Thursday, June 21, 2012

I am a perfect mother...

Oh? What? You didn't know that?

Perfect moms have clean houses and clean kids. For those who follow my blog know that I have rarely a picture where my kids are perfectly clean and lets hope you don't look to close at the background of pictures to see just how unclean my house is.  Oh, and if you stop by unannounced during the week, I might ignore the door because you might not be able to see my floor.

Perfect moms don't lie.  "Yes, the candy is all gone" "Sorry McDonald's is closed" and "They don't have soda at this restaurant" are not considered lies are they?

Perfect mothers are mature.  I like to pull down my husband's pants as he walks by and pinch my boys' butts.  I know, really mature.

Perfect mothers always insist on good nutrition.  Some mornings my boys eat chocolate and cookies at 8:00 a.m.

Perfect mothers never get upset or yell.  Ya, that NEVER happens at our house.

Perfect mothers are not sarcastic.  Ummm, please see above.

Perfect mothers are always appropriate.  Even Chantry's brothers are disgusted at some of the things I say, and that says a lot.

Perfect mothers don't have children that use potty talk.  I am really trying to teach the boys that farts aren't funny (even though I think they completely are) and that we don't need to announce to everyone what your poop looks like or that you have a weenie.    

Perfect mothers have children that fold their arms and sit nicely on the couch when guests are over.  I don't even think I can explain how embarrassed I was when our home teachers came over and it looked like Chantry and I have absolutely no control of our children.  I am hoping every parent has been there before.  Where you nicely say 100 times, "sit down, stop jumping on the couch, etc" and then once the guests leave you tell them just how inappropriate they acted and send them to their room.   I am almost certain when our home teachers left last time they thought, oh boy, she is having another.  Seriously, that bad!

 Perfect mothers have children that are perfect at the store and never ask for anything.  This mamma would be okay if she didn't step foot in a grocery store with two kids in tow again, but unfortunately we have to eat.     I guess I will have to be okay with the stare downs I get from everyone while my kid is throwing a fit.  Thanks man that has two kids behaving and says "I've been there before."  I am sure you have, but at this moment that doesn't make it better.
Perfect mother? I guess not, but I sure do love being perfectly imperfect.  I love our chaos.  I love our bad days so that we can be grateful for the good days.  I love my kids who remind me just how perfectly imperfect I am on a daily basis and how much I need to grow as a mother.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Brindley Ride

We enjoyed a fun ride with the Brindley bunch over in Antimony this weekend.  It has been our first real good ride this summer.  The doctor had advised me not to ride for the first part of my pregnancy and now that I am in the somewhat safe zone, it was time for a good ride.  We met up at the Merc and had breakfast at 9:00....then headed up the mountain from there.  We rode ALL.DAY.LONG!  It was some rough rode and a long ride, but soooo much fun and so beautiful up there.   


What is left of the Brindley Tree.

 Uncle Ladd and Chestyn had a fight going all day.  Chestyn said there are no fish on the mountain...Ladd said there was.  Well when we got to Valnies, Ladd showed him all the fish.  Chestyn's reply was "This is not a mountain, this is a stream" smart cookie if you ask me!
Looking for fish


Taking a pit stop at Otter

Some of the Brindley bunch

And this is how we do it on the mountain...well actually they do it this same way in our backyard.  

Dirty kids sat in the back and ate junk food the entire ride.  They live for these long Ranger Rides.  You would think 10 hours would be too much, but they want more when we are finished.

It is so fun getting out on the mountain with the family.  I wish I would have had these kind of bonding experiences growing up with my own family.  I love hearing Chantry and his brothers and dad talk about places they have shot a deer, where they have camped, where somebody crashed, where they herded cows, where this and that happened.  They have a lot of memories on the mountains and I only hope that our family can create the same kind of memories in God's Country.

Utah Summer Games

One of my favorite things about living in Cedar City is that there is ALWAYS something going on.  We look forward to the Summer Games every year.  We usually just find a spot on the lawn, eat some pizza or something and watch the fireworks.  This year Chantry was helping with Search and Rescue and for helping, he got in free and we got cheap tickets, so we decided to actually go in.  It was a lot of fun.  The boys got bored waiting, but were sure happy when it all started.

This picture is really dark, but I love how patriotic they make the opening ceremonies.  

Waiting for the fun stuff!

This one is much more patient at waiting.
 All the wait was worth it....when we saw the look on Chestyn's face. They had the Nitro Circus there and my boys were in pure Heaven watching the motorcycles and bikes!

 They have the absolute BEST fireworks at the opening ceremonies.! The whole show is like what the grand finale of most firework shows are.

It was a fun night out with the boys.  I live for summer days like this!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Boys and their Toys

We surprised the boys with a new little four-wheeler this last weekend.  They are in love.  Chestyn even hugs it and says "I love you four-wheeler".   It only took them both a few minutes to get the hang of it.  It is a little big for a 3 year old, but that doesn't stop Chestyn.  He keeps right up with his brother.  The first day we got it, Chantry followed them with the engine stop hooked on and I though there was no way I would trust Chestyn without it.  But by the next night, he was on his own and being extra cautious.  

Here are a couple of videos of my pro riders now :)  They are working on making their own little track in our back yard.  
I have decided I am definitely raising two Brindley boys when Channer said to me "How much could I sell my four-wheeler for?"  I said, nothing you are not selling it. His reply back was "I just wondered how much I could get."  REALLY!??? His daddy's boy for sure!