Thursday, December 27, 2012

A very merry Christmas....

I am so blessed, we are so so blessed.  We had yet another wonderful Christmas, spent with family.  I have really loved this Christmas season.  My kids are at a great age where everything is so magical and fun.  I enjoy Christmas as a mommy way more than I ever remember it as a kid...and I had awesome Christmases as a kid.  

We had our Brindley Christmas party over at Chantry's dads as usual.  We usually just get together and spend the whole day/evening.  Randilyn was of course spoiled and passed around...she loved it.

 Santa found time to visit us on Christmas Eve even though it is his busiest night of the year.    








Aunt Charla made this cute hat for! 

Randilyn got hot and fussy in the evening and this is all she wanted to do, kick her little legs with her clothes off ;)
 We got home from our party pretty late and opened our pjs and headed to bed.  The boys were so pooped from playing all day that they didn't give us a fuss going to bed.

Santa came!!!

 The baby woke up to eat around 5:00 and as I was feeding her, Chantry said, should we wake them up....and so we did.  Most parents are praying their kids will sleep in...not us, we wake them at the crack of dawn. They sprung out of bed when we said Santa came.
 Still trying to wake up....
 Even Randi had a hard time waking up...
 They woke up pretty fast when the present opening started....

 She said the boys could open her presents and she just chilled...

 Randilyn with her load...suitcase because we are going to DISNEYLAND!!!!!! (compliments of my amazing mother in law who is taking all 27 of us for Christmas), Minnie Mouse pillow pet, Minnie Mouse Hat...and several other Disney related things (what else does a 3 month old need).
 Chestyn and his load....Suitcase, cowboy boots, Mr. Potato head, magic 8 ball, dinosaur, puzzles, pants, socks, etc.
 Channer and his load...Suitcase, magic 8 ball, remote control helicopter, shoes, socks, pants, etc.
 I of course got my usual stuff, bear (that makes 10 for the collection), slipper socks, scarf, etc.

 Chantry got some movies, cologne, gift cards, etc....but mostly I think he liked Channer's helicopter that Santa brought him.
 My boys asked Santa for BB guns....but they actually got them from Grandpa so Santa didn't have to bring them.  They were soooo excited!!!!

 After we opened gifts, we waited for grandma to make her rounds like she does every year.  That is one of my boys' favorite things and actually when they went to bed Christmas night and I asked them what their favorite part of the day was, they both said when Grandma came to see our presents.

Then, we all got ready and headed back to Chantry's dads for breakfast.  Randilyn got some super cute clothes from her cousin Tulsa :)

 The boys of course loved playing with their cousins all family!!!

 They sure love their cousin Beau who plays with them.  He was packing them in his hockey bag and telling them he was taking them back to North Dakota..Chestyn cried and said let my brother out, until he realized it was a joke then he wanted in the bag too.
 It is always tradition for us to go out shooting Christmas afternoon.  The boys were so excited to shoot their BB guns.

 They each got to drive and of course love when they get to do that.
 Then, we came home and took our Christmas down.  Yep, took it down on Christmas day.  Our tree was dying and we had pine needles everywhere.  It was time.  It felt sooo good to get it all cleaned up and out of there.

The day after Christmas it was back to work for Chantry and I.  The boys enjoyed playing with all their new stuff while I worked.  I asked Chestyn what his favorite thing he got for Christmas was and he said "Mr. Potato head is the best and I made him a bed."
 Channer told me that his art kit is his favorite and he has already made a picture for everyone he sees.
 I think Randilyn  just likes her new clothes she got...and she looks stinkin adorable in them I would have to say.
We had such a great Christmas.  I feel soooo blessed.  I just hope that my boys really know why we celebrate Christmas.  I made sure to ask them and tell them several times throughout the day, so hopefully something sunk in. Kids can be so spoiled and we really didn't go all out this year since we are going to Disneyland, but I think they got plenty and I think they were happy.

Speaking of Disneyland, less than 2 weeks we are going on our much-needed vacation.  My wonderful mother in law is taking all of us for Christmas this year.  Such a great present and we are so excited.  The boys went 2 years ago, but they will be at such a better age now and love every minute of it and to go with cousins, oh its going to be magical!!!

This is my last blog of the year and I can't wait to add book #5 to my collection, 2012 was good to us.