Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kid Dialogue....

I am sitting here working while the kids are all sitting at the table eating lunch....I can't help but laugh at their conversation and I thought I better hurry and write it down before I forget.

Canyon: My mom says I sing better than Taylor Swift.
Channer: Who is Taylor Swift?
Canyon: She is the most famous singer and all the boys that want a girlfriend want her cause she is so pretty.
Channer: I don't want a girlfriend.
Canyon:  Well its just like all the girls who want a boyfriend want Justin Bieber.
Channer: Who is that?
Canyon: You don't know who Justin Bieber is??? He is so cute.
Charlee: But he sings like a girl.
Canyon: No he doesn't.
Charlee: Dad says he does.
Channer: Well, I am still not looking for a girlfriend so I don't care about Taylor Swiffer or Justin Briber.
Chestyn:  This pizza is sooooo yummy!

HAHA Love my kids!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Even more camping....

We camped over by Salina this time and met up with some of Chantry's family from up north.  His cousin Greg has a cabin and property and that is where we stayed.
Getting ready for a long ride.

Stetson, Channer and Chestyn (Stetson likes to ride with the boys in the Ranger)
Making a stop and the restrooms 
Taking a break to wait out the rain

Laramy and Wyatt

Chantell, pre broken hand!

Channer and Daddy

Ladd and Chestyn....and Grandpa with a mouth full LOL
Having some lunch

Clain, Jessi, Elli

After the rain let up, we headed out again.  We saw some very beautiful scenery and it was sooo green up there...maybe because they finally got some good rain.
Greg and Chantry 

Channer loved standing too close to the edge just to give me a heart attack.
Chantell, super muddy.  We were all muddy and wet, but it sure was fun.  This is pre-broken hand as well. 

Casey, Clain, Marnie and Elli.

Headed back to camp.

The boys always fall asleep and look so comfortable lol.
On the ride back to camp, Chantell wrecked her four wheeler and ended up breaking her hand.  She went to the ER in Richfield and was such a trooper and came back to finish the weekend camping.

Sunday we made another good ride up to look at the mine and Acord Lake.  On the way back, we got a little rained on...well actually we got a lot rained on!! We were all soaked from head to toe, but it was sooo fun! We packed up and headed home.    Pretty sure I can chalk this up as another great weekend! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

We LOVE Summer!!!!

We are loving summer! It has been a fun-filled summer so far too!  I was going to post all our fun SUMMER stuff at the end of summer, but just realized my folder full of pictures for the summer is getting pretty big, so I better split it into a couple blogs.  Prepare yourself...picture overload....lots of journaling...big blog!
My boys love to make beds on my coffee table and watch TV
 We of course always love having Charlee and Canyon over.  They destroy my house but a good time is always had.

Canyon brought face paint and painted them all like Indians

  While I work, I try to find simple fun things to entertain the kids.  Thank goodness for Pinterest and their hundreds of ideas.  
Painting with water...this has entertained them several times this summer.

Marshmallows and toothpicks :)

Gotta love sidewalk chalk


We froze a bunch of stuff to make and ice block....

added color....
....and the boys LOVED chiseling the stuff out.  Entertained them for a long time. 

Love that tongue!!

 This has to be one of our favorites.....baking soda, vinegar, food coloring and medicine dopplers...who knew it would be so fun for them.  They literally sat at the table for about 2 hours with this stuff.


This happens almost every time Charlee and Canyon are here...they cover each other in animals.

and this happens almost daily...they love to build forts out of my you can tell, I am pretty easy going.  You kind of have to be if you want to be able to work from home.  My house is never perfect and never will just come to live with that.
This is definitely one of the kids very favorites too....SHAVING CREAM!!! Yep, its cheap, messy and soooo much fun.   

 Melting crayons....this was fun....for the kids....not as much for me.  The plates kept cooling down too fast and I had to keep microwaving them....and then had to scrub the plates all clean at the end.  They loved it and have since asked to do it again...but I won't let them.

 What would summer be without BUBBLES!??!!

 Glow sticks have become a favorite at our house...we have bathed with glow sticks, played letter games, put them in balloons, etc.
In the bath....they thought this was the coolest thing haha

Creating letters.
Writing their names.

Hula hoop

 Paint and paper is always a great entertainer! 

Love this picture....he is growing right up on me.

The kids love to catch bugs.

SNAPS or POPS or whatever you want to call them. 
Can't be summer without lots of ICECREAM!!! 

Stickers from head to toe

 The boys loved painting these sticks, adding some Velcro and seeing what they could build.  They have played with these a bunch since we made them.

 We have lots of horny toads in our yard.  The boys love to catch them.  I only let them keep them for a few minutes and make them put them back.
 Cedar City is soooo fun.  They always have some kind of entertainment at the park.  We have enjoyed the Groovefest, Renascence Fair, and we went to the free Green Show at the Shakesperian Festival.  The boys are a handful.  They are not much into the entertainment and would much rather run around than watch.  Good thing I am having a girl who might enjoy these things with me.  ;)

Fighting at the Groovefest!

Can't be summer without going down the big blow up slides.

Green Show....all the little girls were absolutely loving it.  My boys would rather play with their trucks and run around.

We have found time for a couple trips to the park!

Our summer mornings our spent laying on the couch and eating their favorite POPTARTS or CEREAL.  

They have started the summer lunch program here in Enoch and we have enjoyed that a few times.  

  BUT mostly the summer has spent on the BIKES or going for WALKS or PLAYING in the backyard!
  We LOVE Summer!!! Between camping, reunions and our everyday fun, we are busy!! We still have lots of fun summer stuff planned.  If you made it through this blog, way to go!!!