Sunday, February 23, 2014

My little tornado....

I have been calling Randilyn my little tornado lately.  By looking at this face....

 You would probably wonder why because she looks too darn innocent to be a tornado right?  Well you are wrong! She can go through my house and have everything taken off every shelf and out of every drawer and cupboard she can find in 10 seconds flat! I am not kidding. I try to have my house clean or at least semi- picked up by the time I start work at 10:00 in the morning.  Literally 10:30, it is torn a part completely.  Sometimes I wonder why I even try.   Sure is a good thing she is this cute...

 and has a smile like this...

Because it is seriously her saving grace these days!!

Her newest is taking her pants off.  She does not like having them at all lately.  I wish it stopped with the pants though because the last few days, she has been bringing me her diaper in hand too!  She loves to get my pots and pans out and every utensil in every drawer...

She loves her brothers to wrap her in blankets and pull her around on the kitchen floor.  

 She is a good little eater most of the time and especially loves going to restaurants and trying new things.

 Chestyn and Randilyn love each other SO much, but they definitely have a love/hate relationship.  Randilyn wants to love on Chestyn when SHE wants to love on Chestyn.  If it is not her choice, Chestyn better stay away or she screams!!

 Still loves those baths!!
 Her hair is absolutely out of control.  This was about 5 minutes after getting out of the bath and me brushing lie!

She is a little girlie girl at times.  She loves her hair brushes and to get dressed up and twirl her dresses.

 She was trying to put on Chestyn's jacket for him, so cute!

 We tried her first "real" piggies.  She doesn't quite have enough hair yet.

 She loves Canyon...or at least all the stuff she brings with her when she comes.

 Just getting the pans out again...

 For the last few months, this is where Randilyn goes every time I vacuum.  She lays there until she hears the vacuum turn off and she jumps up and runs as fast as she can to unplug it for me.

 She loves to empty this drawer in my computer desk while I am working and then climb inside, it happens daily!

 She has Charlee wrapped around her finger just like the rest of us.  She makes Charlee put her jacket and boots on her all the time, just for her to take them off and make her do it again.  Charlee kinda likes it I think.

She is saying new stuff all the time...some of my favorites lately are Mac and Cheese, whoooeee (when she poops and stinks), Randi, shoes, love you, super why (and she watches it daily after naps)....and so many more, but those are a few that come to mind that are my favorite right now.  

Channer is such a great brother...
And Chestyn is throwing a fit because I took a picture of Channer and Randilyn and not Randilyn is trying to help him. I am a mean mom and laugh and take pictures.

Love this little sweet girl and love her millions of kisses she gives me a day, especially when her face is covered in food ;)

 The tornado hits the books in her room quite often.  It drives me nuts!! I pay Channer to clean them up.

 She thinks she is so darn funny....

 Randilyn is getting smart! She can tell me where her eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hair, belly and toes are.  She loves to try to sing in the car with the music.  She babbles a lot.

 She is already set in the same routine Channer was after his naps (I'm ok with it, because I swear it taught him his ABCs).  She has to have her pillow pet, blanky, bottle and super why.
I just love this little girl!!! This age is hard because my house is NEVER clean EVER! But, she makes up for it for all the times she makes me smile or laugh.  Sure do love you little Randilyn!