Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

 My sister took our family picture while we were in Richfield for Thanksgiving. I absolutely love them.  We had no plans of taking pictures and no planning or prep involved, so I was worried how they would turn out, but they are actually my favorite family pictures yet, despite Channer's grass stains from wrestling uncle Bawb, Chestyn's wrinkly shirt, my not so done hair, Chantry's shorts and flip flop sand our unmatching outfits.  So thanks Pateresa for getting pictures of us that show the "true" us.  I love that she got our personality in all of them.

My favorite!

Gotta love Chestyn, the pill!

 She got a lot of individual of Chestyn that crack me up, he would not stop talking to even listen what she wanted him to do, so everyone of these just show his personality and I am in love with them!
Love his blue eyes!

He kept talking to and about the horses.

When we left the house, Pateresa said she hoped Channer would look at her and smile....Channer was nothing to worry about.  He is a little model.  He smiled his cute contagious smile in every picture and she got some SUPER good pictures of him.

 She also got tons of them together, Chestyn is talking in all of them and Channer is smiling that cute smile...so their personality!

This is my VERY favorite picture she took.  This horse just walked up right behind them right in time.

Love all the pics with daddy and his boys!

 and daddy with his baby girl.

She got lots with me and my kiddos!!
Who has the bigger double chin haha!! 

Love the ones she got of Chantry and I too!

Thanks again Pateresa for taking our pictures.  I know we weren't easy to work with because we couldn't stop laughing and joking.

AND if any of you wonder where Chestyn gets his little personality....
You don't have to wonder any more....and that is my annoyed face lol :) LOVE MY FAMILY!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

2 months

You are probably going to hear this exact same line for the next 11 months as I do Randilyn's monthly posts, but seriously WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!!

She is now a 2-month-old little chub!! I haven't taken her to her 2-month appointment yet, but I am sure she has stacked some pounds on.  She is super smiley! I love it! When Chestyn was a baby, you just had to look at him and smile and he would smile back.  Randilyn is going to be the same way, all you have to do right now is talk to her and she smiles.  She has grown out of all of her newborn clothes and is fitting nice and snug  in her 0-3 months.  It makes me sad how fast she is growing :( She is an ok sleeper, about the same as both of my boys, so I really don't know any different.  I put her down to bed at about 9 and she wakes up at about 3 or 3:30, back to bed til about 5 and then back to bed til about 6:30.  All you that have babies who sleep through the night at such a young age, how do you do it? I need some tricks. Luckily, I am one who doesn't need a lot of sleep and really don't mind her waking up, but more sleep the better right?!

That last smile is my favorite...she smiles so big sometimes that her eyes disappear.  She wants to laugh but hasn't learned how to make the sound come out.  We are all just loving this sweet little girl in our home and so glad she is ours!