Monday, October 28, 2013

Grandpa Van Wiley

Heaven gained an amazing man.  Chantry's Grandpa Wiley passed away.  He has been sick for quite some time and even though we know he is in a better place now and no longer suffering, it did not make it easy.   

Birth: Jun. 11, 1918
Piute County
Utah, USA
Death: Oct. 10, 2013
Garfield County
Utah, USA

Van Arlin Wiley, 95, passed away at home in Antimony on October 10, 2013, with his wife, Betty, by his side.

"Old Iron Butt" is making his last roundup in his favorite season of the year with the beautiful fall colors, hunting and cattle drives. He spent his last summer fishing on the boat he bought for his 95th birthday. His only regret was that he didn't get to go as often as he would have liked. He is now continuing his passion for fishing as a "fisher of men'.

Van was born June 11, 1918 in Marysvale, Utah to Charles Simons and Maude Beatrice Carpenter Wiley. He was raised in Antimony and attended Piute High School, College of Southern Utah and Utah State University. He taught school and was principal at Antimony Elementary. He has served on the Garkane Power Association Board of Directors, president of Piute County School Board, chairperson of Sevier Valley Trade Tech, president of Piute County Farm Bureau, Panguitch Hospital Board of Directors, Cattlemen Associations and president of various ditch companies.

Van served an LDS mission in the Western States Mission from 1939 to 1941. He has been Bishop of the Antimony Ward, a Panguitch Stake High Councilor, faithful Home Teacher and taught in many organizations.

Van met the love of his life while on his mission and upon returning home, he married Betty Lou Coppinger of Cortez, Colorado in Farmington, New Mexico on August 5, 1941. The marriage was later solemnized in the St. George Temple. They have spent most of their married life living in Antimony, farming and raising their family. They served together in the St. George Temple for many years and loved their time there.

Van was a devoted and dedicated disciple of Jesus Christ and husband and father. He taught by example of faith, love, service, integrity and hard work. His advice to his posterity was that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and he wished he had served more.

Van is survived by his wife, Betty of Antimony; children, Jeremy (Janine) Wiley of St. David, AZ, Sally (Tom) East of Mt. Pleasant, Marcia Tobiasson, Roma (Raymond) Henrie, Bill (Jane) Wiley, Tom Wiley all of Antimony; 18 grandchildren; 50 great-grandchldren; one great-great-grandson.

He is preceded in death by his parents; brother, Berzell; grandchildren,Alisha Wiley andChristopher Huntsman.

Funeral services will be held on Friday, October 18, 2013 at 12:00 Noon in the Antimony LDS Ward Chapel. Friends may call at the Magleby Mortuary in Richfield on Thursday evening from 6 to 8 and at the ward chapel in Antimony on Friday from 10:30 to 11:30. Burial will be in the Antimony Cemetery

As you can tell from his obituary, he was an amazing man.  He accomplished so much throughout his life.  Chantry was very close to his grandpa and worked him nearly every day growing up on the ranch.  I am so glad that they shared their closeness.  I love hearing stories all the time of him and grandpa.  Both of my grandpas had passed away before I was born, so he was really the only grandpa I had ever known too.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to know the fun grandpa Chantry knows and tells me about, as he has been sick since about the time I met Chantry and I have always known him to be sitting in his chair at his house.  I did enjoy always going over and visiting with him and hearing stories.  He love my babies!! He really adored kids and it was so great to see him with my kids, especially as babies.  At Thanksgiving time, I wrote on the blog about him holding Randilyn and not wanting to put her down to eat.  That is how he always was with the babies...even when we went over the weekend before he passed away, he still wanted to see the baby.  This is the first death we have really dealt with as a family and the boys have been full of questions.  In the end, I think they have taught me more than I have them.  They talk a lot about grandpa being with Jesus and being able to see again.  They have talked about him riding horses in Heaven.  I am so thankful the boys got to know him a little these last few years when we have made quite a few visits over to see grandpa.  They have included him in their prayers every day and they still do other than now Channer says the sweetest thing in almost every prayer  "Please watch over Grandpa Van in Heaven and please watch over Grandma Wiley here".

The funeral was perfect.  The speakers were so good and told so much about his life that I never knew.  He was just a good ole' boy and they don't make a lot like him.   

 I can see we need to buy Chantry a suit jacket...

 The sun was bright....
 He left behind his beautiful wife Betty.  She has horrible Alzheimer's and it has been so hard to watch her through it all.  I think that is why grandpa was hanging on as long as he did, he knew it would be hard for her.  They have shown me exactly what true love is and what a great example of what a marriage should be.  They have been by each other until the end.  Grandma would sit and read day in and day out to grandpa.  Their love is so sweet!

