Tuesday, August 27, 2013

11 months!!!

Yep, she is 11 months old...the last month before I say she is a year (tears).   
This month has been just like the rest...FUN!!!! People ask me if a girl is easier or harder...well so far she is just about the same as my boys.  She throws her fits, she gets what she wants, she smiles and wins us over, she giggles that uncontrollable giggle, she loves her bottle and sleep when it is time for bottle and sleep and she will let you know it is time for bottle and sleep!! Just like my boys!! So I would say she is the same easy as they have been...and I am blessed to have easy kids.

 If the fridge opens...she is there!! Just this last few days she has gotten REALLY good at pulling everything out fast too.
 I told Chantry that there will be a day that I miss this.  Right now, I get a bit frustrated...but I am going to miss it.  Randilyn always crawls right up under my feet when I am working and she makes herself at home.  She pulls my foot pedal out, pulls all the wires, takes the papers out of the printer etc....makes it hard to work sometimes, but if I look down and see this darling little face and her little half giggle, it makes it all ok.

 She loves bananas.  Her newest word is nanana and its adorable!!

 My baby is SO messy!! I give her a bath around 8 at night and its my favorite.  She smells and looks adorable for a minute.  I put her to bed and in the morning it doesn't take her but 10 mins to be a mess again.

 Because she asks for a "nanana" first thing in the morning...

 It has been a fun month and I cannot believe the next post I do about her will be about her being ONE!!! It is so sad to me :( this one has definitely gone faster than the others.  Life is just busy!  Here are a few pictures of our monthly photo shoot....she doesn't hold still at all!! so it was hard!!!

 see....very hard!! I need a better camera that catches them when they are moving :)

  Love you Randilyn-ee!! :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hello 1st grade!

Channer started 1st grade last week.  I have been having a lot of anxiety about him starting 1st grade.  It will be my first kid gone from me all day long.  I worried about him having to eat lunch there.  He is so super picky.  He gags even thinking about trying some things.  He hates any kind of meat besides chicken.  I had threatened him all summer that he needs to learn to eat because he has to eat school lunch every day.  I could tell that was giving him and I both anxiety thinking about it.  So I gave in and told him we would look at the menu every day and decide whether he has home or school lunch.  

I was super nervous about him being gone all day.  It has been 5 days now and he LOVES 1st grade.  He is super tired by the time he gets home, but I think he will get used to that.   

 Mrs. Hart seems like she will be a wonderful teacher.  I hope he has a great year and likes her as much as he liked Mrs. Wright.
 I am that crazy mom that stuck around much longer than I probably should have.  I watched him find where to put his backpack and lunch box. Then watched him find his spot on the rug...then I lingered.  Kindergarten was not near this hard for me.
Here is to a great year of 1st grade!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend in Antimony

The first weekend in August (yes, I am behind on blogging) we headed to Antimony to celebrate Chantry's grandparents 72nd wedding anniversary. 

Marcia set up for us all to meet up and go to Ebeneezers dinner and show.  It was a lot of fun and the food was delicious!! Thanks again for taking us all, Marcia.
 Chestyn called it the peanut place because they had peanuts :)

 Saturday morning, Chantry and I got up and ran our first 5K together.  It has been a goal of mine FOREVER!!! I was so happy that I finally achieved it and with Chantry by my side.  It was intimidating with all the runners, who probably run marathons, but for our first 5K I don't think we did too bad.  Chantry actually got a medal for getting 3rd in his age group for men and I got nothing but was 4th in my age group for women.  I can see now that it can be addicting though, cause I can't wait to run my next.  

 Marcia kept the kids at her house since they were still sleeping and we had to be to the 5K at 6:15.  We went back to her house and got the kids already and took them to the parade.  

 And then headed over to the park for activities.  The boys LOVED getting wet :)

 They had a bunch of reptiles and I couldn't even get close but they were letting people hold their snakes and lizards and stuff...I told my boys they were good with touching the turtle. LOL.

 We all went back to Marcia's and everyone got ready for river rafting.  Chy and I stayed back with the kids and let them play in the water.  Next year, I am going.  I missed last year cause I was pregnant and this year to watch kids.....so looking forward to the river next year.   It was a lot of fun watching the kids play too though.  They love grandma's house and yard.

 We went to Aunt Roma's to celebrate the anniversary.  She has a very nice yard with volleyball, horseshoes, fire pit, etc.  We enjoyed a nice potluck, the kids loved the candy grenade, played some volleyball and horseshoes, rode horses, and visited.  It was such a fun night!!!

 I couldn't help but take a picture of this hot guy sitting on the fence....

Wish there were more weekends like this.  Loved time with the family and the time went so fast because there was so much to do.  Loved it!!!