Monday, January 28, 2013

Randilyn's Blessing Day

First of all, let me just say that this little girl has her daddy wrapped tightly around her little finger.  Right after she was born, Chantry decided he wanted to be able to bless this baby girl himself.  So after 10 years of being inactive, we got our butts to church.  We have been saying we need to for a long, long time, but I guess this little girl just gave us that extra little push that we needed.

Chantry was ordained an elder last Sunday by his brother Dusty.  So neat! 

Yesterday, he gave our baby girl the most perfect and beautiful name and blessing.  If you all know me, you know I cried.  It was extremely emotional to see my beautiful baby girl in her blessing dress, made out of my wedding dress, and to see my husband perform a very sacred priesthood ordinance. I thought I better blog first thing this morning while it is fresh on my mind, so I could include a few of the things he said.  He blessed that she would live a long, happy and healthy life and that she would have a love for the Gospel.   Those were the couple things that really stood out to me.  I had Chestyn sitting by me and he kept saying "Is that dad talking" and so it was more difficult to take it all in, but he gave a perfect blessing for our perfect baby girl..  

 I was super nervous about her dress fitting, since we had to wait a while to bless her; with Chantry needing to be ordained, us going on vacation, etc. we had to wait a while.  It is almost like she was meant to get blessed a little older, because her dress fit her great, with even a little room to spare.
 I love you, Chantry, and am so proud of you.  Thanks for blessing our sweet little girl.

 After the blessing, we wen to lunch at Sizzler to celebrate.

 ...and we ended our day by going for a fun Jeep ride.  We love to get in our comfy clothes, grab a blanket and a treat and go for a ride.  Perfect ending to a perfect day!! I love my family soo sooo much!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

4 Month~ Wha-what?!?

Yes, it is true.  4 months already!! Like Chantry and I were saying this morning...seems like she has been here forever, but yet, can't believe it has been 4 months.  I think only a parent would know exactly what I am talking about here. 

Oh my heck she is fun! So fun!!! She is giggling and more of her personality shines through every day.  

She drools...A LOT!!  We have to keep a bib on her most of the time or she soaks her clothes, which has lead me to believe that she is teething, but nothing yet.     
 Her new favorite thing is to sit in her bumbo and watch her brothers play.  She will sit for a good half hour and just watch...that is pretty good focus for a 4-month old I would say.
 She is smart, very smart...she already has her pouty face down...and it works!!!
 She is at that "in between sleeping stage" where I almost have her on a schedule, but she still likes to take a little cat nap here and there and fall asleep in someones arms.
 She is happy...and I just love it!! All you have to do is smile and talk to her and she smiles right back.  Doesn't take much! My favorite is when someone says "She must like me cause she always smiles at me" yep, I just won't tell you that she smiles at everyone that will smile at her.
 She grew out of her 0-3 month clothes and I finally gave in and took them out of her closet.  I don't know why this has been so hard for me this time.  My boys it was hard, but this one has been REALLY hard...I think maybe cause I really feel like she is my last.  

She rolls! What?! I am not ready for this.  She has rolled a few times in the last month, but the last few days the second you put her on her back, she is on her belly.

I didn't put pants on her this morning when I took her 4-month pictures because I wanted to remember just how chubby her thighs are....and they are VERY chubby! 

 I know that now that she is starting to roll...she will just get more mobile from here and if she is anything like her brothers, she will lose the baby chub fast.

  I think this is her "Enough pictures mom" face.

Happy 4 months Randilyn, we love you!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our Disney Vacation

For Christmas, Grandma Marcia gave everyone a trip to Disneyland.  So she bought Disneyland tickets for all of us and paid for us all to stay in a house together.  The boys were anticipating our trip and were counting down the days between Christmas and our vacation.   

 FINALLY!!!! It was time to go on our vacation.  We got all packed and ready to go on Wednesday.  We waited for Channer to get out of school and then took off.

 On the way down, we stopped in St. George so Chantry could run into Sportsmans, we stopped in Primm for a potty/feed the baby break and then we stopped in Barstow to stay the night.  After we checked into our motel, we went across the street and had Channer's favorite, Sizzler.  