We already miss grandpa a lot and it is going to be hard not seeing him in his chair next time we go over there.  I am so thankful for the knowledge we have that families can be together forever.


My little Chetyn is still a natural charmer.  He is so funny.  He makes friends with everyone he sees.  He will talk their ear off.  He always has a fun story.  He is kind.  He is always giving me kisses and hugs and telling me he loves me "a thousand and a thousand and thousand".  He has the prettiest blue eyes you ever did see. He loves to make up songs just like his dad and most of the time they are about farting or something equally disgusting to that.  He is loving preschool.  He talks so much about Ms. Wendy and tells me so many fun stories about school (I worry about the stories he tells at school about us).  He has what I call "Grandpa Charley" hands.  They are huge!! He is a daddy's buddy but still mommy's little sweetheart.     
 He is a slow poke.  He takes forever to get out the door.  I start with "get your shoes on" 20 mins before we have to leave because I know it will take him that long just to find his shoes and then I still end up putting them on. He is brave. We went and got flu shots the other day and he didn't even begin to cry.  He loves to take videos and pictures on my phone.  He love Channer and wants to be just like him and it often makes me sad that Channer can be so mean to him sometimes, but it is brotherly love.  He wants to be a cowboy when he grows up.
 He can throw a dang good 4-year old tantrum, complete with not talking but just annoyingly crying and not telling anyone what he wants.  It tests our patience.  He is a great eater.  Loves his meat, especially hot dogs and Bologna (if you can call those meat).    He loves dirt (what little boy doesn't).  I would have to say his very most favorite thing is grandma cow poop though.  Don't tell her but she is used on the end of several of our threats and bribes.  "You can call grandma if you...."  "You won't get to go to grandma's this weekend if you...." "We won't go see grandma unless you....."  HA I know it is mean, but it is what works with this kid.
I love him more than he will ever know.  I love his adventure for life and I hope he never loses it!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Getting wood....

Sunday, October 13, 2013...we went with the family to get wood.  The day before was our beautiful warm ride...and then this freezing cold day.  It was about 28 degrees, wind blowing and snowing.  I was of no help.  I sat in the car with my kids.  They boys got out about long enough for me to take a picture and then they were frozen.  

 The kids and I had fun singing songs and playing "I Spy" and doing whatever else we could come up with for three hours. Ha, by the looks of things....I think the boys got a little bored....

I was hoping for a nice warm day and a picnic...guess I need to come to reality that if we are gathering firewood, winter is near.  :(

Browse and Silver Reef Ride

Saturday, October 12th, we met up with Chantry's friend, David, and his family and went for a nice ride.  We went up above their house and looked at the Silver Reef mining stuff up there, then headed over by Browse.  It was so beautiful.  Lots of colors and fall was definitely in the air.   
Randilyn is happy to ride as long as she has a bottle or food....

 These boys are too flippin funny! They posed like this and asked me to take a picture.  Chantry said it would be a cute picture if his boys' feet were not on his truck lol.  :)

Randilyn loves rocks and dirt...I thought I had a baby girl, but apparently she is just one of the boys...

The old mining stuff was really interesting.  I would like to go back sometime and spend some more time looking.

I love this time of year....


Chestyn said, "I'm the king of the world."

It was a fun ride.  David's boys are a lot older than mine, but they are so nice to always include my boys and entertain them. It has been a couple years since we have gotten together with their family, so it was fun catching up.  

Weekend of October 5-6th

  On Saturday the 5th, we met up with Sarah, her girls, Bawb, Heidi, their boys, Marie, Tiffany and my dad for lunch at South China in Richfield, then we headed over to the pumpkin patch.  I have to say the Hansen's Pumpkin Patch is the best one I have been to.  Last year, we waited til closer to Halloween to get our pumpkins and we went to a pumpkin patch in Cedar City. It was slim pickins by then...we got 3 pumpkins and it cost us nearly $20.  At the Hansen's we got 8 pumpkins, hayride and a train ride for $8.  The kids had fun...

It was a fun quick trip to Richfield.  I really haven't gotten much time with my sister, Sarah, this year.  They bought a houseboat at Lake Powell and most of their weekends are spent there and it just hasn't worked out for us to get together.  I would have loved to spend more time with her but the little time we did get was fun.

We headed over to Antimony that night to see Chantry's Grandpa who was very sick.  We spent the night at his moms.  Sunday, we went to lunch with Marcus and Keshia and visited at their house for a while.  We went back and said goodbye to Grandpa and headed home.