Thursday, May 31, 2012

Baby names....

I am just not one of those people that can pick a name in the hospital.  I know several people that say they like to see their baby before they name them.  I am not one of them.  A baby name is on my mind 24/7.  As I am working I think about every patient's name that comes up and wonder if that could be it.  I read the newspaper, a book, a magazine and watch TV and wonder if that could be it.  I drive Chantry crazy with it because I am constantly asking him...what about this...and he just keeps saying we have a while.  Yes, it's true, we have 4 months....BUT for me I like to know a name and start calling her that.

With Channer we went into find out what we were having and already knew if it was a boy, he was Channer Van.  With Chestyn, I liked Chestyn from the beginning and it took Chantry a little talking into....but later he admits he always loved it, but liked teasing me.

With this little girl, we are struggling.  Chantry doesn't like my favorite name and I don't like his.  I throw a million out there and Chantry doesn't like any of them.  Chantry doesn't throw any out but his favorite.  SOOOOO...I will give you all an idea of what we like and we are up for any suggestions.

When we were pregnant with both Channer and Chestyn we said "If it is a girl she will be Oaklee.  Chantry's  middle name is Oakes and it just fit.  Well, there are lots of Oaklees now, so we are kind of off of that...but we also like Oaklyn and Oakleigh.

I kind of like sticking with the "CH" names.  Might get confusing at times, but its fun.  My sister in law has a friend named Chazlyn and I loved that name when I was pregnant with Chestyn.  That is my #1 pick right now.  I love different names and that one just fits.  Also, if we stick with the "CH" theme of things I really like Chelsie.  It has been a name I have loved since I was little, but the uniqueness of it is that I am due on my Grandma Elsie's birthday and we just add a Ch to it and whala....but it is a very popular name and we even have a cousin named Chelsea.  So I was watching a thing on Grey's Anatomy the other day and they talked about how Dr. Lexie Grey was going to be gone from the show next year and the girl who plays Lexie is Chyler  and I LOVE it!

Ok, off the "CH" theme of things.  We thought, hey the boys are named with a CH like their dad, what about an R like me.  So some of the R names we love are Radyson, Randilyn, Reagan, and Rawson.  Reagan is one I have loved forever, but once again, tons of Reagans now and we like to be original.  I only know one other Radyson and one other Randilyn and totally love them! Rawson is something Chantry and I heard on the radio one day and both liked it.

Ok, so lets get off the beginning of letters and just name a few we love.  Chantry's #1 right now is Bronson. While I totally love that name...for a boy...and totally love names that could be either/or such as Taylor, Jordyn, Ryann,etc....I just think that one is too boyish.  Cute, but too boyish.  I do, however, love the name Bentley.  

I am also really liking Whitley, Laken, Kennedy, and Hunter.

Mainly, I just like to write all these ideas down so I can look back and see what we might have named our little girl.  I look back at the blog I did when we were trying to pick out Chestyn's name (before we even knew if he was a boy or a girl) and we didn't name him ANY of the ideas I wrote down.  So it will be interesting to see.

Help me with picking us a cute name.  As you can see, we like original and you can get an idea of what we are in to.  I would really like to name her middle name Marcia because that is both Chantry's and my mom's name and how often does that happen, and spelled the same??! (I am still working on Chantry with that one too lol).  A middle name to me should have lots of meaning and those are two incredible women in our lives.  I really like the idea of Elsie for a middle name too because she is due on my grandma's birthday and my grandma was a wonderful person and I am sure my baby girl would be proud of that name too.    So help me make sure that with those kind of middle names we aren't going to have any crazy initials etc.

As you can see, we are in a dilemma.  This is our baby's name FOREVER!!! I would at least like to get it narrowed down to a couple instead of a million.....and who knows, we just might be leaving the hospital with a blank birth certificate if Chantry and I can't agree soon.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Channer's last day of school.

I have decided that I am not much of a crier when it comes to starting new things.  I didn't cry when Channer started preschool because I knew just how fun it would be for him.  BUT, the tears were flowing on the way home from picking him up today.  He has grown so much over the last two years with Ms. Wendy and learned a ton.  Ms. Wendy gave us a CD with all the pictures throughout the year.  There were a zillion, but I picked some of my favorites with Channer in them.   

Not sure why this picture is blurry...but it was today when I picked Channer up from school.  

On to knew things...Kindergarten.  I might cry when I drop him off there.

Monday, May 21, 2012

What have we been up too?!?

I am trying to play catch up and this is my third post of the day (see below).  These are in no particular order, but thought I would share of some of our happenings the last few weeks.

Search and Rescue had a fundraiser carnival, so we of course had to take the boys to show some support.  

 Channer starts T-Ball in a few weeks, so we have been practicing.  I think he is going to love it.  I know I am going to love watching him.

 I usually have a house full of kids at all times.  Between our neighbors, cousins, and friends, there is usually always someone extra around here.  The boys love it.  Not sure if I have said anything about the helmet thing on here yet, but Chestyn and Channer love to wear their helmets.  Chestyn has his on ALL the time.  Channer puts his on every time he walks outside.
Channer, Chestyn, Charlee and Kinsley 

Chestyn picked these toys out for his birthday with the money his Grandpa gave him.  They have been quite a hit!

Channer made himself into a super hero with a bag 

Soooo tired!
 Now that it is starting to get hot, I can't keep the kids out of the water.  We go through 3 or 4 outfits a day. If they are outside, they find water somewhere.

Charlee, Channer and Chestyn...making themselves ice cream with their gross swim water.

Charlee, Canyon, Channer, Chestyn, and Jaylee....messy living room. 
 I know I keep saying it, but seriously my boys are at such a fun age.  They are my best friends.  We laugh together...we fight...and then turn right around and laugh again.  I love these two and they make me soooo happy!!! Chantry was helping his dad with some stuff and we waited in the car and took a few goofy pictures.  :)

 Chantry had to go help with the big solar eclipse event yesterday, so we went out to see what it was all about.  I could not believe all the people in the little town of Kanaraville.  I didnt even take any pictures of the boys with their cute eclipse glasses on, but I got a couple of the eclipse through my glasses.

 I joined a book club.  This is only my second month, but so far I am enjoying it.  I tend to stick to the same type of books all the time (LDS love novels) and this will be fun to get my mind going and read something different.  Last months book was Three Cups of Tea.  Different, but good book.
This months book is To Kill a Mockingbird.  I have actually read this one before, but it has been a very long time, so it has been fun to read it again.  
 If the boys aren't wearing helmets, they have their cowboy hats on :)

 One thing the boys can't miss out on every summer is helping dad mow the lawn.  They love it.  He starts the mower and they are out the door.  Whether he use the push mower or riding lawn mower, they love to help.

 My little Chestyn has a routine when he wakes up every morning.  He hauls EVERYTHING that is on his bed out to the living room.  Pillows, blankets, animals, sheets and all!  I think it is adorable!
 I am loving this stage of pregnancy.  I am starting to feel her move a little more consistently.  I look pregnant, not just fat.  I feel great.  I have tons of energy, not sick anymore.  I am lucky that I do have pretty dang good pregnancies.

Last but not is my 8th anniversary.  We celebrated Saturday night by going to dinner and movie.  I love you  more every day and plan on many more anniversaries together.