Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Ok, so our Mondays really aren't very "manic" and no day at our house really is.  We have a pretty laid back life and schedule right now, and I will take it.  Being the youngest of all my siblings, I see just how busy life gets as your kids get older, in school, in activities, become teenagers etc.  So I will savor these laid back not so manic days.

Just for memories sake, I like to write down what a typical day at our house is like.  I read back when I did this a few years ago and wrote down our schedule and it is fun to read the changes.

So a typical Monday at our house looks something like this....

6:00 a.m.: Chantry's alarm goes off.  He pushes snooze and we lie in bed for another 10 or 15 mins. 

6:15 a.m.: Monday is big laundry day, so I get started.  I try to have a few loads washed Sunday night so that I can get started on folding.

6:30 a.m.  Make Chantry's lunch and back to laundry.  I like to watch "my shows" while I do laundry.  Right now I am watching Friday Night Lights.  So far, pretty good.

6:30-7:00 a.m.: Boys wake up and dad heads out to work.  The boys have to watch him leave every day and Chantry has to make sure and wave goodbye every morning from his Jeep or they have a fit.

7:00 a.m.: Get the boys breakfast.  I say get, not make, because I very rarely make them breakfast.  It is usually cereal, pop tarts, toast, fruit....or whatever is easy!

7:30 a.m.: Boys in bathtub.  Me back to laundry.

8:00 a.m.: Boys out of tub, me in shower while they watch their morning cartoons.

8:30 a.m.: I get ready for the day while I watch another episode of whatever show I am watching.

9:00 a.m.:  Clean up living room and kitchen the best I can before starting work.

10:00 a.m.:  I start working.

10:15 a.m.: Charlee comes over.  The kids play while I work.  They are really so good at playing together and letting me get stuff done.  I may have to get up a dozen times an hour, but they really are good kids and I am sooooo glad I get to be at home with them and I sure do love having Charlee over too.

12:00: Lunchtime.  On Mondays we have Mac N' Cheese every.single.week.  I have tried to get away with other things, but have been told that Mondays are Mac N' Cheese day. 

12:45 p.m.: Clean up lunch, get Channer ready for school, load up the kiddos and run him to school.  I am lucky, because his school is only a couple blocks away, so just takes a few minutes.

1:00 p.m.:  Charlee and Chestyn play while I work.  They play even better together when Channer is at school. 

3:30 p.m.: Pick Channer up from school.

3:40 p.m.: Back to work after going over with Channer what he did at school and getting the kids a snack and settled in.

5:00 p.m.:  Charlee's mom comes and Chantry usually gets home around this time too.

6:00 p.m.:  My work shift is over.  Some days it seems like that 8-hour shift takes days and other days it just flies by.  Either way, I am thankful for my job and to be able to work at home.

6:05 p.m.: Make dinner.

6:30 p.m.: Eat dinner (yes I am simple and rarely cook anything that takes more than a half an hour to cook lol and the crock pot is my best friend).

6:30-7:45 p.m.: FAMILY TIME!!! My favorite part of the day.  At this time, the boys are usually all fighting on the floor and I am just watching or we are playing a game with the boys, practicing reading or just cuddling on the couch....but I LOVE it!!!

7:45 p.m.: Daddy goes to Search and Rescue.

8:00 p.m.: Bedtime.  My boys are very creature of habit type kids still.  We have to do the same thing everynight for bed or they freak.  This routine consists of brushing teeth, reading two books, saying prayers, tucking in Channer and then tucking in Chestyn.  Nothing can be out of order and we still go through the same things every night "Good night, love you, see in the morning" from Channer and Chestyn's "Did Uncle Ladd shoot all the bears, skeletons, monsters, ghosts, etc"  Chestyn has added a new one to his routine and I laugh every time.  It is "Be noisy in the morning and try to wake us up."  LOVE THEM BOYS!!!

8:30 p.m.: On a Monday, I watch one of my shows or read a book while I wait for Chantry to get home.  On any other given typical day, Chantry and I have our shows we watch together and have "our" time.  We are usually asleep on the couch by 10:00, but never make it to our bed til about 1:00 in the morning.  We always say we should stop doing that and just go to bed, but we never do. 

Well that is our typical Monday.  The rest of our week looks a lot the same, just some days no preschool and Wednesdays we have Canyon too.   We pretty much have a day-to-day routine and then just play all weekend long.  I usually don't do anything in the house on the weekend, besides dishes and our house becoems a wreck and each new week starts over again. 

Love my life. 

Anyhow, I know that is not relevant or interesting to most, but I love to have it written down for my records.

