybe those doctors just lie and tell us how great our kids are because we pay them a pretty penny, but it works nonetheless.  I walk out of that doctors office proud to be a mamma of two adorable boys every time.  Their stats always make me smile too...especially Channer's because I spend so much time worried about him not eating that when I go and see stats like this.....
(4 years 11 months)
Weight 43.10 (78%)
Height 44 (82%)

I know I can relax a bit because he is above average on both.

Chestyn is right there with Channer on stats too.
(30 months)
Weight 32.14 (81%)
Height 37 1/4 (85%)

All the pictures below make me smile!! They are off my phone.

We had cookis for breakfast (ya I am an awesome mom)

With the time change, my boys have been getting up at 6.  Channer was so tired one night that we walked in the house from getting those yummy pumkin chocolate chip cookies I talked about from Maverik and he plopped right on the couch and fell asleep like this.

The dog chases Channer and Chestyn to the couch and barks.  Love my naked boys! :)

Channer is getting so good at writing his name.  He writes his name all day and draws his people.  They are adorable!  He draws a big head and he does not like just a stick belly, it has to be round with a belly button.  So cute!

This poor dog!

They are nice to him sometimes though.

Sorry Ladies that your man is not as good as my man....I got these flowers a few weeks ago, just because I was having a bad day.  I love my husband!

This is the view from my computer desk.  I have it set up so that I can see the boys play outside while I work.

Boys fighting in the back of the car :)

More view from my work desk.  The thought crosses my mind SEVERAL times a day that I wouldn't be able to see these cute boys playing if I were not able to work from home. 

More of Channer picking on Chestyn....sometimes he is a good sport.

It was hat day at preschool and this is the hat Channer chose to wear.

Channer is just like Ches with routine...the second Channer leaves for school, Ches asks for his pillow pet, blanky, milk and dog...and he takes a nap.  I am soooo lucky he still takes a nap. (most of the time).

Channer covers Chinny with towels when he is sleeping

Halloween picture of the kids with cousins at Uncle Fred's house.

Trying on cowboy hats.

Before grooming......

.....after grooming! Much better.
Our dog was almost a gonner! Chestyn is far less than nice to him most of the time.  We had strongly debated whether a dog was good for us right now.  All who read my blog, know that we are not homebodies.  We leave almost every weekend.  It is kind of a pain to take our dog with us.  I put him for sale on KSL.  We sold him.  Had it all set up to meet up and give the little guy to another family.  We backed out.  I guess we like him more than we thought.  Channer especially.  He was super sad! We are still trying to figure out exactly what to do with him when we go places.  Like Chantry's moms this weekend.  It will be a pain to have him, and I am sure other people don't love us dragging our dog along, but not sure what else to do with him.  He is to young to leave at a boarding place yet, I think.  So all you people with dogs, what do you do when you have to go places? Chinny is staying and we kind of like him, so guess we have to figure it out :)
Sorry about the long update, but it has been a while.  Life is good! Our jobs are good! Family is well! Couldn't ask for more (except maybe a winter home in Hawaii).

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Working on the cabin

This last weekend, we headed to Antimony so that Chantry could get some work done at the cabin.  It was a pretty accomplishing weekend.  Chantry got some new stairs built for the back door and our gates put up at the entry way.  We had a septic tank put in and our water hooked up.  We will be getting power and gas here very soon and then we can finally stay in our cabin.  We haven't put a lot into it for a while, but are really wanting it to get done now. 

While Chantry was working, we spent the day at Grandma's.  She has a ton of leaves and the kids had a BLAST playing in them.  They buried each other, had leaf fights, jumped in them, wrote their name with sticks.  We played out in the leaves for a good 2 hours and they were in heaven. When we left our house Saturday morning, we had a few inches of snow and the boys were super excited to play in the snow.  I thought there would be snow in Antimony, so we packed the snow clothes, boots, etc...and when we got there, they had no snow.  Good for Chantry to work on the cabin....good for me because I don't love snow...but the kids were a bit sad, UNTIL they got to play in the leaves and they were as happy as can be.

We ended up staying the night despite the fact that we had not packed or planned to stay.  The kids loved it of course. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had another fun Halloween.  I don't think the boys were disappointed a bit.  The Friday before Halloween, of course we had to go to the Halloween Carnivals at the car dealerships.  Channer chose to be Spider Man this year and Chestyn chose to be Stitch.  Luckily, I have an awesome sister-in-lawe who has about every costume you can imagine and she borrowed them to me again. (Thanks Malia). 

The Sunday before, we finally got around to carving pumpkins.  We waited so long to get pumpkins and did not make it to a pumpkin patch this year, so we were left with little tiny pumpkins, but they turned out cute.

On Halloween day, Channer had a little costume parade and program at his school.  Luckily, Chantry had a slower day at work and was able to make it too.  Grandma also came.  Of course, Channer just stood up there as shy as can be, did not sing one word and did not do one action, despite the fact that he has been singing his songs to me at home.  In turn, Chestyn probably sang more than Channer did and got so excited when he heard all the familiar songs Channer has been teaching him.  Channer looked super cute anyhow and I love that stinker!

I had to get back to work after the program, but just as soon I finished up, we got ready and trick-or-treated the neighborhood.
Then, met up with all the cousins and trick-or-treated. 

Channer and Stetson

Lastly, we headed to Grandpa's where the kids filled up their candy buckets.  

All in all, it was another great Halloween.  The kids loved having Grandma stay with them for 3 night afterward too.  :)