 Thursday morning we got up and headed out.  We were an 1-1/2 from Anaheim and were headed to Knott's Berry Farm for the day.  This is what we saw on our way.....

 Snow in California and 30-degree weather.  I was sad, very sad, and was worried our whole day would be ruined.  BUT, luckily as we came into Anaheim the snow had cleared up and it was about 50 degrees.  I can handle that, but still a lot colder than I had expected.

Knott's Berry Farm ended up being so  much fun.  The boys loved all the rides and got to see all their favorite Charlie Brown Characters.
Channer, Chestyn and Snoopy

Chestyn and Snoopy

Me, Chestyn and Peanuts Characters (I don't know all their names lol)
Chestyn and Channer love Charlie Brown and that is the only one they really wanted a picture with.

Tulsa with the characters.
 Chestyn was about a hair too short to go on the first ride that everyone went on, so I brought him over to this ride and it ended up being his favorite.  He rode it probably a dozen times.
Channer and Chestyn joined Chestyn this time.
Channer and Stetson on the planes.

 It was quite cold for Randilyn and so she spent a lot of time in her car seat. I made sure to get her out when the sun was shining for a few minutes here and there.

Chestyn flying the planes.
Getting ready to ride the train.  Tulsa took this picture and posted it on Facebook with "My Grandma is cooler than your Grandma" and she really is...THE.BEST.GRANDMA.EVER!!    

Riding the train.

 Taking a little break with Stachia, Canyon, Christian, Tulsa, Chestyn and Grandma.
 The boys loved the bus ride...they had to go on it twice.  Luckily there was hardly anyone at Knott's that day and we got right on every ride.

Chantry in the bus.
 Isn't she just the cutest baby ever!?  I just wish it would have been about 10 degrees warmer the whole time and she could have been out more.

 Ginger, Charlee and Stetson on the roller coaster.
 Channer and Chestyn loved these carts that you had to pump around the track by yourself.

 The semis that my boys couldn't wait to ride.  They saw this ride on the computer when I was showing them what Knott's Berry Farm was and they asked a dozen times where the semi ride was.

 Time for a lunch break.
Channer resting his legs.

I guess Blade was a bit tired.

Tyrell taking a break.

Mmmm Grandma's soda...he always takes it and ruins it for her ;)

Charlee and Chestyn held hands everywhere we went.

Charlee, Channer and Chestyn with their animals they won.
Back to this ride..Channer, Charlee, Tyrell, (someone we don't know), Blade and Chestyn  

Charlee and Chestyn enjoying the Charlie Brown show

Charlee got picked to go on stage...she is in the pink jacket with the hood on her head.

Channer, Charlee, Grandma and Chestyn

Talking with Charlie Brown 
 The kiddos wanted pictures with these crazy guys and they kept saying, take another and another....

My cute Channer!

 As soon as the sun went down, it got cold fast.  The baby had enough and we couldn't really get her out because it was too cold, so we left the park at about 6:00.  We headed over to the house that Marcia rented for us and oh my gosh it was the CUTEST house ever!!! It was about a mile from Disneyland and it slept lots of people for our big family and each room was themed.  The kids called it the castle house.  

Rapunzel's tower.

Nemo Bathroom

The kitchen was very large and I loved that even their dishes were Disney themed. 

Of course my boys wanted to sleep in the cars room.

 And all the little girlies wanted to sleep in the princess room.

 The living room.

Rapunzel's room.

 Dining area.
  The kids loved that there was a big basket of toys in the living room and a big basket of toys in each closet at the house.  The princess closet was full of dress up clothes and shoes and jewelry.     

Chantry, the baby and I stayed in the Mickey Mouse room.
 The Star Wars room was so fun for all the older boys.
 Nice swimming pool area.
Another picture I got from Tulsa with her and Chestyn in the Cars room.

 They had the cutest dress up things.
 They had a Wii and Netflix and every Disney Movie you could think of....we were definitely never bored in this house.
Chantry and Blade playing baseball.

Late night swimming in the heated pool.
Ladd and Chantry having a dance off.