A couple weekends ago, Chantry had some meetings in Salt Lake, so we all went up and I spent time with my sister's family and brother's family while Chantry was in his meeting.  We went to Boondocks and had a blast.  I took a few pics on my phone.  I have been horrible about picture taking lately.

 The other morning I told Chestyn to go get some new underwear and he came in with them on his head.  He is so funny!
 We made it over to Parowan to watch Tyrel, Braxton and Stetson wrestle.  I did not get any pictures of them, but Chestyn sure loved Makayla the whole time and Channer loved watching all the wrestles.

This weekend is my annual sister's/mom weekend and I cannot wait!!!!! Something I look forward to so much.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What's that you say???

My kids are hilarious.  Make me laugh every day.  It has been awhile since I have shared a few of their stories.  So, this post is all about the boys and the funny things that escape their mouths.

Chestyn: My back hurts.
Dad: I'm sorry bud, why does your back hurt?
Chestyn: Tawnya's crabs bit it.
Channer: You know Ryann and Brodi's mom? She has crabs.
Dad: Oh really.
Channer: Yes, Tawnya has crabs.
Chestyn: and they bit me.

Chantry and I are dying of laughter by now.

Channer: No really, she has crabs. 

(My friend Tawnya's girls have crawdads. Chantry and I just found this to be a funny conversation lol)

Chestyn "catching" Charlee with his net.
 Channer saw a comercial on the TV with this Disney Cars car wash that he wanted.  I told him maybe for his birthday or Christmas...he knows they are both a looong ways away.  I walked out of the room and the conversation went like this:

Channer: Hey Chestyn, don't you want that car wash.
Chestyn: Ya.
Channer: Well your birthday is soon and my birthday is a far ways away, so why dont you ask for that for your birthday and give it to me.  Then, when my birthday gets here, I will ask for something for you.
Chestyn:  Ya, lets do that.

Chestyn and Charlee dancing.  Gotta love the upside down shades that Charlee is sportin'.
 Channer's favorite place to eat is Sizzler.  Every time we eat out.  He asks for Sizzler. The other morning Chantry and I were in getting ready for the day.  Channer was watching TV and he came running in and yelled "We have to go to Sizzler they have their food for one-ninety-nine."  I said ya, we better go if it only $1.99."  He ran back in the living room...then ran back to us and said "well it says ten-ninety-nine, but can we still go." 
Watching TV.  These two are best friends!

 Once there was a snowman.......small, small, small!  A few weeks ago it snowed and the boys were soooo excited to use their snowman kit they got for Christmas.  They asked dad if he would help them build a snowman.  He had to go to work, so he quickly helped them build a small snowman.  The boys loved it.  We have all kinds of snow out there now.  We need to go make a tall snowman now.

 Channer is really into doing the Eeny, meeny, miny, mo thing.  He does it for everything.  He has it all worked out so that it always lands on him.  The other morning he was telling Chestyn they needed to do Eeny, meeny, miny mo to figure out who got a toy.

Channer:  Eeny, meeny, miny, mo catch a chugger by his toe....
Me: What is a chugger?
Channer: I don't know.
Me: It is tiger.  Catch a tiger by his toe.  Chugger doesn't make sense.
Channer: There are lots of things that don't make sense, mom.  Like a cow jumping over the moon. 

hahahah! Guess he told me.

 Me:  We are going to Grandma's this weekend and Aunt Chan is going to ride with us.
Chestyn: Aunt Shampoo.  I love Aunt Shampoo. 

Now Aunt Chantell is referred to as Aunt Shampoo.

 Channer is at the good embarrassing stage of life.  He has embarrassed me several times in public in the last few months, but a couple come to mind right off.  We were at McDonald's standing in line.  There was a guy in front of us who had earrings. 

Channer: That boy has earrings.
Me: Yep, shhh.
Channer: Boys with earrings are ugly.
Me:  Shhh.
Channer: They are ugly aren't they mom??
Me: Shhhh. 
Channer: (a little louder) But, they are ugly mom.  Boys should not have earrings.
Me: (totally dying and not knowing what to say, I was speechless).
Playing at the park in Junction.
 Another embarrasing moment brought to me by Channer:
We were eating at Hamburger Patty's in Parowan.  The lady who works there is questionable on the guy/girl situation.

Channer: Is that a guy or a girl (she was standing at our table)
Me: (whisper in his ear) Girl, be quiet.
Channer: She talks like a guy.
Me: (praying she isn't hearing this).  Channer shhh, that is not nice.

We went to Antimony this weekend and Chantry worked on the cabin.  He got a lot done.  We keep finding more we want to do to it.  It is looking great though and getting close to being completely done.  I need to do a post with before and after pictures, because it is completely different. 

