Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Blog of the Year and a quick recap

2011 has been great to us!!

Channer started his 2nd year of preschool.  Loving it and getting smarter and smarter every day.  He is growing like a weed.  He is growing out of all of his clothes I bought him to start school in September.  It is sad, but oh how I love watching him grow.  He still loves TV, books, Cars stuff, monster trucks.  He is still not a good eater.  I was hoping after he turned 5 that would change a bit, but nope.  He still loves his routines and does not like when things are different than they should be (like when he doesn't have school on the days he should).  He is still grandma's boy and just loves when she comes to visit.

Chestyn is trouble.  There is no other way to put it.  He is very good comapred to many 2 year olds I have heard about, but he is still way more trouble than Channer ever was.  He still does not like TV much and it is hard to get him to sit through a book.  He loves cars, trucks, or anything with wheels.  He loves his daddy!!! He is soooo full of it and says super cute things all day that make us laugh.  He can't wait until he is 3 so he can go to school like Channer.  He is all about routine too.  At night, when we do our bedtime routine...we brush our teeth, read a book, and then pray.  If dad is not in his exact spot when we pray, Chestyn throws a fit.  I have to hold Chestyn when we pray.  If we start praying and everything is not exactly how he wants it, he will keep interrupting the prayer, so we have to make sure it is just right.  Then, I tuck him in and we go through the same things every night...our conversation goes like this:

Mom:  Goodnight, love you.
Channer and Chestyn: Goodnight, love you.
Mom: See you in the morning.
Channer and Chestyn: See you in the morning.

I walk out and Chestyn always yells for me.

Chestyn: Did Ladd shoot all the monsters, aliens, ghosts, skeletons and bears.
Me: Yes he shot them all.

If we are lucky this will satisfy him, but most nights he yells for dad and dad has to go through the whole monsters, aliens, ghosts, skeletons and bears thing too. 

Love it!!! I get frustrated, but then afterwards I can't help but smile and think how cute it is.

Chantry has had a great year this year too.  His job at Con-Way is going well.  He keeps busy and that is all we could ask for...we just have the extra added bonus that he has a job where he works Monday through Friday during the day.  Really, we are blessed.  He has been working lots on his Jeep.  It is his "hobby" right now.  Therefore, the boys love the jeep too and work on their toys and pretend to climb like their daddy with their toy jeeps.  He is such a great dad and wonderful husband!

I am still doing MT work from home and loving every minute of it.  It is such a blessing to work from home and see my boys.  There are of course hard days, but I sure do feel blessed.  I am still watching Charlee on Mondays and Charlee and Canyon on Wednesdays.  It keeps me busy, but it is so fun for the boys to have a couple days with cousins over. 

Our weekends are still full of playing most of the time.  I love that we are always up for an adventure and so spur of the moment.  It makes life fun! We have a wonderful family with far more ups than downs and not a complaint in the world.  We are so blessed to have each other and our wonderful siblings, parents, friends, etc.  

Christmas 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas once again this year.  We are so blessed! 

Friday we went to the Tuacahn to see the Live Nativity.  It has kind of become a tradition the last couple of years.  I forgot my camera, so no pics.

Saturday, we had a great day out at Chantry's dads for our Christmas party.  My camera had horrible lighting there and a lot of my pictures are blurry.  I really want a new nice camera (some day). 

We all got out there in the afternoona nd we started by decorating some cookies and making some treats for the people at the care center. 
Elli and Canyon

Channer winking at me ;)



 Christmas Eve would not be the same without a little karaoke. 

Channer, daddy and Ches

 We headed over to the care center and sang some songs and brought our goodies. 

Then back to Grandpa's to wait for Santa to get here.









 Then we played the roll the dice and open the present game.  The kids had a lot of fun with this one (and the adults too)

 Then it was time to open presents.

 We were all spoiled as usual.  Grandma got the boys a big bag full of clothes and monster trucks.  They have played nonstop with the monster trucks that move.  Big hit! Grandpa got the boys new cowboy hats, super cute.

 We then had a yummy dinner.  We did things kind of earlier than usual this year and so we just hung around and visited for a while. 

 Then it was off to our house to open our Christmas pj's and leave some cookies out for Santa.  We did just that and the boys went right to sleep.  I was so excited I don't think I slept more than 2 hours all night.  I kept waking up and thinking about if I got everything ready or not.  Thinking about if our boys were going to have equal presents, etc. etc. etc.  Finally at 6:00 Chantry and I woke up the boys because we couldn't wait any longer. 

They were soooo spoiled, but several times throughout the day Channer would say we were celebrating Christmas for Jesus' birthday.  So at least he knew that Christmas is not just about the presents.  I love my boys.  I wish I would have videod them opening presents.  Chestyn had something cute to say after every present.  Channer was a little turkey and far less appreciative than he needed to be.  He would open one present and look for the next to open.  Chestyn wanted to play with each one he opened and was surprised we just kept giving him more and more.

I think the boys really loved everything they got.  Chestyn asked Santa for a backpack.  He loved the one Santa brought him.  He got a spiderman one with wheels.  He also loves his train table, Magna-Doodle, ABC fridge magnets, puzzles, play doh, and even his new clothes mom and dad got for him.

Saying Channer loves his Innotab is an understatement.  He still has not put it down.  He can read books, play games, draw pictures, etc.  He can also watch movies and listen to music after I get some downloaded.  He also really liked his cars toys, puzzles, clothes and new coat.  They have been nonstop playing with all their new stuff the last few days.  I even put a few things up in their closet shelf that they haven't taken out of the boxes yet.  Spoiled indeed.  They are worth it!

The boys are not the only ones that were spoiled around here either.  Chantry spoiled me.  I got my Shark Steam and Vac I have been wanting forever, some cute sweaters, my bear I get every year, and a stocking full of surprises.  I got Chantry a Garmin, a new pillow, socks, underwear, and a stockign full of stuff...ya, I am not too exciting. 

Christmas tradition carried on and we went out shooting.  It was tons of fun, even if my arm is still bruised up :)  The weather was great.  Not very Christmasy, but great for shooting. 

Wyatt and Laramy

Hotty Chantry

Chantell and Chantry

Cute Cowboy Channer

Cute Cowboy Chestyn
The rest of the day was spent out at Grandpa's.  We ate more food, watched 17 Miracles (Chantry's mom gave us all this movie for Christmas).

It was a wonderful Christmas for sure.  I had all the stuff packed and put away by 10:00 the next morning.  I sure do love Christmas, but I just love how clean and fresh your house feels once it is all put away too.  I am so grateful for the family I have surrounding me, especially during the holidays.  Hope everone enjoyed their Christmas.