Monday, January 20, 2014

Nielsen Family Christmas Party

Our Nielsen party was on January 4th this year.  Alan and Malia were in charge this year.  We had it at the youth center in Richfield and it turned out great.  Chestyn had that dang sickness clear from Christmas up to that day, so Chantry and Chestyn did not come and it felt completely weird without them there.  Chantry comes to EVERYTHING with me, so it was sad, but glad that Channer, Randi and I got to go.  

My favorite part of our party is always the talent show.  I have some very talented nieces and nephews...and brother (Bawb) who always do something.   
 We got to meet Branda's boyfriend, Stede, and he was very nice...cute couple!
 Channer was my little buddy the whole day :)
 Celina and Elsie....
 Love this picture of Taylor and Hartly....
 Todd and Marie....
 Brylee and Grandpa Ron....
Malia did this super cute fun game where she gathered a baby picture of all of us and we guessed who was who. It was so fun seeing the similarities between all the Nielsen babies.  

 Grandma, Jordyn, Rylee, Brylee, Hadlie and Kenzie....
 My mom and dad and all my siblings (except Marie, she had to leave for work before we got pictures) them SO much!
 Rylee and Brylee...
 My sister Pateresa and I....
 Me, Pateresa and Sarah (missing Marie again :( )

 Mom, dad and siblings and in laws...missing Marie, Todd, Chantry and Lynn....
 Heidi, Nolun and Bawb...
 Little Randilyn.  She got this puppy from Grandpa Ron and fell in love.  :)
It was such a great Christmas party.  I never feel like it is enough time with the family, but it is always so fun the time we get.  I think we need to have our Christmas party at a cabin in the mountains and make it a whole weekend thing...then maybe I might feel like we get enough time together.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year, New Goals, New Me....(and other happenings)

Yes, I am one of those lame people who makes New Year's resolutions, just to feel like a failure by mid January because that is about how long I stick to them.  This year is no exception.  My number 1 goal is to just be a better me! There is nobody I am in competition with other than myself, so why not just be a better ME! Better mom, better wife, better housekeeper, better daughter, sister, friend, etc. etc. etc.

I did make a few hefty New Year's goals though that will help me be a better me:

1. Run a half marathon.  Step one for half marathon complete:
  2. Write 52 hand-written letters and snail mail them.  I have numero TWO letter sitting here ready to be mailed off.  Hoping to find time to write number three sometime by weeks end.

3. Brush my teeth twice a day.  Sad, I know, that this has to be set as a resolution, but I am HORRIBLE at night brushing.  I always am so tired that by the time I get kids in bed, I just jump right into bed myself (well not anymore because of my schedule change, but we will discuss that later in this blog).  Anywho, I do have to say I lack on that...BUT not since January 1st.  I have not missed a night brush yet.  Go me!

4. Get over my fear of the dentist and get my teeth fixed (problems that probably occur from the above not brushing twice a day).  I have had a HUGE fear of the dentist since I was just a little girl and it has carried on into my adulthood.  I go get my cleanings done, they tell me I have a cavity or something that needs done, and I avoid my next appointment...all to start over again 6 months later.  Well this year, I made my appointment first thing, went to the dentist last week only to find out bad news of needing a root canal...good news, the tooth wasn't bothering me yet.  So got the root canal done, have to go back and get a crown put on, need my wisdom teeth out and then I am getting braces.  It is happening THIS year.

5.   Keep a cleaner home! I have been trying.  The house has been much cleaner the last few weeks, but as the saying goes... is mid January today and I have kept my resolutions so far...Let's see where we are come February.

Onto other things---

Work and Stuff:  
I think I mentioned before that I changed my schedule to be able to spend more time with the kids before Chantry get's home from work.  So far it has worked out so well.  I feel like I just added 2 hours to my day to get things done.  Which I kinda did.  I used to just go watch TV and go to sleep from 8-10 at night anyhow.  So now my schedule is 10-4 and then I get back on from 8-10 at night.  Only problem is that it has been slow the last few weeks (January usually is) and there has not been a ton of work at night (the reason I am blogging right now). Hopefully it picks up soon because I can rock out some lines with the kids in bed and working all by myself...I just need the work to do it.  Even with the slow evenings, I have been making $20+ dollars sitting here, working a little and browsing the internet, so not a total waste of time, but double that would be better.

Health and Stuff:
I don't think I have ever even talked on my blog about becoming a health coach.  I am a health coach for Take Shape For Life.  I LOVE it.  It is just a side/for fun type thing, but I am loving helping people.  Take Shape For Life is an amazing program.  I lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks on the program and Chantry 40 pounds in that amount of time.  We both just started a 28-day challenge on January 6th.  My client's have the opportunity to when thousands of dollars.  I love the challenges too because they aren't just about weight loss, they are about getting healthy.  You get points for practicing habits of health.  Coaching doesn't take a lot of time.  I have around 25 clients that I am helping right now.  I just give them a quick call once a week, track their progress, and am here for questions if they have him. It's an extra $800-1000 a month, so can't complain about that.  If I put more effort into it, it could probably be a lot more, but for now this is good with me.  Chantry and I actually love eating healthy meals and feel so much better.  This is kind of a pay it forward type thing.  I had a health coach help me and without her, Chantry and I would have never found this I am paying it forward.

I also started going to exercise at our church at 5:45 in the morning.  It is a super fun group and it feels so good to get the workout done and over with first thing in the morning.  I have also started teaching the class on Wednesdays...its been new for me, but I am actually really liking it.

Church and Stuff:
I was given the calling of activity day leader for the 8 year old girls.  We only had 3 activities and then they switched me to the 10 year olds.  I get attached to people too quick cause even with only three activities I was sad when they told me they were moving me.  I just did my first activity with the new group of girls today and LOVE them.  It is going to be fun getting to know them better too...and I get to be their teacher on Sundays too.  Once again, new for me, but I am actually really liking it.  I need to not be so scared to try new things.

Family and Stuff:
Our little family is all well.  Chestyn finally got over his sickness he had all through Christmas and New Year.  The kids are back in school.  Just staying busy and loving life.  More blogs to come on what our family has been up to this month....coming soon! :)