Sunday, November 3, 2013

I've Hunted With My Sons!/Deer Hunt 2013

I have read this poem in my father in laws bathroom a million times (I know weird that I spend that much time in his bathroom lol).  I have always loved it, would come home and search the internet for it and could never find it.  Well I finally found it and want to share.


I've spent some time in these old hills,
been hunting up and down.
I'm lookin' for a six by six,
but not a one I've found.
I've seen some calves, some cows and spikes.
A rag horn and a four,
but a six is what I'd like to see.
I know he's out there, seen him before.
I've heard his bugle call.
I've seen his tracks in timbers down
and rubs in quakies tall.  
I know he's lain and watched me pass,
or eyed me as I stood,
then disappeared as I came near,
Into the darkest woods.
Just once I thought I saw him,
his ivory tine aglow,
his chocolate coat a shadowed ghost,
amid the pines and snow.
T'was only for an instant,
just a glance, then out of sight.
Still I think about him every day
and every single night.
Now I hope someday my time will come
and I 'll get my chance to score,
and when I do, I hope his horns count,
six by six or more.
But, if my time on earth should end
before that given day.
I'll thank the Lord for giving me
a chance to pass this way.
For I have seen the morning sun
light up a mountain park,
and I have heard coyotes call
as evening turns to dark.
I've watched the bright full hunter's
moon light up the snow
and shared the night by campfire light
with friends that I love so.
But, best of all the joy I've known
while on these trails and runs,
I've known the joy just dad can know,
I've hunted with my sons!

We had a great time hunting as a family this year.  We tagged along with Chantry every step of the way.  It was a fun two weekends together as a family.  Chantry didn't even get a deer this year, but it was still so much fun out hunting and riding around on the mountain.  The weather was beautiful!  

Opening day, we went over on Hatch Mountain to start out and rode back over through Little Creek.  Up and out the door by 5:30 in the morning and not home until about 8:00 or 9:00 at night.  It makes for a long day, but my kids really do love it (until about the last couple hours and then they want to be home).  

We met up with Aunt Chan, Grandpa, Uncle Chace, and Uncle Dusty's family that morning....

We found a little snow for the boys to write their names in...

And the boys are always silly....

Sunday, we went out again, 5:30 a.m., not back until dark again.  We started at Mitchell's Sawmill and headed over to Little Creek and Bear Valley.

Channer's checking out a group of deer we spotted.  We saw lots and lots of deer.  Channer kept count every day and it was around 50 or so deer every day we went out, just nothing worth shooting.  Chantry and I don't really care for the meat, so he will only kill if it is a 3 or bigger.

While we parked and waited for the evening and good hunting to start again, the boys climbed trees and shot guns, while I went for a nice mountain run! Running on dirt roads is a little harder, but it was so nice to run up on the mountain and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Chantry went out a few night when he got home from work, but I was still working.

The next weekend on Saturday, we headed back out at 5:30 a.m. went clear until dark again.  We started out over by Bear Valley and were seeing tons of deer.  We did see a lot of mountain over that way that we hadn't seen before and it was BEAUTIFUL!! Chantry would get out and hike, while we stayed back and told stories.  The boys told me some pretty "scary" stories!  You would think we would get sick of each other after hours and hours together in the car.  We never run out of things to talk about.  I make sure and bring the spelling lists and practice with Channer.  We turn lots of things into math we saw 3 does, 2 fawns and a many total.  Channer always loves a good math story.  
 We also like to play "I spy" and "If you could be..."  Well we were driving along looking for  deer playing "If you could be..." and I had just asked the question, "If you could be any candy bar, what would you be?"  When THUNK!!! We were in a hole and I guess that is what happens when all eyes are on the lookout for deer and no eyes are on the road (but in my defense, I wasn't driving so my eyes didn't need to be on the road.  I won't say who was driving, but I bet you could guess ;)  These pictures don't even do it justice.  We were in a 3 foot hole with one tire, back tire off the ground STUCK!

 The mom in me started to panic, making sure we had enough milk for Randi, food for us, etc.  Started planning on hiking out or keeping ourselves warm if we needed, but really there was nothing to panic about.  We had lots of gas we could have stayed in a heated car if need be, but the weather was so nice outside we barely had jackets on.  We had plenty of food, etc.  Besides that while I was going over in my head how we were going to find help, Chantry was worrying about the more important thing...getting us out.  He gathered up sticks and wood, jacked up the front end, we helped gather more sticks and wood and an hour later, we were out!!

This just shows how deep the hole was....

 We didn't waste time to look on the bright side and enjoy what was around us...tons of fresh deer poop and I kept kind of hoping that us being stuck was a good thing and this big buck was gonna pop out, Chantry was gonna shoot him and we would be so happy that we got stuck.  Well, that didn't happen, but we did hike over to a little stream.  The boys loved it and it was so pretty.

 Randi didn't mind a bit being out of the car and playing in the dirt....
 This was our back was "so freaking cool" as Chestyn said.....

 This was the aftermath...this was all the sticks and wood that we put under the tire....
 and the big log Chantry put in the big hole....
 This was where Chantry's front axle dug into the dirt....
 After that fun adventure, we just carried on.  Chestyn got in and road with grandpa.  I loved that after he was with grandpa for a while, we pulled up next to them and grandpa started telling me all of the ghost stories Chestyn had been telling him and it was all the stories we had been telling in the car....Chestyn does listen....when he wants ;)

 Of course we have to stop and throw sticks and rocks in every pond we can find....

 This is my favorite picture the entire deer beats any picture of Chantry standing behind the deer he shot (although that would have been cool too)...I just love these two guys and that little girl!

I am so happy that Chantry let's his whole family tag along and go hunting with him.  I know it isn't easy for him because we aren't quiet, we trash his Jeep and he has to stop lots to let us use the bathroom, change diapers, eat food etc.  I know he could be like most guys and go camp for a whole week with his friends, but he chooses us and I LOVE it!! Maybe one day, we will all be able to camp and hike and do the real "hunting" but for now, we are road hunters and it's a blast!! I have some of my best conversations with Chantry and my kids on our rides.  We make some dang good memories and I wouldn't trade it for nothing! I have to admit that the first weekend, I thought it would be fun to go spend some time with my sisters and let him go do his thing, but after we went out and had so much fun, I am glad I went with him.

Thanks babe for taking the fam!