Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baby update!

This is the little peanut at 12 weeks.  Not looking as much like a peanut and looking a lot more like a baby.  I cannot believe how quickly they grow at this stage. 
As of last visit, my hemorrhage is still there.  Still just a "wait and see, take it easy" kind of status.  I feel good about things though and every time we have gone, my babe has a strong heart beat and seems to be growing just right. 

I am barely through with my first trimester and this pregnancy has been something totally different than my last kids.  I barely got sick with my other two and making up for it I believe.  I have gotten the headaches, the heartburn, the leg cramps, nausea, etc. etc. etc.  I am happy to have it all, as long as this little one comes out happy and healthy.

I haven't had the same kind of cravings as with my last two kids either.  With them, I craved junk, lots of it.  With this one, of course I still love my chocolate, but not a lot sounds good besides I am addicted to lemon water! Can't live without it. 
 I crave these yummy things.  I don't want them on anything, just plain.
 And....this is something I crave all the time, not just when I am pregnant, but since being pregnant, I really want curd all the time.
I will continue to go to a lot of ultrasound checkups until this hemorrhage is gone...if it is ever gone.  Some woman have them their whole pregnancy :( I hope that is not me. As much as I am enjoying my frequent ultrasounds to see my little peanut, I just want the relief of a normal pregnancy.  If I go too far into my 2nd trimester with it, my doctor will have to refer me to a high-risk maternity doc and I don't want that. 


While dad was working hard at home putting our fence in, I took the boys over to the school where they were having Support The Troops day.  The boys loved seeing the big helicopters, tanks, army equipment, fire trucks, ambulances, etc. 

We made several trips to Home Depot for dad.  Saturday night, Aunt Chantell came and kidnapped the boys and took them on a date.  I love when she does that and so do they.  She spoils them! They had fun going to get icecream, getting a toy at Wal Mart and going to their favorite store Cal Ranch.  Chantry and I had dinner over at our friends house and enjoyed a night of Bunko. 

This is what the boys spent doing on Sunday while dad finished up the fence.  They love doing "homework".  If only that would stick when they actually have to do homework. 

He's a hard working man....

One of my very favorite qualities about Chantry is that he is a hard workin' man.  Yes, he goes to work, works long hours and brings home a paycheck to provide for our family.....but not only that, he never stops.  If he gets a project on his mind, he does it.  He won't stop until its done. Sometimes it can drive me crazy because he hardly stops to eat or sleep.  In the end though, I am so glad he is not a procrastinator.  He just recently put wood floor in my bedroom for me....and can I just say I LOVE it!! It is wonderful.  :)

Before ugly flat carpet yuck!
After...love my wood floor.  We are going to do it to all the bedrooms soon.

 Not only that, he just put in a fence for me in our backyard.  It is going to be Heaven.  Keep the kids in and the dogs out.  :)

Thanks Chantry for all you do for us.  We are always coming up with new projects and you are always more than willing to do them.  One of these days I am going to find pictures of our house from when we moved in and compare them to now...Chantry has done soooo much!  Not to mention all the work he does at the cabin.  Before and after pictures of that will be coming soon.  :)

My sweet Grandma turned 98!

My amazing Grandma turned 98 this year.  She is looking great for 98.

 We celebrated last weekend at South China in Richfield.  It was a quick trip, but so good to see and spend a short time with my Grandma.  Can't wait to celebrate 99, 100....

I didn't get very good pictures and what I did get was from my phone. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Band-Aid stage!

Chestyn is in a big band-aid stage right now.  You know, where a band-aid cures everything, but if you have no band-aid you might die.  Hit your head, need a band-aid-stub your toe, need a band-aid-bite your tongue, need a band-aid-just plain sad, need a band-aid. 

 We have officially ran out of band-aids at our house and you would think that the world has ended.  I have even dug into our 72-hour kit for them.  It is first on the list next time we go to the store.  Until then, tape is doing the job.

On another note.....I want one of these.  Does anybody have $7,000 they would like to give me, so that I can view and hear the heart beat of my little peanut??? Not too much to ask right?

Friday, March 9, 2012

A sister is a forever friend.....

This last weekend we had our traditional sisters weekend get-together.  This was our 5th year of this tradition and it is one of my favorite things every year.   Here is a little look back on the previous four years...
How lucky am I to have the most amazing sisters EVER.  Seriously I am so blessed.  I have a unique relationship with each one of them and they are some of my very very best friends.  I wouldn't know what to do without them.

We had a wonderful time this year, as usual.  They put me in charge this year, so I chose sunny St. George.  We got a nice condo for the weekend and I think everyone had a wonderful time.  We met up on Friday and went to eat at Olive Garden.  Then we went shopping for our traditional PJ's and food for the weekend. 

