Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The big K....

Channer started Kindergarten yesterday.  He was so excited.  I, on the other hand, had mixed feelings.  I love seeing him grow up, start new adventures and how excited he gets for new things. is crazy to me that I have a kindergartner.  He looked so cute on his first day :) 

Gotta have one with brother. 

He dived right in...found his name, his cubby and just started playing.
 His first day went something like this....Chantry had the day off work, so the whole family walked him to class.  I didn't cry! BUT I didn't get near as many pictures as I wanted because I wanted to book it out of there before I did.

I think Chestyn had the hardest time of us all...he kept saying, "I want to look one more time" and he kept peeking his head back in the room to see Channer.

When I picked Channer up he was soooo excited.  He said his day was great and that "kindergarten is way better than preschool".  He also told me that the girls chased him on the playground, yikes!!!

Love you buddy!! Hope you have a great year!

Oh and one more picture from this morning, because Channer said he wanted a picture in his monster truck was his favorite shirt he picked out for school :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Three week catch-up post

 I was going to split these into different posts, but I am just not feeling it....but I do need to document things before I get too far here is a catch-up post for the last three weeks.

The weekend of August 4th-5th, we headed over to Antimony to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa's 71st Anniversary...71 years...crazy...and so wonderful.

They had a great weekend planned and Marcia rented the pontoon boat and the pavilion by the lake so we could have lunch and dinner with all the family.  It was like a Wiley reunion.  Of course we had so much fun staying the whole weekend.  It was a great time with cousins.  Some got to go tubing down the river...I obviously could I stayed and watched kids with Chy.  I didn't get many pictures, but I did manage to get a few on my phone.  

The kids love the swing in grandma's yard. 

Best friends and cousins!! 

On August 11th, Chantry planned to go to the lake with friends.  Last minute, he decided to take Channer because another guy was going to have his 5-year-old grandson.  So, Channer and dad headed to the lake and Chestyn and I headed to Richfield to spend the day with my sister, Sarah, and her girls.  It was so much fun for some one-on-one time with Chestyn.  Channer and dad loved their time together too.  I honestly can say we have not split the two up for more than a couple hours and I think it was good for everyone.  I would like a little one-on-one Channer time before the baby gets here.

When we were in Richfield, the fair was going on, so we headed over to the Sevier County Fair to let the kids have some fun.  Once again I only got a few pictures on my phone...but it was a wonderful weekend and soooo nice to have some time with my sister too.  

Of course Rylee, Jordyn and Chestyn had to stick their heads in every one of these things we came across. 

 While I was in Richfield I also got fabric at my mom's store to make the boys some quilts.  I finished up the quilt I pieced for the baby and when I was working on it Channer said "How come everything is for the baby?" So I of course had to make the boys their own new blankets.

 This last Wednesday was my very last time babysitting Canyon and Charlee for a while.  I was sad, super sad! I have watched those girls for 3 years and loved it.  It is good for the boys to have somebody to play with and they will miss them coming often.  I am sure I will still get them for an occasional date night or something though. I had just decided that once school started, I would be done :(

They only spent half the day here Wednesday and Canyon caught all kinds of lizards and horny toads.  She will miss that more than anything at my house.  Grandma picked them up early though and took all the grand kids to pick out some school clothes.

 Grandma spoiled them rotten.  She bought them way too much stuff. Thursday night she spent the night at our house and we had a little back to school pizza party for all the nieces and nephews.  What a fun Grandma!!!

The next morning she took my boys to lunch and spoiled them once again.  My boys love, love, love grandma....and not just cause she spoils them.  They have been begging for her to sleep over at our house hope she does again soon.  
Glasses that grandma bought them! 
This weekend, August 18th and 19th, was the Grandma Irva Reunion.  It was at Yankee Meadows this year and Yankee is definitely one of our favorite places to camp, so we had a blast.  It wasn't a huge turn out, but it was nice to see those that came.

We headed up Friday night and it started to rain a little, so we headed back to Parowan to get a movie to watch in our trailer.  When we headed back, Chantry's brothers started sending texts about Enoch flooding, so we decided to go check on our house.

Our house was good besides a few feet of mud in our yard, ruined some of our landscaping and such, but our house was good.

Our neighbors on the other hand didn't fare so well.  They had literally 6 feet of water in their basement.  Several others on our street had damage and a lot of people in Enoch had completely flooded basements too.  Anyway, we stayed and helped neighbors until about 10:00 and headed back up the mountain.

Saturday, we had a great time at the reunion.  The boys played in the mud, we enjoyed visiting, ranger rides and lots of eating of course.  

Thank goodness for a shower in the trailer.

 When we got home, the boys loved helping dad clean up some of the mud in our yard.

We have been busy and time is flying!!! Our summer is coming to an end and I am so sad.  Channer had his kindergarten assessment last week and rocked at it!! I was worried because he is so shy, but he proved me wrong and got right in there and showed them just how smart he is.  I was one proud mom! Chestyn will start preschool after Labor day.  It's going to be busy, but so fun for them.

Baby update....
I have been horrible! I told myself that this pregnancy I would take lots of pictures and document lots.  I have been so bad at it though and keep forgetting to take pictures.

I have a little over 5 weeks to go.  I am getting so anxious to meet our little girl.  I feel pretty good.  By bedtime, I am ready for it, but overall I have no complaints.  She is moving like crazy! I love every second of it.  I kept thinking she might just be a mellow baby because I didn't feel her as much as I remembered feeling the boys, but nope, now I think she moves just as much as they did.  I am having crazy dreams...and so is Chantry.  I don't have to crazy of cravings, mostly just fresh fruit and lots of it, squeaky cheese and KFC.  Maybe I will try to take some pictures of this HUGE growing belly.  Her room is coming along.  I have a closet full of girly clothes, starting to collect a lot of bows, but we still have so much to do.  Oh, and we know her name...I might share soon ;) but that deserves a whole blog of its own.