Monday, February 25, 2013


My baby girl is 5 months old...already...I can't believe it!  She is still being a great sleeper and eater.  She is pretty happy and spoiled...Just the way a 5-month-old baby should be.  I am down to nursing her only 2-3 times a day (at bedtime, in the morning and usually once or twice during the day).  Her personality is starting to really shine and her giggles come out more and more every day.  I love it! Love her!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dreams don't work unless you do.

We had our first "earning" experience at our house.  Of course I have had the boys do some chores and told them I would give them some money if they do, but I really don't make them save the money...they can do whatever they want with it.  They have never had a real lesson on long-term earning.  When we went to Disneyland all the little cousins had tablets, iPods, game boys, etc.  My boys wanted one so bad.  They actually asked for one for Christmas, but we didn't get them one.  So on the way home from Disneyland we told them that they could earn one.  They could do chores, get a long, eat their dinner, etc. and earn stars and I would take them away if the were to fight, not listen, etc.  I told them they each had to earn 100 stars, but we quickly decided that Chestyn would take much longer than Channer to get there, so we said since Chestyn is half Channer's age, that he only needed to earn 50.  I quite loved the star system.  Channer was constantly asking "What can I do now, mom?" and it was my only way to get Chestyn to stop throwing fits several times. Well they worked super hard and finally earned all their stars.  
 So they got a share...for now...and so far sharing is working great.  They love it!  Channer's first question he asked me was "Can I take it to church Sunday?" UMMM NO!! I am the mean mom that says the tablet stays at home (and maybe in the car to watch Netflix on long trips) but that is it!  I see no need for them to bring it to family get-togethers or out to dinner.  

I was very very pleased with my kids reaction after they earned something for themselves.  It made me realize I need to do a lot less handing out and a lot more earning.  If they would have gotten one for Christmas, it would have just been another Christmas present.  But where they earned it all themselves, I got lots of gratitude and heard from both Channer and Chestyn, "Thanks so much mom and dad for getting us a tablet" and Channer told me twice "I sure am lucky to have a mom and dad like you that would let me earn a tablet".  They were also quite proud when their neighbor friends came over and they told how they worked so hard to earn the tablet and it finally came in the mail.  Oh, I love those boys!!! 

The boys and the doctor....

I took the boys into the doctor the other day, just for a well check.  Its covered for free by our insurance and yes, I am one of those who takes full advantage of the free insurance services :)

They were actually excited to go since I told them it was just a checkup and neither of them needed shots.  Well when we got there, they had to check their iron.  Channer went first and did fine...until it was Chestyn's turn and he looked over at Chestyn and almost passed out.  Poor boy! 

Anyway it was fun to go and discuss where my boys were on the growth charts and their developments.  Channer better be careful, Chestyn is catching right up and the sad part is...Channer is big for his age too.  Chestyn is going to be one big boy!!  

Weight 40.14-88th percentile and height 41 inches-76th percentile
Weight 49.10-66th percentile and height 47 inches 71st percentile.  

Glad to know I have big healthy kids...even if Channer is still a super picky eater.

When Grandma comes to town....

Of course my kids LOVE when grandma comes to town.  She came last weekend to watch Dusty and Ginger's kids while they went away for their anniversary and my kids (and I) had a blast hanging out with her all weekend.  She gathered up all the grand kids and we went to McDonald's and the dollar store and back to my place to play.  

 Nothing better than cousin time.  Saturday night we went bowling.  We drive by the bowling alley every time we go  into town and we get asked almost every time "When can we go bowling" so we finally did and the boys loved it.  

 I love the bowling alley's greasy food too. :)

We wish grandma came to town EVERY weekend so that we could get the cousins together and have fun....only problem is I would be totally worn out...that woman keeps me busy! AND she would be poor.  :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Love Day!

I am a sucker for love day.    If I had lots of money I would send a Valentine to everyone I love!! 

We had a fun relaxed Valentines this year.  Chantry and I celebrated on Tuesday together.  We went to a movie and dinner.  I loved doing it that way...missed the crowds and left Valentines open to spend with our kids.  

All dressed up in her Valentines dress. 

 We had a dentist checkup Valentines morning.  The boys love their dentist, Tyler Albrecht.

After the dentist, we went and put some Valentine stuff in dad's jeep at work to surprise him.  

The boys loved their parties at school. :)
 and of course had to go through their candy loot a dozen times...

 And Channer asked if he could take a picture of us....
 Ches gives the biggest, best hugs ever!
 And so of course...Chestyn had to take some pictures too...they turned out blurry, cause he can't hold still for 2 seconds.

 After Chantry got home we gave the boys their Valentines.  They got cookies they could color and some chocolates.

 Chantry brought me roses and some delicious cake...and cake is 20 times more delicious when you are dieting and haven't had sweets in a while.
We had a very happy love day at our house! I LOVE my little family so much and hope they know it every day and not just on Valentines Day. :)