Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend fun....

Our weekend was super busy, but super fun.  Chantry had meetings in Salt Lake, so we headed up early on Saturday morning (left here at 4:00).  We made it to Salt Lake in time for Chantry to meet up with the guys and have breakfast and head to his meeting.  We dropped him off and headed to Malia's house.  The boys had a blast spending the day with their cousins and I had a blast spending the day visiting with Malia.  

We took the kids over to the mall to get a few things, have lunch and let them play.  

 Then headed back to Malia's to let the kids play in the water.  They had a blast.  Chantry's meeting got out a little earlier than expected so the fun was cut short and they didn't want to leave.

 I really wish we lived closer to Alan and Malia and family.  My boys had a blast with their girls.  Channer and Kenzie are only 2 days apart and Hadlie and Chestyn are only a couple months apart. It is fun having cousins close in age, just wish they lived closer.

After leaving Malia's, we picked up dad and checked into our motel.  We were so tired, so we relaxed for a bit and then met up with Pateresa and her family for dinner that night.  Chantry having meetings in Salt Lake is a pain in the butt, but I sure do love an excuse to see family.  My visit with Pateresa was short, but it was good to see her!

We were so wore out by the end of the night and running here and there that we went straight back to the motel and were all asleep by 9:00.

Sunday, we got up and headed home.  I had Chantry stop in Provo so I could get a couple things at Baby's R Us.  Chantry's grandpa hasn't been doing so well, so we decided to head through Antimony on the way home.  It was sure good to see family.

The kids had a blast playing at Grandma and Grandpa's.  They ran all over the yard, played hide n' seek with Ladd's kids, and were so exhausted when we left that they slept the rest the way home.

 Chantry has been wanting me to make homemade dumplings forever! I keep intending to do it, just haven't. I think he got tired of waiting on me lol....cause when we were in Antimony, he asked his mom how to make them and we weren't even hardly through the door Sunday night and he started making dumplings.  They turned out delicious!!!!!

 The boys couldn't wait to get back on their bikes the second we got home. They do tricks in our back yard all day long.

It was a happy the start of another week :) Happy Monday everyone!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baby update!

I have still been going in regularly to get checked on the status of the hemorrhage.  At my last visit, my doctor decided that he would like me to go see a specialist in St. George. 

So my appointment to see the specialist was yesterday.  The hemorrhage is still there.  I felt a lot better after seeing the doctor though.  He explained things a lot better to us and sounded very hopeful.  He said he actually sees about 3 cases like this a week and the majority of them turn out to be totally normal pregnancies and he said everything looked wonderful!

We had an in depth ultrasound.....and found out IT'S A GIRL!!!! YAY!!!!  We are super excited.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for a girl.  Of course, I would have been happy with either a boy or a girl as long as it was healthy, but I am extremely excited for a girl.  So here are some pictures of our little sweet baby girl.

It's a girl!!!!

I love the baby feet, too cute!

She was sucking her thumb almost the entire time we did the ultrasound.  Her little lips were just sucking away. :)

I had Chantry stop at Kohl's before we headed home from St. George so that I could get my first little girl outfit! I am so excited for all of the girly things.  I just better start working over time to afford them ;)

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

I had scheduled Chestyn's birthday party to be at the park.  When we woke up the morning of the party, there was still a lot of snow on the fact, I heard the boys open the back door and I looked out to see this....

Snow boots and underwear! HAHAHA

 So I was really bummed and sent everyone a text that the party would just be at our house.  It ended up working out great though.  We had a fun crowd with aunts, uncles, grandma, grandpa, cousins and friends.

We did a pinata at Chestyn's request.  By the time the party started, all the snow had melted and it actually ended up being a pretty nice day, just a little chilly. 

Chestyn taking a turn at the pinata.

Charlee's turn
Channer was blind folded and needed a little help




Brodie...she was hitting it hard.






Little birthday boy wearing the pinata as a hat


I went all out on Chestyn's cakes this year lol...and I decided that it all eats the same and nobody really cared that it was nothing fancy. 

Chestyn was sooooo cute when we sang Happy Birthday to him.  He got the biggest smile on his face and started clapping for himself.  LOVE IT!

 I call it a birthday party success!!!! Chestyn had a great time.  Thanks to everyone who came...we love you all!

After Chestyn's party, grandma slept over, which meant that the boys got to sleep on the living room floor.  They love that for some reason. 
 The next mornign was Chestyn's actual birthday and guess what he got to eat for breakfast??!!!! Cake and icecream...yes, I rock as a mom! LOL. 

Chestyn got to spend his birthday with Grandma while mom and dad went to the maternal fetal medicine doctor in St. George (more to come on that later)....but I am sure that Chestyn wouldnt have chose any other way to spend his day than with Grandma.  She is his favorite.  Mom and dad took the whole day off work too, so he got extra time with us. 

Happy birthday 3 year old!!! Love you!