Friday, May 30, 2014

Goodbye preschool...

Man I always have a hard time with endings.  Some moms cry on the first day of school...not me, my kids are too excited...but man do the tears come out at the end.  Chestyn has grown so much this year.  He loves Miss Wendy and has really loved preschool.  His program was May 22nd.  He did a great job and made sure to sing loud enough for me to hear.  Aunt Chan, Uncle Ladd and Jessi came and watched.  He was so happy to see them there.  


We are really going to miss Miss Wendy.  She has been such a great teacher! Good thing the boys will still get to see her at church.  :) 

Miss Wendy always gives us a CD of all the pictures she took over the year.  I included some of my favorites.  

Have to include lots of these ones because it is Chetsyn's birthday and I just love how happy he is that all attention is on him :)

And Miss Wendy always takes a ton of the whole group at the end of the year.  I am not sure if it because she has a hard time getting everyone to take a good picture or what, but I just love their sweet personalities in all of them, so I have to post a bunch! And I always send Chestyn to school with a clean face and clothes, but most days when I pick him up, he looks just like in this picture.  He has lived up tried and true to his name of Chessy Messy!

A big thanks to Miss Wendy for such a wonderful year!! 
on to Kindergarten....okay I might cry when he starts this one!