Thursday, July 24, 2014

Independence Day 2014

My favorite holiday has come and gone.  We celebrated in Antimony this year.  We started by getting up bright and early (5:00 a.m.) to be to Kingston for breakfast.  
 I thought the kids would go back to sleep in the car, but nope, they were bright eyed and bushy tailed...

 We had breakfast in Kingston with Grandma Irva and the bunch and then watched the parade.  Love these small town celebrations.  Not crowded.  The kids get lots of candy.  Perfect!

 I HATE when Channer does this with his eyes...pretty sure it makes him do it even more because he know I do not like it!

 Then we hurried over to Antimony to make it to the parade and festivities there.  Grandma had all this fun 4th of July stuff for the kids.


 We were supposed to bring the boys' bikes to decorate and ride in the parade.  Last minute, we decided to just take our Jeep and so the bikes would not fit.  The boys were disappointed until Uncle Raymond asked if they wanted to ride on the firetruck.  So of course, we rode with them and threw candy out.


 They always do a fun BBQ lunch at the park after the parade...Chestyn and grandpa were sure into their stories...

 It started raining while we were eating.  I was not sure it was gonna let up so we could do the other activities or not, but it rained a good rain for a bit and then cleared right up.

 Randilyn was loving these chickens and bunnies....

 Everyone was looking for shelter and somewhere to stay out of the rain....except Channer!!! He was the only one running out in it....

 This is reason 1,567,271 that my kids love Grandma...She always lets them have her coke....

 It all cleared up and the races began.  I didn't get a picture of Randilyn, but she won.  This is Chestyn...he would have won, but right at the end he spied his dad and curved and ran to him. :)
 This is Channer...and this was serious business for him.  He was even upset I forgot his running shoes. He a long shot!
Chantry and I even raced this year...we both won.  :)

Then came the sack races.  So fun!!
 Charlee and Chestyn were last, but I was happy cause then I snapped a picture of them :)

 Then 3-legged races...Two cutest partners ever!!

 Then it was time to chase the bunnies.  Whoever caught it got to keep it.  Randilyn had so much fun out chasing the bunny.
 Then Chestyn....
 And Channer getting ready for his turn...
 Channer actually grabbed the bunny first, but I told him we were not taking any bunny or chicken home.  So he let go and let his cousin have it.

See why I LOVE the small town celebration. I miss Richfield and want badly to go back for the 4th some time, but it is always so crowded and the kids don't have near as much fun I don't feel, so I am happy celebrating in Antimony with their good little town celebration.

I didn't take any pictures but that night, we had a BBQ at grandma's cabin and watched the fireworks.  Very successful 4tn of July.

Saturday, we went for a fun Jeep ride with the Henrie bunch up to Puffer Lake.  It was a beautiful fun ride.  We stopped and had lunch and let the kids play while we visited.

 Funny story:  So I had told the boys not to get wet.  They had pants on and it was a bit chili up there.  I told them if they got wet, they would wine about being cold and I didn't want that.  Well it did not take long for Chestyn to walk over wet up to his chest and said he "fell" in. Well while we were visiting Chantry's cousin, Rorie, came and told me that he overheard the boys talking about how when Chestyn got home he gets $5, so he asked the boys about it and Chestyn said that Channer dared him to sit down in the river and he would give him $5. Of course, Chestyn did it!"  Funny kids!!

The boys came back and had to play in grandma's sprinklers and bath tub (one of their favorite things to do).

Grandma watched kids for us Saturday night while we went to a dance...well tried to go to a dance, but it wasn't so much a dance, so we went and played instead.  Chantell, Tulsa, Brian, Blade, Chantry and I had a great time tearing up the town ;)

I hate when 4th of July weekend is over, because that usually means summer flies and school starts before you know it....but it was a wonderful fun weekend with family!!