My pictures are completely oppisite of what I wanted them, and loaded backwards of what I thought blogger did, but I wasn't about to reload the 50+ pictures again.  So I will just tell you about our weekend and then let you enjoy the pictures. :)

After we got all settled into our condo and about to make dinner, I had a little scare.  I am a person of detail and maybe TMI, but this is my journal and I want to write it down.  I went to the bathroom and started gushing lots of bright red blood.  Scared me clear to death.  My sister brought me to the ER and Chantry met me there as fast as he could (glad we were in St. George this year, so he was close by).  After a couple of hours in the ER, they did an ultrasound and found out I had a subchorionic hemorrhage.  It is basically a blood clot next to the uterus.  Anyway, they just told me to rest, gave me a RhoGAM shot and sent me home.  So, I went back to the condo with my sisters and Chantry went back home.  I figured I would get more rest at the condo than I would at home, plus I would have been totally bummed knowing my sisters were a 1/2 hour away and I wasn't with them.

Anyway, back to our fun weekend.  We played our usual question games fun question, get to know you better game that night.  Stayed up until 3 in the morning laughing, crying and chatting.  Doing what sisters do best!

Saturday, woke up and had a yummy breakfast provided by Malia and Sarah.  Got ready for the day and had a spa party.  We got our toes and nails done, waxing, and wonderful massages! Much needed!

Spent the rest of the day having a Twilight marathon, chatting, relaxing, playing and just enjoying our weekend.  The weekend went sooooo dang fast though.  It is so sad.  I had brought books to read and should know better than to think I would have time to read a book. We ate lots of junk and just had a great day.  Then, we enjoyed a yummy dinner provided by Pateresa and my mom.  That night we sat out by the fire on the patio and chatted, then played our traditional money game.  I won one round, my mom and Marie both won a round and Malia won two...not fair! Always fun to make a little money playing though.  Again, we stayed up chatting til way late.

Sunday, Marie and Yumei provided us a yummy breakfast.  We got ready for the day, packed up and headed home :( I swear we need like 3 or 4 nights, not just 2.  Although, I was ready to see my family for sure by now.  We went back to Cedar and had lunch together and then our weekend was over! We look soooooo forward to this weekend, talk about it for months, and then bam it is over soooooo fast!!

Enjoy the pictures below and I am sorry they are so out of order.

Marie and Sarah

Sarah and Me

My mom and Pateresa

Sarah and my mom

My mom and Heidi

Me and my mommy!

My mom and Yumei

Malia and Me

Hahaha....Pateresa and Malia.  Chestyn just said "Look at Aunt Pateresa she looks crazy"

My mom and Malia

Marie and my mom

Yumei and Marie...these two had me laughing by butt off all weekend!
Me and my three wonderful sisters, Sarah, Pateresa and Marie!

Us girls and our mom

Ratatator and Patusi (names given to us by our dad haha)

Sarah and Pateresa

Yumei and Heidi

Heidi and Pateresa

Malia and Yumei

Yumei and Pateresa

Yumei and Sarah

Yumei, Sarah and Pateresa

Whoops someone ruined this picture

Much better!

Marie and me
Getting our toes done....

and nails.

Pretty sure Malia spent 99% of her time in this very spot lol. 

I spent about 50% of my time right here next to her lol

Yum dinner!

Yumei brought these glasses for whoever won money to wear...hilarious!!!!

Ah man, it loaded upside down, but this was hilarious!!! Malia won twice, so she laid down and threw money all over her!

Marie was so funny, she kept saying thank you every time any one would give her a dollar and she said being humble would make her win...and it finally paid off for her!

Amazing woman! So glad to have so many great ones in my life.

Yumei and me!

Malia, me and Yumei

Marie in the nice kitchen that I want in my house

Sarah getting her toes done...pictures are so out of order.

Heidi and Yumei and baby Taylor, she was lucky enough to join us this time.

Yumei and Pateresa

Heidi, Pateresa and Tay

Heidi and Pateresa

Sarah, Heidi, Pateresa and Tay

Pateresa getting her toes done.

Baby Taylor was soooo good all weekend and made me even more baby hungry!

What a fun weekend with all my sisters.  I love you all so much and can't wait for our sisters weekend next year.  Hope Yumei has something fun planned for us :)

**Update on doctor.  I went to the doctor again on Wednesday and the hemorrhage is still there.  Not much they can do for it, just hope your body absorbs it or you bleed it out.  He put me on progesterone which will hopefully help.  Until it is gone, he will have me continue to go in for ultrasounds and be checked lots.  Scary thing, but apparently it is quite common and most outcomes are good, so I am trying not to stress.