Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Yankee Meadow/Memorial Weekend

We kept going back and forth on what to do for Memorial.  We really wanted to go over to Antimony and we also really wanted to camp.  The Friday before, we had decided we were going to Antimony. Then, we went to Wyatt's graduation dinner at Sizzler with the family and Dusty talked about camping at Yankee.  Chantry suddenly got the itch to go camping, so we changed plans.  We woke Saturday and packed up and headed to Yankee Meadow.  We found a beautiful camp spot.  Even though we go to Yankee ALL the time, I am always in awe all over again every time we go of how beautiful it is...probably my favorite place.  

We got there and got all set up...started a fire, made some lunch etc.  We camped by the stream that had a bridge and there was a tree swing close by the kids loved.  

 Of course, the boys LOVE their bikes!!

 This is how we throw fits around here when mom won't let you have a stick to play in the fire...

 I had checked the weather when we left and it said rain around was right, other than hail, not hit FAST.

 So we hung out inside for a while...

 Dusty and Ginger and their family came right during the hail storm.  Chantry helped them set up while we stayed inside.  It rained/hailed for about an hour or so and then the sun came out and we were left with a muddy mess.  That didn't stop us though, we still visited by the fire and roasted marshmallows and made s'mores.

 I drive Chantry CRAZY with my running.  I am addicted.  Everywhere we go, I say, I want to run down this road...or that would be a fun run. etc.  I told him I was going to run from Yankee to Parowan on our way home. Well he decided he needed to run to Parowan to get some propane, so I told him I would meet him there.  It was the PRETTIEST/FUNNEST run I have ever been on.

I was hoping it would be more around 10 miles, but I started at the campground and not the lake, so I think that was my 1.25 mile difference.  Beautiful pictures I took while running.

 I loved having Makayla there.  Randilyn was her little shadow and she helped me out so much with her.  Randilyn's personality is so funny!  She does stuff like this all day everyday...hat on...sitting in toy dump truck...

We went for a fun Razor ride where we ran into some people from Nevada who got stuck.  Dusty helped pull a tree out of the road...then they ran into snow and had to turn around anyway.  It was a fun afternoon of riding. 

 So Sunday afternoon we decided to go for a walk.  Before we even got 100 yards from camp, the boys were targeting every mud puddle they could find.  I rolled my eyes and tried not to get mad, cause really what is the point?!

 ...and on the way back from our walk...they REALLY started to get muddy.  Chestyn was saying things like.."This bike was made for this"  "You should try this dad, it's awesome"  "This is sooo awesome"  So of course, I let them be kids, no matter how much I wanted to have an anxiety attack.  They LOVED every minute of it and it made it all worth cleaning up wet muddy clothes and messes.

 Monday, we went for a fun Razor ride before packing up and heading back home.  Fun camping weekend...can't wait for more, as always!

Happy 10-year anniversary!!

What did we do on our anniversary you ask?  Nothing special.  We enjoyed a night at home with everything we have created this last 10 years and loved every minute of it. Since we called our cruise our anniversary celebration, we decided to keep it small.  I have loved every minute of the last 10 years of our marriage.  I love looking at what we have created and how much we have grown TOGETHER as a couple.  I love that we always seem to be on the same page. I hope it stays that way.  Here is to many more HAPPY years eternity!

100 wonderful years

 Not many people get to say they lived 100 years. My grandma told me at her big 90th birthday she was going to live to be 100.  She did.  After she turned 100, she started saying it was time to go. She lived 54 more days. What a wonderful life she lived and great example to me.
Erma Conley
Richfield, Utah
Erma Winget Nielsen Conley, 100, passed away May 14, 2014 in Richfield. She was born March 21, 1914 in Monroe to Claude and Marie Rasmussen Winget. She married Elmer F. Nielsen, November 23, 1932 in Richfield. He preceded her in death, August 11, 1961. She married Glen Franklin Conley, September 29, 1962. He also preceded her in death November 8, 1974.
Erma’s mother passed away when she was only three years old. Her grandparents assisted her father with her upbringing until the age of 9 when her father remarried Ella Brown Winget.
An active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mom served a mission to North Carolina. She attended the temple frequently. Mom loved DUP and she was active in the senior citizens, especially quilting and enjoyed the trips. She worked on family history, even learning how to use the computer at an advanced age.
Erma is survived by her sons: David (Carolyn) Nielsen, Springville; Ron Nielsen, Richfield; 12 grandchildren, 44 great-grandchildren and 12 great-great-grandchildren; siblings: Ella Marie Mecham, Claudette (Max) Peterson, Woodrow (Glenna) Winget.
Also preceded in death by: parents and step-mother; children: Niels Hartley Nielsen and Elmer Niels Nielsen; siblings: Othel Winget, Winette Winget, Maurell Winget; brother-in-law, Devern Mecham.
Funeral services will be held Monday, May 19, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. in the Magleby Mortuary Chapel, 50 South 100 West where friends may call from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Burial will be in the Monroe Cemetery. Funeral Directors: Magleby Mortuary, Richfield, Salina and Manti.
The funeral was small and beautiful.  As you can imagine living to 100, most of her friends had passed on.  They had the viewing and the services at Magleby Mortuary.  Even though she lived a wonderful life, it is always hard saying goodbye.  I spent the week after reading some history she left behind.  I loved reading it and feeling close to her.  My only regret...not having her tell me those stories in person.  I am so grateful she left her history behind in writing though.  I am going to encourage my parents to do the same now. 
She was buried in Monroe and the graveside services were wonderful.  It was a great day and everything turned out so good.  My sister, Pateresa, is always good at taking pictures and sharing.  

Until we meet again, grandma.