Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy 1/2 Birthday Randilyn!

6 months? Already? Good gracious child, slow down!!

 It has been a HUGE month for Randilyn.  She has hit lots of milestones that have made me realize just how fast this little gal is growing up.  I love all the fun new things the first time they do them, then I just want them to go back in time.

*She can sit up on her own.
*She can hold her own bottle. (Or I should say she knows how to hold her own bottle, but she is lazy and still makes us most the time haha.)
*She can wave bye-bye.  (I was looking back at Channer's calendar one day last week and realized he waved bye at 5 months old, so I thought maybe it was time to start teaching Randilyn...she caught on super quick.)  I am not sure she realizes that she is waving bye-bye...she just mimics what we are doing.
*She is loving her food.  She has not had anything yet that she won't eat.  Her favorite is still pears mixed with rice cereal I think.  She gobbles that so fast.
*She is playing more with toys and grasping things in her hand (especially my hair and jewelry).
*She is not sleeping as good as she used to.  This month some nights she is up every hour or two and other nights only wakes up once, but I cannot get her back to not waking up at all....any tricks?!?! I don't mind the waking up once, in fact, I kinda enjoy a little midnight session with the baby, but beyond that one time, it is too many lol. :)

Here are just a few (okay maybe a ton) pictures of Randilyn over the past month....


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Week in Review...

Chantry had Search and Rescue training in Parowan.  The kids and I cleaned house, went shopping and then met him over at the Parowan Cafe for lunch.

Jessi came and babysat the boys while Chantry, Randilyn and I met up with my sister, Pateresa, and her husband, Lynn for dinner.  They had flew to Vegas for Lynn's birthday.  He is a pilot and gets to fly free wherever he wants to if the plane isn't full...well the flight they were supposed to take home filled up, so they rented a car and drove home.  I was happy about it cause it meant I got to see them :)

was St. Patrick's day.  I got my kiddos all dressed up in their green (that is as fun as we get).  Next year hopefully I can put more thought into it and be a "funner" mom.  Getting pictures of these three is nearly impossible.  Randilyn will not hold still, Chestyn is silly in every picture, and Channer holds his pose the whole time hoping we get a good one.  Shows their personalities though that is for sure.



 We skipped church and went for a family jeep ride with all of Chantry's brothers and dad.  That is the hard part about 1:00 church, we like to have our fun and it just takes up the whole day.  We had a fun day out riding, picnicking and shooting guns.  


Back to work, back to school, back to reality.  I am not a fan of Mondays.
Chantry didn't get off until about 7:00. I made dinner.  He had Search and Rescue at 8:00.
Put the kids to bed and I read while I was waiting for him to get home.

More work, more school.  Boring day.
We had Charlee over.  They enjoyed playing outside all day.  Neighbor kids were here most the day (as like any other day).  We had a picnic outside and cookies for dessert.

 We went for an evening walk.  The kids rode their scooters.  Loving the evening walks....but like Chantry said "It's like hearding sheep, not exercise" The boys like to lollygag and play along the way, which really makes it not so much exercise.  I am hoping to get a nice double jogging stroller so that our walks can turn into jogs and Chestyn is confined and Channer can ride his bike.

But for now....this is how we go....

 Channer had squishy day...(when they combine morning and afternoon kindergarten).  He loves squishy day because he has a few friends in his class that usually aren't there.  They also have gym and computers that day and he loves that.  We had Channer's friend, Weston, over to play.  We try to have him over on squishy days cause he usually has afternoon kindergarten.

We went for another evening walk.  Chantry and I cought up on The Walking Dead season 3 and watched the new Duck Dynasty.  I didn't fall asleep until around 11:00 (very late for me lol).

Channer had a dentist appointment at 8:00, so we had to get up and out of the house by 7:30 to get there in time.  He had is first cavity filled.  He did great.  He has been good to remind me to floss better, so hopefully no more cavities.
He wanted to go to school despite being numb.  I love that he loves school.
Chestyn had school.  Charlee came home with us again after school today while her mom went to St. George.  We LOVE having her!  It was a nice day again so they played outside the whole time.  Neighbors too. :)

Chantry didn't get home until 7:45.  Long day at work for him.  I made him dinner, got the kids ready for bed, and ran out the door to book club.  Chantry put all three kids to bed :)  I loved book club, as usual.  Just a great group of ladies and it is so fun getting to know them more each month.  Got our new book for book club...

Looks like a good one.

Finally Friday!!! Not sure how many times I said this yesterday.  The day dragged.  Channer went home after school to his friend, Logan's, house.  Chestyn was bored.  Asked me 1,000 times where Channer was and when we could pick him up.  Reminded me of why I like kids to play at our house.  Randilyn didn't nap all day because Chestyn was bored and pestering her.  We picked him up at 2:30 and boy was Chestyn so excited.  Maybe they need to spend more time apart.

Makayla babysat the boys while Chantry, Randilyn and I went to couples bunko.  We haven't been since I had the baby.  It was fun to go back and catch up, but imagine my surprise when I get there and one of the girls in our group is 37-1/2 weeks pregnant and I didn't even know hahaha!!! I am so out of the loop. It was a fun night! Angela hosted it and she is such a great host, great food, great company and awesome prizes (which I won the most bunkos prize).  I was glad she had texted me and told me to bring Randilyn with me, or I would have missed bunko again.

Well that was our week in review.  Now for a laid back weekend of cleaning house and playing with the family!