I guess something stunk. haha

Laramy was over there this weekend too.  The boys just love him!
 We love Valentines.  It is hard with me working and trying to still do all the fun stuff we want to do.  So we still decorated sugar cookies, but they were store bought dough and very simple.  Kids still loved it!

 Aunt Sarah made Chestyn's day.  She sent us a box with Valentines for each of us.  I had just brought Channer to school for his V-day party and Ches was so sad.  It is hard as they get older and Ches wants to do everything Channer does.  It is sad to take Channer to birthday parties or preschool and Chestyn feels left out.  Well when we got back from taking Channer to school, the UPS man was here and brought the box Aunt Sarah sent.  Chestyn said a dozen times "This makes me so happy"
We had an easy going Valentine's day last night.  We stayed home had a yummy dinner and just spent time together as a family.  I liked it that way.  Chantry and I usually go on a date, but decided we would go another night when the crowds aren't so big and we can actually enjoy a dinner out.  Love my family!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Total Randomness and some good news :)

Time for one of them random posts about life :)

This last weekend we went to up north with our friends, Marcus and Keshia.  We brought the boys over to Antimony and they played with Grandma all weekend.  They of course did not miss us a bit.  Chestyn said, "I want to live with Grandma forever." I hope a little part of him was lying.  They do love their grandma though and had a great time.  Chantry and I had a great little get-away.  We always have such a great time with Marcus and Keshia.  Something about Chantry being with Marcus brings out the kid in him and I love it.  We usually don't stop laughing the whole time we are together and this weekend was no exception.  It was Keshia's birthday on Saturday and Chantry's birthday was yesterday, so it was kind of a celebration of their birthdays.  We met up in Provo and did plenty of eating and shopping. 

Speaking of.....Chantry turned 31 on the 31st.  That is never going to happen again.  It was pretty much a typical day for him.  Went to work etc.  We tried to make it special for him when he got home and had a little "party".  The boys wanted to throw him a Handy Manny Tool party, but I couldn't find a whole lot.  Love how thoughtful my boys are and how they kept saying all day that they couldn't wait for dad to get home.  We made sure to make him his favorite meal and got him his favorite cake. 

Happy birthday babe!!! Hope your day was good.  We all love you so much.

Work!!! I have been an MT for over 4 years now, working from home.  I love, love, love every minute of it.  I am not sure how my cards have played out so well and things have worked out the way they have, but I definitely will not complain and definitely thank God every night for the opportunities that have been handed to me. 

When we picked the boys up from Grandma's this weekend and Chestyn was telling us he wanted to stay with Grandma forever, Channer replied "I would be sad, I would not have you to play with and I would just keep asking mom and dad when you would be home." I thought that was the sweetest ever...my response was "Remember that, Channer." cause you can bet he quickly forgot that by the time we made it home and Chestyn was touching his stuff. 

I want a new cell phone.  I do have to say that I may have smiled a little inside when Chantry told me yesterday that his phone was being weird and it was probably time for an upgrade.  It is about time we moved up to the Android or iPhone world.  Maybe soon :)

This is my new favorite.....

Jana Kramer is my new favoirte singer.  Love her.  She plays Alex on One Tree Hill.  She is amazing...and beautiful!!

I am a TV junkie and after I tell what shows I have been watching lately, you will question whether I am really in my late 20's or a teeny bopper.  I can't help it.  Still love my One Tree Hill.  This is the final season, I am sad, but I have got to stop living in their life sometime LOL.  Of course have to watch my Grey's and Desperate.  Now here are the shows that I probably should not even admit to, but I love The Lying Game, Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth and can't wait for Secret Life of an American Teenager and Make It or Break It to start.  Yep, it is true, I am an ABC Family junkie!

Of course I can't post a blog without leaving you a couple pictures of my cuties!

Oh....and P.S.----We are having a baby!!! I am not too far along.  I haven't even gone to my first doctor's appointment yet, but I think I am safe to say anway.  I have never been good at keeping secrets for long.  I have always said with the next, I am goign to wait til I know what I am having and surprise everyone,  ya that didn't happen.  Everyone pretty much knew within hours of me knowing LOL.  I am only about 6 weeks, but really have no clue for sure because I never had a period after getting my IUD out....so more will come after I make it to the doc.  Channer and Chestyn are super excited, which gives another reason I could not keep it secret for long.  The first thing Chestyn said to Grandma when we got there was "There is a baby in my mommy's belly."  I am excited for our new adventure, but of course scared too.  I am not a big fan of change, but this will for sure be a good change.