Tulsa and Randilyn (Randi loved being passed around the whole time and spoiled). 

Stachia, Jessi and Makayla

Chestyn was so tired he fell asleep right on Wyatt

Makayla and Jessi dancing.


Colten and Laramy in a dance battle 
 On Friday, we had kind of a free day.  We went to the beach, but it was soooo cold that we just spent enough time to write our name in the sand and go.

Me and my hotty husband :)

Chestyn, Stetson and Channer

Looking for seashells 
 We walked down the pier and the boys loved chasing the pigeons and Chantry loved feeding the pigeons skittles.
Chestyn and his hilarious father.

 My boys just love these smashing penny machines, so we couldn't pass one up when we saw it on the pier.

 It was so cold out on the end, but we had to take a few pictures.

 There was a nickel arcade close by, so we headed there for a little while.  The boys enjoyed it.

 Then we spent the rest of Friday in the house.  We got in the pool for a while.

 Played some board games.

 And had us a little BBQ.  Chantry may or may not have almost started the house on fire.

Don't do something if you don't want it to end up on Facebook and my blog.  :)
 We made the kids go to bed early so we could get up and go to Disneyland the next day (when I say early it was like 10:00).

When Chestyn woke up the next day and we told him it was time to go to Disneyland, he said "We are at Disneyland".  He thought the whole time that the house we were staying in was Disneyland.  So cute!

Riding the tram from parking to the park.

 We got a map when we got to California Adventures and Channer kept reading it and trying to tell us where to go next, so dang cute.
 Of course we headed right over to Cars Land.  The boys could not wait to see Radiator Springs, Lightening McQueen, and all their other favorite cars characters.  Our very first ride was the tractor tippin' ride.  

 Call me a sucker, but I was in love with Cars land.  They put so much detail into it.  The Radiator Springs looked just like it did in the movie.

 We lucked out for the Cars Racer ride.  When we got over there it said 105 minute wait.  I knew Chantry wouldn't wait that long and I wanted to ride it so bad.  Some nice guy came up to us and offered us his fast pass.  Chantry and Randilyn didn't get to ride and Chantry was nice enough to let me and the boys go.  It was my favorite ride.  They really put a lot of thought and detail into it.  Not sure I would have wanted to wait the 105 minutes to ride it though.  Ginger and their family got in line and ended up waiting 3 hours. YUCK!!

 Once again it was a cold day and had to get Randilyn out when we could.

Chantry's dad rented him a chair to ride around on and I think we all should have rented one ;)

Taking a break for a diaper change and feeding. 
 Most of the family met up and had lunch together and rode the Pirates of the Caribbean together.  Even Randi got to ride.  

 I was really disappointed in the lack of Characters.  Pluto was literally the ONLY character we got a picture with.  We saw Mickey, Goofy, and Minnie, but they all quit right when we got to them.  Last time we went to Disneyland we saw tons and tons, so I was a bit sad.
 Once again at dark it got really cold so we left Disneyland at about 6:00.  I was bummed our day was over and I was surprised at how crowded it was.  I could have used another couple days there, but we did have so much fun the day we were there.  The boys had lots of fun and couldn't stop talking about it.  I loved going back to the house and hearing all the little cousins talk about their favorite ride/part.

We stayed up late playing board games and letting the kids play.  I didn't want to go to bed, knowing it was our last night there.

Sunday, we got up and packed and we were gone.    
 This picture below totally looks like Channer is crying saying goodbye to the house, but what really happened was that I told him to say goodbye house and I was taking a picture.  He wouldn't say goodbye and pose for the picture, so I walked off....then he started crying and told me to take his picture.  LOL!!!
The boys have already asked me several times when we get to go back to that house.  As much as they loved Disneyland and Knott's and the beach, the house is what they loved the most.  :)

It was a long drive home.  We stopped in Barstow for lunch and in Primm again for a potty break.  As cold as it seemed in Anaheim with the 50-60 degree weather, we came home to this.... 
 YUCK!!! I want to go back!

Thank you so much Marcia for putting this vacation together for us.  So much planning and excitement and it comes and goes way too fast.  We all had such a great time.  Love you!!